Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Not Blame the Homeless?

American CEOs and the GOP have been making excuses as to why they sent jobs to China and India. They are making the excuse that average American workers no longer have the necessary job skills to compete in the job market.

This is nonsense, and their false claims have created yet another major problem for the already 15 million Americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Scams.

These CEOs and the GOP have convinced many of the unemployed that there was "something wrong with them", so hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans went back to school to retrain, learn new skills, and further their educations. They're going to community colleges, nursing schools, and vocational schools. But the problem is, after completing their additional training, and acquiring the "necessary job skills", they are still finding themselves jobless.

Those poor people spent money they didn't have - and couldn't afford to borrow - to pay tuitions to these schools that promised them job placements. These poor people borrowed from friends and family, studied hard, and often relocated or drove vast distances to acquire these "necessary job skills". Then they later discovered that not only were they scammed by American corporations and the government, they were also scammed by the schools too. (Profits can still be made during an economic calamity.)

It's almost like being punished twice for the same crime - double jeopardy. But unemployment isn't a crime, it's what made them jobless in the first place that was a crime...yet those who created the economic collapse will go Scott free. It's only the average American citizen who will pay for their crimes.

American CEOs and the GOP has caused additional harm to these already injured and suffering jobless people by perpetuating the myth that it's a lack of jobs skills that's holding them back.

The long-term unemployed have been called everything from lazy hobos to drug addicts by those same people that pay homage to the big corporations. The guilty ones always point the finger of blame at someone else - in this case, the CEOs blaming the jobless - saying that "they lack the necessary job skills".

The plain truth is that there are not enough jobs...they're now in places like China, India, South Korea, and the Philippines. The BIG LIE that the CEOs and GOP perpetrate is only more public relations bull-crap...they know perfectly well that America is angry with big business for outsourcing their jobs and destroying the middle-class, but the corporate big wigs and the Republicans want to point the finger of blame at the labor force (you), as though somehow it's THEIR fault (YOUR fault) that there are no jobs any more.

And that's what makes me the angriest...them knowing they sent your job to China to hire a cheaper worker, then blaming you! It's your fault you're unemployed because you wanted to earn enough to live on. And why do they blame you for being unemployed when they hire younger people with LESS job skills than you possess? Or accuse you of having TOO MANY job skills, as in "over-qualified"?

Rather than help the fragile and weak economy, or help the desperate and unemployed, and rather than restoring America to its greatness, the CEOs continue to ship jobs off overseas and put the blame on others. The GOP refuses to pay more extended unemployment benefits to those whose lives were destroyed by these practices of outsourcing and discrimination, and the U.S. government in general (in both political parties) have been beholden to big corporate interests and the big banks - - - so it is THEY who are responsible for America's demise, not you and not me!

Do you hear me mister Glenn Beck?

It's not my fault I can't get a job, it's their fault - the CEOS, the banks, the corporations, and our government leaders...the greed-meisters. Why always blame the unemployed? Why not blame the homeless as well?
And if Fox News and the GOP sticks their greasy and smelly finger in my face again to blame me, I'm going to break the damn thing off. And then I going after their first born...the next generation who will further continue the destruction of America's working-class.


  1. Great post, Bud. Hope you don't mind if I forward it to others. (I have a strong suspicion you won't mind. lol)

  2. UPDATE: Dec. 27, 2015

    For years, many homeless people have spent the night in airports between when the last evening flight lands and the first morning flight departs. But in a number of cities across the country, officials are now cracking down on that unspoken arrangement. As the number of homeless people has climbed in major metropolitan areas like Washington DC and New York City, there’s anecdotal evidence that the ranks of people sleeping in airports has similarly grown. One individual, according to Bloomberg, has even lived in LaGuardia for 20 years.


    (* MY NOTE: If someone bought an open round-trip ticket to Anywhere, USA -- could they still be kicked out of an airport?)