Sunday, September 16, 2018

Goodbye Mom

You didn't say goodbye to me, but I will to you. I will always love and miss you. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you.

She passed away Saturday night on September 8, 2018 at 10:15 p.m. and is now with my dad (whether he likes it or not.) Or maybe she's with her two younger sisters. Either way, rest in peace my dear mom.

She had posted a song on her Facebook timeline last year on May 15, 2017. It's called "Hold On" by the Scott brothers (aka The Property Brothers on HGTV). It's a beautiful song, but considering the circumstances, it's also very melancholy. I've always wondered where "home" was for my mom, but wherever it is, I hope she's there now. (Link to YouTube)

Never in my life have I heard or seen my mother crying. (I hope to God she never cried over me!) But I did see her afraid on two different occasions: once when we had flown together from Las Vegas to visit my father. We had experienced a lot of air turbulence. She began shaking, then took my hand and held it tight for several minutes until the plane had finally settled down. Afterwards she behaved as though nothing had happened. The other time I saw my mom afraid was when I had walked with her inside a medical facility when she needed to have a hip replaced. (And I'm still haunted that I didn't spend more time with her afterwards during her recovery.) But when I think of my mom being afraid, it breaks my heart to think of how she must have felt when she first learned she had cancer. I was heartbroken when I first learned, because it was after she had already passed away, and I couldn't be around in her final days to offer her any comfort at all. (It was her wish that I never knew.) I will always wonder if or what she might have thought about me in her final hours, just before she became unresponsive and finally succumbed to her illness. I pray to God that she is at peace and is happy beyond any joy she has ever known in life. And I hope that a more deserving family member will honor her with a proper eulogy and post it online for the world to see. Goodbye mom. I'll never be able to stop saying goodbye to you. I love you, Bud.

I should move on soon, to begin the healing . . .but if would be very comforting if my immediate family could offer me condolences . . . I wish them the same.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump's 5 Pillars of Immigration Reform

"A tall border wall of a thousand miles with a big beautiful door begins with one brick." — Anonymous

Trump's wall needed here!

Question for the Ages: To keep from ripping infant babies from the loving (but helpless) arms of innocent mothers, what exactly do the Democrats propose we do in order to enforce our current immigration laws when unknown people (strangers, people without documentation and accompanied by small children) attempt to illegally enter our country? What should the border patrol do?

Trump's 5 Pillars of Immigration Reform This is what President Trump and his 63 million voters are asking for with immigration reform in exchange for a path to full citizenship for an estimated 1.8 million children of illegal immigrants who currently qualify for DACA:

1) A tall wall with a big beautiful door.
2) An end to catch-and-release.
3) An end to the Green Card lottery.
4) An end to chain-migration.
5) All employers must use eVerify.

Otherwise, the unregulated flow of illegal immigrants from South of the border will only continue as it has in decades past, and therefore, nothing will ever change. If President Trump does as the Democrats want, and just grants amnesty (or "a path") to 1.8 million people with no concessions in return, these "new" citizens will probably vote against everything President Trump and his 63 million voters are asking for, which is:

1) A tall wall with a big beautiful door.
2) An end to catch-and-release.
3) An end to the Green Card lottery.
4) An end to chain-migration.
5) All employers must use eVerify.

And who knows, if THAT were to ever happen, maybe one day California might belong to Mexico again (and the Democrats would lose their biggest voting block!)

The bottom line is, for decades the Democrats have been trying to permanently change the demographics and culture of the country (like they've been doing in California) with Latinos from South of the border — just to get votes for permanent political power (They use African-Americans for the same reasons.)

* Evidently, people who LEGALLY immigrate here, must usually vote for Republicans ;)

Proposed wall.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Antifa attacks Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon

AntiFa Portland Oregon June 3, 2018

The Portland rally on 6/3/18 (where 4 were arrested) was in response to the acquittal of an illegal immigrant who was deported multiple times and was acquitted of murdering Kate Steinle.The group AntiFa ("Anti-Facist") is known to attack Free Speech and peaceful rallies if they don't agree (e.g. Charlottesville).

In the video below you see what might be a member AntiFa being arrested by police, maybe for throwing a firecracker (It sounded a little like a gun shot). You'll also notice another man wearing a shirt that says "Fuck AntiFa".

The liberal media (e.g. CNN and MSNBC) usually calls members of the AntiFa group "counter-protesters", as they did in Charlottesville where the KKK and AntiFa clashed against the backdrop of peaceful protesters (from both the RIGHT and the LEFT) over the removal of a Robert E. Lee statute. THOSE were the people that Trump was referring to as "fine people" (not the KKK).

AntiFa Portland Oregon June 3, 2018

Trump (via CNN): "I think there is blame on both sides . . .You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent." Trump also said there were some "very bad people" on both sides, but that there was some who came out to protest the removal of Robert E. Lee's statue who were "fine people."

EDITOR'S NOTE: As repugnant as you might feel about the KKK or any "Alt Right" group, in America even THEY have a right to Free Speech and to peacefully protest . . . just as AntiFa and any other "Alt-Left" radical group (e.g. the Resistance movement) that Hillary Clinton promotes . . . but we draw the line at all violence — and AntiFa is notorious for being the first to use threats and violence in most cases.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

► Play ▌▌ Pause ■ Stop

In 2016 I transitioned from Bernie Sanders (who was running as a Democrat) to Donald Trump (who ran as a Republican). But I don't trust either party.

For numerous reasons, many of my previous blog posts will contradict how I now feel . . . because I have "evolved" . . . but if Trump kills Social Security and Medicare, I will evolve again.

I have been very busy re-arranging my life and moving these last few months, so I haven't posted here very often; but who knows, maybe soon one day I'll get back on track and begin posting every day again. But much shorter versions of my current daily rants can be found on my Twitter feed >>>

Thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

GOP tax plan saves us $20 a week

Paul Ryan

Median wage earners (half of all workers in America) will save a measly 20 bucks a week (or less) with the new GOP tax plan.

Per Social Security wage data: the "median" income in the U.S. is a little over $30,000 a year for wage earners.

The new tax plan lowers the tax rate from 15% to 12% on income over $9,525 up to $38,700 --- so median income earners making $30,000 a year will save $900 from the new tax rate.

Median wage tax rates (old and new)

The new tax plan will also raise the standard deduction from $6,350 to $12,000 (almost double); but it also eliminates the $4,050 personal exemption --- for a difference of $1,600 less that you'd have to pay tax on.

12% tax (on income over $9,525 up to $38,700) = $192 saved for median income earners making $30,000 a year. ($192 = 12% of $1,600

Save a whopping $21 with new GOP tax plan!

(Below) Old tax brackets scheduled for 2018 (Blue shade is the "median" bracket)

Old 2018 tax brackets

(Below) New tax brackets scheduled for 2018 (Blue shade is the "median" bracket)

New 2018 tax brackets

* Based on single filers with no children.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Turning 18 years old in America during the Trump Era

If Trump and the Republicans raised the minimum wage, they'd make 8 years of Obama look like a waste of time for the working-class.

Turning 18 years old in America during the Trump Era

Let's say you just turned 18 years old and that you have just graduated from high school (and now your parents want you to leave the nest). Here's what the Republicans think you can live on every month . . .

$750 One-bedroom apartment (no furniture, household goods or cable TV). Tiny and more affordable 1-room efficiency apartments are very hard to find, just ask an old single man. If you're lucky, utilities such as heat and electricity are included.
$310 Food: $10 a day for fast food and/or groceries . . no steak and lobster, more like canned beans and Whoppers (And this is far more than what food stamps offer single "able-bodied" people without children.)
$100 Car payment (your parents had good credit and co-signed a loan for an old $1,500 car for you so you can drive to work and the grocery store)
$100 Basic auto insurance (no collision, just enough to be street legal. It's very expensive for teens and those in their early 20s).
$20 Basic cellphone plan (cheaper than a landline without cable TV and internet package)
$0 No healthcare or dental insurance (GOP wants to cut Medicaid); no clothing allowance; and no college tuition. (Gas and maintenance for your old car will come from the food budget.)

= $1,280 total per month for basic living expenses (VERY basic!)

One would need to take home (NET) $7.38 an hour AFTER all payroll taxes are deducted (which is more than the current minimum wage) --- AND they would need to work at least 40 hours a week and work every week of the year with no vacations, holidays and sick days (because the GOP made sure that union jobs are almost obsolete).

But Wal-Mart, Amazon and McDonalds (American's biggest job creators) don't even pay that much — or offer enough hours (mostly part-time jobs). You'd be better off joining the U.S. military (school, healthcare, job security, team affiliation, pension, etc.)

So how does the GOP expect our young people to live? The very lucky ones come from very well-to-do (or even middle-class) families that can give them a better start in life. Others are lucky enough to find a room-mate to help them split expenses. But how are the rest (the majority) of these young people expected to survive . . . let alone get ahead in life?

. . . and never mind going to college, buying a house or getting married and having children. It's no wonder most of them voted for Bernie Sanders (not Clinton or Trump) and hate Republicans!

We need a $15 an hour MINIMUM WAGE - - - especially since the GOP has been bragging about how well the stock market and companies have been doing since Trump was elected. George W. Bush was the last President to raise the minimum wage. Trump should not be like Obama and not sign a minimum wage bill for our young the people (who are the future of our country). Trump should raise the minimum wage (even to $10 a hour) if he wants the GOP to win more elections.

And maybe then less young people will stop rioting in the streets, setting police cars on fire and looting stores.

* FYI: Old people trying to live on Social Security have a similar problem because the GOP killed labor unions that offered pensions to supplement their Social Security benefits (and real estate investors are flipping properties and driving up the cost of housing for poor people.)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

GOP's proposed Tax Rates compared to 2017 Tax Rates

This post makes the argument using . . .

Social Security Wage Statistics

. . . from Social Security to show that the GOP's newly proposed tax plan will not save the "middle-class" very much money (but will save the rich VERY MUCH by eliminating the estate tax and save big corporations and hedge funds VERY MUCH by lowering the corporate tax from 35% to 20%).

And this post also shows that the Republicans and Democrats have NO CLUE AT ALL (either that, or they have been lying to us all along) what the middle-class really is or where it's supposed to be today.

You don't have to believe the recent article in the New York Times, — or what Fox News, CNN, the Republicans or the Democrats have to say about whether or not you'll get a tax cut under the GOP's new tax plan. Just compare the income brackets and the tax rates they propose (and also to see WHO'S getting the BIGGEST tax cuts) by comparing the current tax brackets to the proposed tax brackets (chart directly below). Then look at wage data from the Social Security Administration (which is also in the info-graphic below that) to see where your income falls in the big scheme of things (and also to see where the TRUE "middle-class" currently stands).

* NOTE: The Senate's new version NOW includes the income levels (per CNN). In this version, those earning between $60,000 and $91,900 will see no change (at 25%), but like everyone else, will get an addition $1,600 in standard deduction. (Current tax deduction: $10,400 = $6,350 standard deduction + $4,050 personal exemption. Tax deduction under new plan: $12,000 = $12,000 standard deduction but no $4,050 personal exemption ... which is $1,600 more.)

Comparing current 2017 tax brackets to Trump's tax plan.

* Click on the info-graphic that I created below to enlarge to see important notes I've made regarding the wage data from Social Security and how it defines the TRUE middle-class.

Wage data for 2016 from Social Security. Click graphic to enlarge.

Below in an info-graphic from Fox and Friends (on Fox News) this morning using data from that New York Times article to show how much people will save with the GOP Senate version of their tax plan (for the poor, not much . . . but a lot for the rich.)

Single MEDIAN income earners will save about $600 a year under GOP Senate tax plan.

Below is a graph from the St. Louis Federal Reserve for the MEDIAN WEEKLY WAGE (for a full-time worker), which hasn't budged for almost 40 years. The REAL weekly wage after taxes and accounting for inflation is $385 a week. (Because of the drastic decline in unions since that time, workers no longer have bargaining power to demand raises, so most of the profits now go to the CEOs, board of directors and the shareholders.)

* MEDIAN wage means 50% of wage earners make LESS than the MEDIAN (the exact middle) and 50% of wage earners make MORE than that.

* NOTE: One person making ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR skews the "average" and makes it appear as though most people are making more, so we use the "median" wage, not the "average" wage.

Weekly median earnings in US since 1980

The Estate Tax is NOT a "death tax" - - - it's just a slogan to fool average Americans to accept a windfall for rich people.

The estate tax is NOT a death tax. Dead people don't pay taxes!

Who does the GOP think they're fooling? We're on to them. Both Republicans and Democrats know a con/scam when they see one. Republicans look like a bunch fools on TV trying to sell us this pile of crap. Snake oil salesmen are much more convincing than Paul RYan & Co. - - - so it's no wonder they can't pass any bills.

* All images are my creation except for the screen shots from Fox News and FRED — and the Social Security logo.

Happy Veterans Day! (Especially to my dad.)

* NOTE: I could have named this post GOP TAX PLAN vs GOP TAX SCAM

Friday, October 13, 2017

Politicians refuse to define "Middle-Class"

* Here is an Update to the Update on November 11, 2017: The new Senate tax brackets per CNN shows those earning between $60,000 and $91,900 (the real MIDDLE-CLASS for single tax filers) will see no change in tax rate at 25%
Current Tax brackets The new House Tax Plan The new Senate Tax Plan
Income Tax Rate (single) Income  Tax Rate (Single) Income Tax Rate (single)
$0 to $9,325 10%  0 - $12,000 0 $0 to $9,525 10%
$9,325 to $37,950 15% $12,000 to $45,000 12% $9,525 to $38,700 12%
$37,950 to $91,900 25% $45,000 to $200,000 25% $38,700 to $60,000 22.5%
$91,900 to $191,650 28% $200,000 to $500,000 35% $60,000 to $170,000 25%
$191,650 to $416,700 33% Over $500,000 39.6% $170,000 to $200,000 32.5%
$416,700 to $418,400 35% - - $200,000 to $500,000 35%
Over $418,400 39.6% - - Over $500,000 38.5%

End to the Update to the Update . . .

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome — TDS defined

One of the very first victims of TDS was the former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney has TDS

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is mental dysfunction causing President Donald Trump's detractors to have constant hateful thoughts and feelings. They always appear to be on the verge of becoming totally unhinged. To date, there is no known cure or treatment for this acute and irrational condition, other than death.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why America needs Fox News, now more than ever

How Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders drove me away from MSNBC and CNN — and into the arms of Fox News.