Friday, March 25, 2011

Republicans Created Welfare, Not Democrats

It's become common knowledge now: The Republicans are beholden to specials interests - corporations and the wealthiest among us. The Democrats represent the average working people and the needy, those who were once averaging working people too - before the Republicans drove them into poverty. Most of us aren't rich, so if you have a job now (and could also lose it like 15 million other Americans have so far), then why would you even vote for a Republican? (Unless of course, you really believe that one day you'll have a very good chance of becoming a wealthy CEO of a major American-based multi-national corporate conglomerate.)

For decades the Republicans have enabled American corporations to reduce average middle-class incomes to increase corporate profit margins as the cost of living has risen, pushing many into poverty (and forcing them to use government social services), while at the same time the Republicans were pushing legislation to reduce those services, making it almost impossible for them to survive.

It was the Republicans who created the welfare state by outsourcing jobs - thus driving more people into unemployment. It was the Republicans who created the welfare state by busting labor unions and depressing wages for common working people. It was the Republicans who created the welfare state by allowing the cost-of-living to sky-rocket so much over the last 30 years, all to enrich the corporations more.

In turn, this forced millions of working Americans into poverty and made them co-dependent on government services such as jobless benefits, Medicaid, and food stamps - and drove many into early retirement for reduced Social Security benefits at the age 62 - all to enrich the corporations more.

Then after the Republicans created this welfare state, they attacked those in the welfare state by attempting to deny them of all the government benefits they needed just to survive, while at the same time, allowing the corporations (and wealthiest 2%) have more tax breaks to further under-fund the federal, state, and local governments - denying the funding of all these social services.

The Republicans, for the last 30 years, have been successfully waging a two-pronged attack on the average working American...squeezing every penny they could from them, sucking them dry, and then leaving them to shrink, shrivel and die on the vine. Then afterward, denying them help from their fellow countrymen with reduced government services...and vilifying them as just lazy free-loaders on the government dole, just looking for a free government "hand-out". The Republicans and their corporate masters have been winning this class war that they have cleverly waged on the American working people.

It's wasn't enough that the Republicans (who are only beholding to the banks, corporations, and the wealthy) had killed off the middle-class for average working Americans and reduced them to poverty as the "new poor" in America, but also the Republicans have been attempting to deprive them of any humane existence at all.

The Republicans are now trying to prevent us from curbing ever more Wall Street abuse, greed, and corruption by under-funding the SEC to investigated and prosecute all the other Bernie Madoffs, those who helped destroyed the economy and housing market for the middle-class and average working Americans.

The radical Republicans have been accusing the liberals as being the "radicals", when really, who has been doing the most to break the backs of working Americans, increasing their "worker productivity" (squeezing more), just to enable the few to further enrich themselves that much more?

It was the Republicans who created the welfare state, the Democrats only supported "welfare" (social services) to care for the needs of those that the GOP created and wanted to completely destroy.

Let's be honest, who are the REAL "radicals" in this country today? The greedy Wall Streeters and corporate CEOs (with the help of their political GOP enablers)? Or the average working people who only wanted to earn an honest and decent they once could 30 years ago?

Oh, and don't you know? The Republicans also created the CORPORATE Welfare State.


  1. Conspiracy theories all say the government creates problems to solve through reducing liberty. They say the depression was planned - the Great Depression and the Long Depression - and all the recessions, bubbles and busts. They say wars are entered into because of situations allowed to happen (Pearl Harbor and most probably 9/11) to bring the mindset into Fear-based response and volunteer to be controlled.

    All these things go on behind the scenes with the appearance of "right action" but with underlying motives. I saw a video about a guy who was being recruited (but refused) into the Counsel on Foreign Relations and told of "an event" (before 9/11) that would create the conditions to tighten the stranglehold on US citizens. He said the Rockefellers financed the woman's rights movement to tax the other half of the population.

    And the TEA Party is financed by big money too. Why would big money finance a "grass roots" organization? To make people think they are creating change for their own good instead of being the pawns most of us are.

    I stopped being a pawn in February of 2008. Now I am among the forgotten/ignored masses with no chair at the table of life. Hard to place in any chess game of employment during good times, I am now a polished, well-dressed, highly educated and experienced example of the unemployable...not because of the Republicans - but because of elite agenda and all of the enablers.

    Let's not blame Republicans (even though you used to be one) because NAFTA was signed by a Democrat. Democrats were in the super majority during a lot of the time jobs were being shipped over seas. But the Republican-created Welfare system was one step that appeared to be humane but was really, like you say, a means to make people dependent on the government.

    I think back to signing up for unemployment over 3 years ago. I had no idea the "recession" was just beginning. I had no clue I'd be among the millions left to sink or swim. The unemployment compensation softened the blow for a couple years as rejections mounted. Now, with all of the bad news and no "safety net for the people who have been out of work the longest" (Barack - YOU LIE!), we are being led to turn on each other and blame each other.

    I so want to see people come together with others they have more in common than different (ie, the masses). So May It Be.

  2. I blame both parties, however the repubs are being the more aggressive right now. The dems are just sitting there with their heads up their arses and neither doing nor saying much of anything to put a stop to it. And YES I still blame Wall Street for the majority of the problems. And I still ask, "WHY ISN'T WALL STREET IN JAIL?"

  3. It isn't mere corporate welfare that Republicans are after. The concept of the nontaxable or tax exempt nonprofit is heavily invested in providing welfare to the tune of 5% of after expense earnings. That is a huge investment in perpetuating the welfare systems that allow tax free living for most of the middle markets who thrive upon the paradigm, but it is doubtful that it was invented by Democrats. The tally of nonprofits in either Republican or Democratic camps could be insightful news for comparison to decipher profit strategies.

  4. "It isn't mere corporate welfare that Republicans are after"?

    The Republicans just voted to extend the oil subsidies. Would'd you consider that corproate welfare?

  5. Its not corporations, its lack of education.

  6. How many of the Wall Street bankers that were partly responsible for the 2008 recession did the Obama administration convict for their criminal behavior? 0! As in not even 1! Despite the broad support and mounds of evidence that would have undoubtedly put some the financial elite in prison, Obama and Holder choose not to even charge the individuals that are responsible for the millions of people that still suffer today because of it. Its a reality that doesnt exist in the minds of those that cant think for themselves. They are just idiots that point the finger at anyone or any group they are told to by the left, while supporting those that have the ability to change things but choose not to because of their own special interests.