Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Are The Rich So Sad?

They must be, they keep bitching about the poor.  Instead of giving them something to do and hiring them (and paying them a living wage and offering their family healthcare benefits), they chastise them saying, "Get a job!"

Money can't buy you love or least, that's what the rich kept telling me all my life. But please, give me a chance, and let ME be the judge of that, ok?

The rich will deny every penny they can from you, knowing it means many more dollars in their pockets. The GOP calls this American capitalism. While the rich (and many in Congress) no longer needs any more money to comfortably live on, the rich will do all that they can to deny you living any better...depriving you of a job (a livelihood) by outsourcing, raising the costs of food and housing for you to live, then limiting the amount of unemployment benefits and food stamps you can have after they denied you work - playing God and determining how, and for how long, you can live.

They fly in private jets around the world, isolated from the filth called humanity. They look down on the masses like the Kings did on the peons. You will never bump into them on the street downtown, see them in a movie theater at the mall, or run into their shopping cart at the grocery store. They are much different than regular human beings...they don't live among us, they only keep the company of others like themselves. Regular people are gaping dogs who make them feel uncomfortable. We're like dirty beggars to them, always with our hand out, wanting more. We disgust them, but they smile at us, pretend they like us, to keep taking our money.

But the rich don't ever seem content. Millions of dollars will never be enough, they'll desire billions. So if having all that money is supposed to make them happy, then why the hell are they so sad?

Most Americans would be perfectly happy and living content lifestyles if they earned $174,000 a year, had healthcare insurance, and could retire at 50 years old after working 30 years. They would be living in comfortable homes, driving nice cars, eating well, buying the latest in electronic gadgets, putting their kids through college, shopping at the malls, taking vacations, and enjoying their favorite hobbies.

Realizing the American Dream.

And even those who earned less than $174,000 a year could also be very content and happy people too. If they only earned $50,000 (or less) they could still fall in love, raise families, enjoy their personal interests, live comfortably and be satisfied with their station in life. They didn't need to pursue and possess unlimited wealth, and most normal people never aspire to. The working-class knew their earning limitations and most lived within their means....and were happy.

But 15 million Americans who once earned $50,000 (or less) two years ago and lost their jobs aren't happy at all today. After exhausting what might have been $300 a week in unemployment benefits (which is $15,600 a year before taxes), they most likely have ZERO income now. Most have lost their comfortable homes and nice cars if they had loans with a bank. Most have lost their life's savings and their kid's college funds because they needed the cash to maintain the status quo while looking for another job - but most never found another job.

So why is it that those who make a $174,000 a year, a million, $2 million, $20 million, or $50 million a year are so damn unhappy, sad, depressed, and discontent with their life? They can all live quite well and never have to ever worry about becoming homeless or going hungry for the rest of their life. They have cash in the bank, and many can live very well just on the interest alone. So why don't they want those, who are only trying to survive on a meager $300 a week on UI benefits, to suffer more? It doesn't make any sense. Who are these monsters?

Are the rich mentally ill? Is it a psychosis they have? It usually seems that unless they came from wealthy backgrounds, they become this way after obtaining vast wealth. They change. They forget where they came from. They turn on those who are not wealthy like themselves. The poor become their enemy. The rich have become monsters.

Most of these people who earn $50 million a year don't even want those collecting $300 a week in unemployment benefits to have a job...the rich don't create jobs with their tax breaks, they send them overseas just so that next year they can take home even more millions of dollars a year. Like I asked before, who are these monsters? When is enough ever enough? They have several mansions;  I now live in someone's room without a car.

Maybe wealthy people such as Bernie Madoff's son  (and the Wall-Streeters after the crash of 1929) felt compelled to take their own lives because they couldn't bear the thought of having to live in a cozy 1-bedroom apartment like I once had. I almost took my life a month ago because I couldn't bear the thought of living on the streets.

But the rich blame me, that it's all my fault, saying it's because I don't have skills.

And all these wealthy people have the GOP (whose congressional members earn $174,000 a year) and Fox News commentators (like Glenn Beck earning 34 million a year) convincing those Tea Party people (who only might make $50,000 a year) that it's the scum like me (who once collected $300 a week last year) who is to blame for the working people not earning $50 million a year, for having their taxes go up, for their benefits and wages being cut, and for raising the age to collect Social Security.

Wow! I never realized that little ole me (bum, scumbag, lazy, low-life, loser, druggie, moron, and cigarette smoker) had all that power! Well golly!

Why is the rich always trying to get much richer? Is wealth, and the power that comes with wealth, more addicting than the cigarettes I still smoke? The same cigarettes that the wealthy CEOs of tobacco companies got me addicted to when I was only 14 years old because they deliberately added nicotine to them (making them more addicting), and then advertised them to me - - - and then lied to congress about not knowing that their cigarettes would kill me? Is wealth that addicting that the rich would kill people to obtain ever more wealth? Are they that immoral? *clear throat*product recalls*cough-cough*hack-hack*

How many rich celebrities, movie stars, musicians, professional athletes, and politicians have we witnessed going ballistic and over the edge? How many CEOs and bankers went insane too? Maybe their wealth doesn't make them happy at all. Maybe they're all sad. Maybe they're just sick malcontents who lost their minds, and by only killing poor people can make them happy.

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  1. I saw a note today saying personal income rose. I thought "hmmmm ... my household income is zero ... so there must be a lot of someones making more". Then I thought of my friends taking jobs for a fraction of their former salary. They're not making more. Then I thought about the people working more than one job just to feed their family. They're not making more. So who is?

    You've got it right Bud. The rich make more money by doing their legally required job to enhance shareholder wealth at any cost. But it doesn't make them happy because they are worried about losing it. Or maybe, it is the vibration of our planet threatening a greed-based economy that has them upset. Or maybe they feel a twinge of guilt for creating wealth by destroying the planet and people's lives.

    What would be so wrong with everyone living comfortably? Well, the rich might have to go through the naked scanners - dosing them with who knows what kind of rays - instead of private jets (I want a private jet). Maybe they would have to eat genetically modified food with limited nutritional value like the rest of us. Or maybe they would have to be included in a lottery to get underground protection from earth changes instead of buying their seats. Wow, what a world it would be if the elite have to live like the peasants...

    I've been practicing sending the elite love. Why? Because they have a vested interest in the old paradigm, crumbling before their eyes. The elite see their value in dollars of wealth. How sad is that? How sad is it to calculate your value to society by how much you earn, especially when there is an inverse correlation with social value and dollars earned in most cases? These people are based in fear. I send love energy and the acknowledgment of oneness - with all of us - so that they can begin to live in love.

    So to all of you who possess obscene wealth, may you find love and compassion. To all of you who live in fear that you will be separated from your source of supply, may you find love and strength. To all of those who have become collateral damage to the war against the middle class, may you live in love and faith to find your role in this new world. To all of those who have lived this life without the opportunity to succeed, may you find peace, love, acceptance and prosperity.

    We're living in a powerful time. May our faith and perseverance be rewarded now with unimagined prosperity and success.