Friday, January 29, 2021

Good Riots vs. Bad Riots

The George Floyd protests began May 26, 2020 in Minnesota before quickly spreading nationwide. Dozens of people were killed — including police officers who were murdered in cold blood. There were billions of dollars in property damages with buildings and vehicles set on fire (including an historic church near the White House); and there were hundreds of assaults upon innocent citizens and many police officers. Polls that summer estimated that about 20 million people had participated at some point in the protests, looting and riots in the United States, making the revolt the largest in U.S. history. That was all because a WHITE homicidal rogue cop brutally murdered an innocent BLACK man — which was a tragedy and travesty.

The violent riot and Capital breach on January 6, 2021 consisted of about 200 people from a crowd of about 750,000 peaceful protesters in D.C. that day. One unarmed Trump supporter was killed while climbing through a broken window and one Capital police officer was killed on the steps of the Capital by one the rioters. The "Save America March" had been mostly a peaceful protest, but was sabotaged with an assault on the capital that had been planned far in advance by what were described later by the Biden administration and media as an "insurrection committed by White Nationalist militant groups and Q-Anon Trump supporters." The huge gathering in D.C that day was in response to a rigged election, not to physically take over the government or to illegally overturn a fair and honest election. But nonetheless, the assault on the U.S. Capital also ended up being a tragedy and travesty.

After President Trump was elected in 2016, the Democrats accused him of colluding with Russia to rig the election. The FBI , the Democrats and the media at the time knew that wasn't true, but yet they lied and put the new president and his family though HELL for the next 4 years. During the 2020 election the Democrats (with knowledge by the DOJ/FBI) rigged the election for Biden -- hence, the protest and subsequent riot and Capital breach that day in D.C.

Now imagine if in 2016 Donald Trump had colluded with Dominion Voting Systems (rather then Putin) to rig that election, and used White Nationalist militant groups (rather the Black Lives Matter) to count the ballots, and had "Bikers For Trump" blocking Democrat poll watchers from witnessing the vote count. What might have happened? Would it be something WORSE than the George Floyd riots, or something much less than the Capital breach (FYI: The people inside were taking selfies, not slaughtering crooked politicians or the Capital Police officers.)

* 99.999999% of all Americans were outraged at the George Floyd murder, but only half the population agreed with the nation-wide riots.

* 99.999999% of all Americans were outraged at the U.S. Capital riot, but only half the population agreed with the rigged election results.

If the FBI and CIA didn't allow the Democrats to rig the 2020 election for the Biden crime family, there wouldn't have been an "insurrection" at the Capital building on January 6, 2021. How many talking heads on cable news had asked "WHY" did 750,000 Americans from all over the country that went to the Save America March in D.C. believed there was election fraud -- and why they thought the election was stolen?

All the liars say, "Because Trump told them so" -- Which is a total lie. Many people say it not about Trump at all, but about the integrity of our elections. Millions of Americans watched those hearings held by State legislatures online at Right Side Broadcasting that showed election fraud, but cable news wouldn't air those hearings, nor would the vote-counters allow anyone to inspect the voting machines and ballots.

So why NOT "storm" the capital? 75 million Americans were disenfranchised!!! Isn't someone's vote in a true democracy one of the most valuable rights we have? Why would the DOJ (Bill Barr) and the FBI (Chris Wray) cover up this treason? Watch these videos while you can, because Youtube has begun deleting them to cover up all the election fraud.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Evidence piling up for Election Fraud! -- Updated 12/28/2020

The evidence to-date as of this twitter thread >>> is reposted here to save time and tweets! Think of this blog page as one big tweet!

Election fraud?

Watch the hearings. They're not all boring. Some have great drama. Witnesses had their lives threatened, but pushed back when a legislator tried to bully them. The crazy BLM legislator that later threatened Trump supporters is in this hearing.

All the evidence can't all fit in a tweet (we have much more), but to actually have to watch and listen! Here are a few hearings before State legislatures that have eye witnesses and IT experts. (Some say these aren't REAL hearings because they take place in hotel meeting rooms. That's horseshit! My legislators for Nevada met OUTSIDE to vote for Trump >>>


Although the voting machines COULD be hacked from anywhere in the world, they can also be manipulated with USB drives that witnesses saw. FYI: Trump did make these charts, they're from an IT expert. Democrats refuse to release evidence . Why? What are they hiding? ELECTION FRAUD!

The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization, released the 39-page report, alleging that Zuckerberg’s $500 million given to election officials was used to improperly influence the election.

Ryan Hartwig: Facebook Whistleblower on Election Fraud 12-23-2020

Dec. 22, 2020 Mark Zukerberg spent $500 million to rig 2020 election!

Matt Locke on Election Fraud 12-23-2020

One biased judge in #Nevada dismissed without seeing evidence or hearing witnesses. @SCOTUS didn't hear their case on procedural due process. The others you refer to have nothing to so with #Trump's legal team; THOSE cases are 3rd party lawsuits for related matters. FYI; Nevada electors saw the fraud and voted for Trump anyway.
NV  Court
NV State legislators

The cyber-security #Resistance guy that #Trump fired for for doing a bad job (#ChrisKrebbs) admitted under oath at this recent hearing that the #DominionVotingSystems COULD access the internet. (Edited for time with most relevant facts.)

DHS Senate Hearing: #ChrisKrebbs also admitted when he said "most secure election is history", he just meant hacking by foreigners like #Russia — which he failed at too (#SolarWinds), not domestic #ElectionFraud, like fake ballots hauled in in by trucks at 3 a.m. in the morning.  (Full)

Why Trump fired Chris Krebs & FBI proves Corrupt Again! Dec. 22, 2020

Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities (#TheNavarroReport)

Link to the original forensic audit of a #Dominion voting machine (In the DHS hearing he LIED about the [brackets].

Patrick M. Byrne (CEO of EXPOSES Deep State Election Fraud
#PatrickByrne #FBI #JohnDurham

DHS Senate Hearing 

This BLM legislator in #Michigan (that I mistakenly said was in PA) is in this hearing calling witnesses liars to their face. There's one moment (in this hearing?) where the entire room gasped in shock when they hard how much fraud was being committed.

Rep. #MoBrooks (R-#Alabama) on #ElectionFraud. (This is NOT disputed, the #Democrats just won't admit it.)  #KAG2021

The #BidenCrimeFamily was exposed in an official #Ukraine #PressBriefing last year but the #FBI never investigated because the federal agency has been corrupted by the Democrats. #Trump was #IMPEACHED for what #QuidProJoe had been doing and #BillBarr and the #FBI knew!

#DominionVotingSystems #StoptheSteal #ElectionFraud

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Free Speech for Thee, Hate Speech for Me! * MY TWITTER SUSPENSION!

I shared a video that I created with @TomiLahren from my account at Twitter @BudMeyers99 because I thought she supported @RealDonalTrump (and because she was in the video) and I foolishly thought she would appreciate it. Instead, she may have reported me to Twitter, who suspended my account and blocked my video for "Hate Speech".

But in all fairness, it could also have been someone at @FoxNews, who (like certain social media companies) have a media blackout on e-L-e-C-t-I-o-N f-R-a-U-d. See all the links below to all the hearings held by State Legislatures showing abundant evidence for MASSIVE e-L-e-C-t-I-o-N  f-R-a-U-d!

But Fox News must get "hate speech" all the time, so I can't imagine why they'd go out of their way to tattle on little-ole-me (or maybe it's the Trump-Hater/Bush-Lover beatch @GillianHTurner"> (Oops! Is "beatch" considered "hate" speech? Check out Trump's Twitter feed if you want to see REAL hate speech!)

My notice from Twitter via email (Click to enlarge image) It's ironic that I was suspended from Twitter for hate speech on a post I did critizing the attack on free speech.)

The video I posted at Twitter that was blocked with my tweet.


I assume the "hate" speech" that Twitter was referring to weren't "China" or Biden" or "Fox News" or "Democrat" or "Gillian Turner" -- but may have been #Trump" or "lie" or "whore". So allow me to explain:

1) Trump is our President

2) Lie is something all humans do.

3) Whore was used in the context of definition #4 in the dictionary: "unscrupulous person" (which is only my opinion, and can pertain to a male or female or group of people. e.g. "Those damn low-life whores sold out our country by caving in to the media's censorship!"

 I did not accuse Biden, Fox News, Democrats or Gillian Turner of being a prostitute (I have no idea what they do in their private time.) I was only expressing how "unscrupulous" it was to get paid to spread propaganda about censorship in the media and/or defending China -- especially with what we're learned recently.

I certainly don't "hate" anyone (well, maybe Nanny Pelosi and her crew), but certainly not Tomi Lahren -- who may have snitched on me to the social media police. After all, she has defended free speech and condemned censorship herself, so I would be surprised (and hurt) if she took the action she did. If Fox News did this, I might contact Lin Wood for advice.

Personally, this is what I always do with ANY comment I get (whether I'm offended or if I agree with someone)

1) Ignore the comment

2) reply to the comment

3) Mute the comment

4) Block the user

But I NEVER reported anyone for anything, and there is a lot of hateful and obscene stuff out there! If #TomiLahren were really a #Trump supporter, I can't understand how my video could offend her or another Trump supporter. She could have just blocked me, not attack by First Amendment Right of Free Speech guaranteed to me under the U.S. Constitution. WTF?! But if it was Fox News, then I'd understand, because now they are also #FakeNews . . . CNN 2.0

Videos of Hearings that has a Cable News Blackout (aka information warfare during a coup)


* NOTE: < < <  I posted a highlight clip of this OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT SENATE HEARING on my YOUKNOWWHO video channel that was deleted because it violated their new terms of service related to anything that had to do with e-L-e-C-t-I-o-N  f-R-a-U-d! Wow!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Trump's little known E.O. to Stop the Steal - BOMBSHELL! - November 16, 2020

Stop The Steal

This story begins with the little-known executive order signed into existence on September 12, 2018, by President Donald J. Trump. That order, available at, is entitled, “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.”

In that executive order, which almost no one has covered since the day it was signed, President Trump declares a national emergency. That emergency is still in play to this day, and the 2020 election was conducted under this state of emergency, which is a crucial point to understand what’s coming next.

In the EO, the President also states that people and organizations located, in part, outside the United States are known to be able to, “interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation.”

If you’re starting to see how this ties in to CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post and MSNBC, you’re not alone. All those organizations, as you’ll soon see, have been caught under this emergency declaration of “foreign interference” in U.S. elections, aided by complicit corporations on U.S. soil.

The EO further states that this foreign interference in U.S. elections, “constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

Why is this relevant to anything we’re seeing right now with the massive election fraud carried out by the Democrats and the deep state? Because Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company. And Scytl is run out of Spain.

Scytl, by the way, is connected to George Soros and the Democrats, and according to TGP, “Bill Gates also own stock in Scytl.”

Great Game India reports:

Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called “glitch”, now GreatGameIndia has found involvement of another dubious foreign company in US Election meddling. The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software. The issue has prompted experts to question why the sensitive job of counting votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a bankrupted Spanish company count American votes in Spain? Due to such widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate.

What people are missing in all this is that Trump’s 2018 executive order gives the DOJ the power to seize all assets of individuals and companies that were complicit in aiding or covering up this foreign interference in U.S. elections.

The National Emergency order specifically calls for seizure of all assets of entities that have, “directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election.”

That would, of course, have to include practically every CNN fake news anchor, every Big Tech CEO, every fake news journo-terrorist from NBC News, the NY Times and the Washington Post. They are all complicit in gaslighting America and covering up the massive foreign election interference that just took place.

Trump’s EO further explains that asset seizures shall target people and entities which have:

…materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any activity described in subsection (a)(i) of this section or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or (iii) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

In other words, the EO covers every person who has been corrupted or compromised by communist China. And that includes at least 80% of Democrat lawmakers, by our estimates, including Senators Feinstein and Schiff.

But that’s not even the full extent of what’s demanded by this Executive Order. In Section 8, the order explains that the term “person” also means, “a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization.”

In other words, any media organization that assisted in covering up or assisting foreign interference in a U.S. election is specifically targeted by this Executive Order.

Further in the definitions section, the EO explains:

…the term “election infrastructure” means information and communications technology and systems used by or on behalf of the Federal Government or a State or local government in managing the election process, including voter registration databases, voting machines, voting tabulation equipment, and equipment for the secure transmission of election results.

That would include the Dominion voting systems as well as all other voting systems used in the recent election.

Finally, the EO describes what it means by the term “foreign interference.” It means: (emphasis added)

…any covert, fraudulent, deceptive, or unlawful actions or attempted actions of a foreign government, or of any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, undertaken with the purpose or effect of influencing, undermining confidence in, or altering the result or reported result of, the election, or undermining public confidence in election processes or institutions.

Note the important words of “altering the result or reported result of the election.” This is exactly what Big Tech and the lying fake news media have done to America. More that merely a crime, it’s treason… and it fell right into the national emergency trap that Trump publicly announced in 2018 which now means all these corporations and organizations can have their assets seized literally overnight.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Trump attorney Sidney Powell describes “staggering statistical evidence” and “staggering witness testimony” about the criminal election fraud that was carried out across America. She adds, “If you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now.”



Thursday, January 2, 2020

Bud Meyers NEW Youtube channel created January 2020

Bud Meyers NEW Youtube channel:
Bud Meyers OLD Youtube channel that was ruthless and completely deleted with no reason at all given and with no chance in Hell to appeal:

My previous Youtube channel was terminated after 10 years (on New Years Eve on December 31, 2019) because of a #copyright claim by CNN for a 40-second clip from one of their broadcasts. Cable news channels can easily BLOCK your videos without filing a copyright strike against you, but they are ruthless and mean, so they file TAKE DOWN orders against you! I lost 10 years of work, more than 1,500 videos and over 10,800 subscribers! So much work, destroyed!

I had 2 copyright strikes: 1 from Fox News and 1 from #MSNBC that were set to expire. They weren't entire programs or segments, just short 5 to 10 minute clips. My previous Youtube channel (and now my new channel) was and never will be monetized, so I never made money. I only do this as a hobby since I retired. I carefully edited most of my videos and added long commentaries to many of them (most were political). I never posted anything obscene. Most of my recent clips were from the impeachment hearings on C-SPAN.

But after my 3rd copyright strike on Youtube, I thought I could appeal. But that's not the case. After 3 strikes, you're finished—even if the third copyright claim was a false or frivolous claim. Now I have to start all over again. Here's the 40-second video that destroyed my previous Youtube channel:

I tried contacting Fox News at to pitch my apology and to beg them for forgiveness, but the bastards and beatchs never replied! And I know for a fact that a human gets these emails because a friend wrote to them and gave them info that they acted on . . . so I don’t think an algorithm, A.I. or a website’s auto-response email program can do that (not yet at least).

CNN had filed 3 previous (and frivolous) copyright claims against me for content that wasn't even theirs, so I had to file disputes with Google. But stupid me, I should have known better; I thought that tiny 40-second clip would be considered "promotional' for them rather than an "infringement".

It's time for government to reform these ridiculous copyright laws just for posting short clips from news broadcasts. I carefully and specifically chose what to record, edit and post to my channel for my followers — and many thanked me, because many people don't have the time to watch entire broadcasts, political rallies or C-SPAN hearings . . . so I chose what I thought were the most relevant HIGHLIGHTS (always under 15-minutes) so that more people could know what's happening in American politics. (I didn’t just copy-and-paste their talking-heads to steal their viewers and advertising revenues from them! And I usually posted the content long after they aired the content!

As just ONE example of my work: My last Youtube project was to monitor every single minute of every single impeachment hearing on C-SPAN -- and then edit, organize and post all the clips separately with long commentaries. Then I posted all the links to my blog:

All this work, destroyed in one click by Youtube . . . 10 years of hard work! . . . down the drain! Now I'm staring over on New Years Day (on January 1, 2020). And like Youtube, my blog is also owned by Google. I don't have a lawyer, but who in the heck knows if I ever violated any of their "terms of service" within the last 10 years, just to have them delete my blog too! They have so much control in our lives; no one is safe from their influence or retaliation. It’s not right . . . but we have no choice, unless we want to surrender to a much more inferior video publishing service.

Bud Meyers

* Besides CNN and MSNBC, I'm also adding Fox News to my THEY SUCK list. I can't add Google or Youtube because they might delete this blog and my NEW Youtube channel. THAT is the ral abuse of power!!!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Highlights of ALL the Trump Impeachment Hearings in 2019

* UPDATE NOTICE!: On the very same day I posted the links to these videos on my blog on Dec. 31, 2019 Youtube (which is owned by Google, and who is also the owner this blog at Blogger and Blogspot) terminated by account at Youtube with no reason given. [UPDATE 1/27/20: AT that time.] So I wrote them in the little box they provided me to contact them to ask why.

* My OLD Channel does not exist anymore >>>

* Here's my other Youtube channel that I started posting to after that on January 1, 2020:

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Mueller Hearings (links to cross examinations) July 24, 2019

There was no evidence (not just "insufficient evidence") that Trump had ever conspired with Russia, so the Democrats focused on their "obstruction of justice" charges and their "No one is above the law!" rants. But Republicans had exposed corruption within the DOJ and FBI. If you never watch Fox News, you'd never know!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Russian Collusion Witch Hunt

In an interview of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange by Fox News Sean Hannity that aired on Jan. 3, 2016, Assange said he didn't get the hacked DNC and Podesta emails from the Russian government, as John Brennan of the CIA claimed. Brennan had lied under oath and spied on the Senate — and he also said Trump was a Russian spy and traitor. So how can you believe him?

Monday, March 4, 2019

President Trump's historic speech at CPAC 2019

President Trump CPAC 2019

President Trump gave his longest and best speech ever at #CPAC2019 (Conservative Political Action Conference) on March 3,2019 in National Harbor, MD. At his rallies and other events, his speeches usually last about 70 minutes (twice as long as any by Hillary Clinton). But Trump's speech at CPAC lasted 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump's 5 Pillars of Immigration Reform

"A tall border wall of a thousand miles with a big beautiful door begins with one brick." — Anonymous