Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beware of Glenn Beck's "McCarthyism"

(UPDATED BELOW) - Despite what Glenn Beck told you last week , the clenched fist logo was not just used by socialists, but by trade unions as well - as an expression of solidarity, resistance, strength, unity, and/or defiance (generally with oppressed peoples).

During the Vietnam War it was used by student protesters. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) adopted it for their political movement and Glenn Beck will always associate the clenched fist logo to this movement (Bill Ayers and his wife were dumped by SDS, so Ayers and she had later formed the more radical and violent Weather Underground).

The Black Panther Party used the black fist, and the Aryan Nation used the white fist, both as a symbol of power.

During the Spanish Civil War it was sometimes known as the anti-fascist salute.

But the clenched fist logo being used by the the protesters in Wisconsin has put this logo in another new light...protesting against a major U.S. political party's blatant attempt at union busting - by the GOP and the Tea Party, who doesn't represent ordinary worker's rights, but the interests of the uber-wealthy and big corporations.

READ: Gov. Scott Walker's Real Agenda in Wisconsin (to sell off state-owned facilities in no-bid contracts.)

A few years back the SEIU President was seen on camera saying, "Workers of the world unite!", which unfortunately was the U.S.S.R.'s state motto, and shouldn't have been representative of an American labor union. But Glenn Beck picked up on this and labeled all labor union members as socialist and anti-American.

So besides just accusing unemployed Americans (such as the 99ers who had been advocating for a Tier Five of extended UI benefits) as being un-American, Glenn Beck now wants you to think that all American union workers are also those in Wisconsin. (Glenn Beck really does have a very narrow point-of-view when it comes to politics, symbolism, slogans, and logos).

What Andy Stern should have said was, "Working-class people of America unite...against Glenn Beck!"

But so what if Andy is a labor leader who might have left-wing ideological beliefs; that doesn't necessarily mean that all those protesters in Wisconsin are also card-carrying communists.

Beware of Glenn Beck's "McCarthyism".

We all know about Gov. Scott Walker's union busting agenda and his false claims about just cutting the budget (As a state employee himself, did Governor Scott Walker take any cuts in HIS salary and benefits?)

But Walker's war is not only against the Democrats and the middle-class, it's also against Wisconsin's institutions.

What's not talked about much is that Walker also wants to sell off state-owned facilities in no-bid contracts that are notoriously prone to insider dealing. The Republican governor's budget plan would open up the whole State of Wisconsin to a huge corporate asset-grab not seen since the days of robber baron capitalism.

This is who Glenn Beck, the GOP, Fox News, and the uber-rich like the Koch brothers support.


Wisconsin Firefighters were withdrawing all their cash and closing their accounts on a bank that had supported Walker. Afterward, the banks closed their doors for fear of a run on the bank. (He-he!)


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