Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bernie Sanders - TIME "person of the Year" -- VOTE NOW!

Who should be TIME’s 2015 Person of the Year? The current poll results shows Bernie Sanders leading the 2nd place nominee by DOUBLE. 

You can vote "YES" for Bernie Sanders here. NOTE: You will need a Twitter or Facebook account to log in and vote. 

To Tweet: Vote for #BernieSanders as TIME's Person of the Year at  #TIMEPOY

There's also several "face-off" polls — this link is for Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton (Bernie is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead!) Just click on your preference and log in with Twitter or Facebook to register your vote. 

To Tweet: I think Bernie Sanders should be #TIMEPOY. Vote now  via @TIME 

NOTE: Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 4th, and the combined winner of TIME's reader polls will be announced on Dec. 7th — and TIME’s "official" Person of the Year will be announced Dec. 9th. (You can also go here to vote "NO" for Kim Kardashian). 

To Tweet: Vote for #BernieSanders as TIME's Person of the Year at  #TIMEPOY

* You can also go here to vote "NO" for Kim Kardashian. 

On the TIME list [so far] Bernie Sanders garnered more than 12 percent of the vote, putting him well ahead of runner-up ... The next U.S. presidential candidate is way down the list, the bombastic Donald Trump, with 1.9 percent of the vote ... The Donald isn't giving up hope, though. He's using reverse psychology on Time's editors:

"I say there's no way they give it to me," he said last week. "They can't. Because, mentally, they can't. They just can't. They can't do it. Even if I deserve it, they can't do it." 

* Kardashian, in case you're interested, is in 51st place at the moment, earning less than 1 percent of the vote.

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