Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good (us) Verses Evil (bankers)

Glenn Beck will have you believe that "spreading the wealth" is somehow evil. But it's by hoarding and not sharing that is truly evil. Most of us learn this very basic lesson in humanities as small children when our parents had first taught us to share.

After recently witnessing the other uprisings in his neighborhood, why is the King of Saudi Arabia JUST NOW offering higher wages, cash bonuses, and welfare for the unemployed? Why not before, if he hadn't been hoarding the wealth and resources of the country? He controls the largest reserves of oil in the world and lives like a King, but why is he ONLY NOW attempting to be more "generous" with the masses that he rules? Shouldn't he have been doing this all along if he were a kind and caring ruler?

All the uprisings and revolutions in human history were all began for just this very reason, when the masses were denied access to the wealth and resources - and reduced to living in poverty and struggling just for survival - before a tipping point is finally reached. When will Americans reach their "tipping point"?

The Faustian Bargain is a deal with the Devil; a dangerous bargain made by a person who offers his or her soul in exchange for wealth and power...the Fiend's service is the wagerer's soul, to be condemned to eternal damnation.

When one controls the resources (wealth), then they control humanity. If a wealthy person has empathy for humanity, and shares the resources (wealth), then this is good for mankind. But if one were evil (and hoarded the resources/wealth), then they are very bad for mankind. If this evil person has the wealth (and therefore the control of the food, the media, the armies, and law enforcement) and doesn't wish to share, how does humanity obtain access to the resources (i.e. food, shelter, and the creature comforts)? By peaceful revolt, uprisings, and protests? And if this doesn't generate the desired results for the masses, then what, just vote for a different politician in the next election cycle?

A wealthy person who is good can do great things for mankind to improve the human condition in many ways, by taking their resources (wealth) and inventing new things, mass producing goods and services, researching diseases and cures, growing crops for the masses, generating power for heat and light, cleaning water and providing sanitation services. They can also build roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, and universities - - - the same as a nationalize government could do collectively for all its people. But an evil person with too much wealth and only hoards it, deprives humanity of the resources needed to provide the vital goods and services mankind needs for life and comfort. What are the masses to do? Just vote for a different politician in the next election cycle?

Money (fiat currency) and precious metals (i.e. gold and silver) is mankind's global and mutual agreement on the measurement of resources (wealth). This is equivalent to a person's labor: The effort that must be physically exerted to produce a good, or a task to be accomplished to provide a service. People labor for those who possess the "token" fiat money or gold that represents human labor. Example: One bar of gold could = 1,000 hours of human labor, which could = a mansion or a yacht. If a poor person builds a yacht for a wealthy person but does not get paid enough gold in return for his labor to even buy small boat for himself, then what can that person do? Just vote for a different politician in the next election cycle?

If all the wealth (labor, gold, natural resources, food, etc.) in all the world could be equally divided between all the people on the globe, we would still have wars, famine, murder, theft, and other bad things...because there will still be evil people making every attempt possible to acquire all the wealth and to hoard it. It's called human greed, and greed can not be eradicated from the planet in ANY election cycle, but only with the help of God.

This is why Socialism has yet to work, because of greedy and evil leaders (i.e. Joseph Stalin) who controlled the wealth (natural resources and human labor); but instead of sharing, had hoarded. To have a truly Utopian and global human society, mankind would need a world leader who cared not so much about wealth (and power), but only about the human condition, such as Mother Teresa.

The big central banks (i.e. the U.S. Federal Reserve) control the politicians that work for greedy global corporations and big central banks, enriching only a few people who only amass and hoard the wealth, never wanting to share with the masses. Average working people are at the very bottom of the food chain and don't have any control of their destinies. The major corporate media controls what they know. And even in America, they are slowly just being left with only the illusion of their freedoms.

The good news for humanity is, after the masses have lived, suffered, and died poor they will also spend eternity in Heaven (like Mother Teresa); but after the evil and greedy ones have perished (the oil barons, politicians, bankers, dictators, despots, CEOs, etc.), they will all have to forfeit their souls, and spend eternal damnation in the fires of hell...even if they're a moron Mormon or Latter Day Saint like Mister Glenn Beck - who may have also made a deal with the Devil - and also believes in not sharing with others.

But in the end, Good always triumphs over Evil.

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  1. Your right bud and today you get and A I have never seen a better writer who in such few words explained what you did here! I am sure Christ is pleased also.