Thursday, March 10, 2011

The GOP: "The Russian are coming! The Russians are coming!"

If you vote for a Republican, then essentially you're agreeing to eliminate ALL taxes on the mega-wealthy. The GOP claims that by eliminating ALL capital gains taxes on the rich, then ALL AMERICANS will have a much better chance of getting rich themselves!


That's the crazy nonsense that the GOP (with their corporate backers) are now proposing - and it's just frigging ridiculous! But it's also very damn scary, because so many average Americans actually believe this crock. The Republicans have been driving the message home, and the sheeple have been following these GOP propagandists over a cliff.

Didn't we just have 10 years of Bush Tax Cuts, and what did THOSE tax reductions get for common every-day working Americans?

   * An economic collapse
   * $14 trillion in national debt
   * Bank and corporate bail outs
   * Record Wall Street and corporate bonuses and profits
   * Record high unemployment and more jobs outsourced
   * Budget deficits in ALL levels of government
   * A crumbling infrastructure
   * Higher costs of living
   * The elimination of worker's rights
   * Record poverty, home foreclosures, homelessness, and suicides
   * The demise of America, the middle-class, and the American Dream

On Fox News this morning (Fox and Friends) they reported that at the present rate 50% of all American households will be receiving some form of "government hand-out". Even Social Security was eluded to as a "government hand-out". One commentator remarked, "We're turning into a Socialist State!" (The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!)

Just prior to that last moronic statement, one Fox News commentator had praised the Governor of Wisconsin for stripping the labor unions of their bargaining rights. He said when he was in his car and heard that on the radio, he pumped his arm up and down with a clinched fist, as in Choo-choo! "You go boy!"

Oh really? Depressing worker's wages and benefits so that the uber-rich can become even MORE uber-rich is a "good thing"? The budgets are not in the hole just because state workers are getting paid fair wages, it's mostly because the uber-rich have been paying less in taxes.

And just prior to what that Fox News blow-hard had said, they had another guest who claimed that, "Eliminating the capital gains tax entirely would be good for America because businesses would create more jobs, which would be good for the economy."

What Fox News always seems to fail so miserably to emphasize is: Capital gains taxes are usually what the really rich people only have to pay - - - not what us grubby peons pay from our meager paychecks.

If more Americans need government assistance ("hand outs"), it's only because big banks and corporations (rich people who pay capital gains taxes) have fleeced the American people for decades, and sent their jobs overseas to further enrich themselves. And then those same rich people caused the budget crisis by getting their Bush Tax Cuts 10 years ago. Now they want to pay NO taxes at all!

We're NOT turning into a "Socialist State" as the GOP and Fox News proclaim, we're turning into a "Corporate State". Stripping common workers of their collective bargaining rights is what's enabling the Corporate States of America. Big business wants to pay Americans Chinese-wages and pay no taxes for Social Security and Medicare. The rich have declared an out-right war on the working-class and poor (who are just about everyone else who isn't extremely rich like them, and also has to pay capital gains taxes). The rich have declared out-right war on the working-class and poor Americans in ALL political parties. When it comes down to just "regular folks", there is no LEFT or RIGHT, there's just US.

The wealthy in America deliberately divide us into factions to fight among ourselves, the same way despots and dictators gain and maintain control of their populations (managing tribal disputes) they can embezzle their nation's wealth, build elaborate palaces, and hoard money in secret bank accounts. We are dealing with very clever and powerful (and very sick) people! These GOP dictators who are backed by their corporate benefactors are no better than those monsters in the Middle East.

Eliminating taxes completely for the rich with the promise to create well-paying jobs for you is a BIG GOP LIE.

"Fool me once, shame of you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Remember the Bush Tax Cuts?

I don't want to preach to the choir, so I'll address the remainder of this post to Republicans and Tea Party people. How often do you say (or think) this: "It's the left wing that wants to spread the wealth. The left wants to limit people's ability to make it on their own. It's the left that just wants government hand-outs."

I used to watch Fox News and I once believed all that nonsense too, so I know exactly where you're coming from - - - and I know exactly why you believe what you do. I was once brainwashed also. But in the REAL world, it's the "powers that be" that uses the media (Fox News) to influence the uninformed masses (you) to believe that GOP mantra; and to turn you against all Democrats in general - and to have you believe they're all "evil", "liberal", "left-wing", and "socialistic radicals".

"The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!"

First of all, most Democrats are just average working Americans (just like you); and secondly, they're human beings with feelings, wants, and desires too (just like you). They are your family members, your co-workers, and neighbors. They're not lazy, twisted, drug-addicted, thieving, evil, dirty, beggars and communists. They're not trying to destroy this country or to take over the world either. They're not denying you the opportunity to acquire your own wealth. That's just the GOP propaganda. I know, I used to spew all that crap too!

I used to be a Republican conservative blogger and I once believed all that rubbish that people like Glenn Beck spews. Now, when I read all my previous blog posts from a year ago, I feel immature, foolish, and ashamed for posting my moronic rants and railing against the labor unions. It's not at all about anybody looking for "hand-outs" as many of you so foolishly pontificate (like I once did); it's about a class war that the rich has been waging against the middle-class (of ALL political included) for many years.

The GOP has been working for corporate interests, not for working people (like you). Normal people WANT to work, while also earning a FAIR wage - they are not looking to live on a pittance (welfare or unemployment benefits) and food stamps (hand-outs). Get real man!

The rich have turned the middle-class against each other to preserve THEIR wealth, and to gain more wealth and power for themselves...they don't give a damn about their ignorant cheerleaders (like you). Do you really think that the Republicans are trying to promote a whole new generation of billionaires, and that you'll really ever have a good chance of joining that elitist little club? Wake up dude!

And what if you don't get rich, will you then blame the poor? Will you accuse all those filthy "beggars" who just wants a free government "hand-out" and gets food stamps? Would you feel that somehow they are preventing YOU from realizing YOUR "American Dream"? Pol-eeeeeeze!

If you're out of work now (like me) and you blame the Democrats (like I once did), then at least learn more about why you're out of work right now....start with Wall Street and American-based multi-national corporate conglomerates that sent your job to China. Then look at the ridiculous tax rates that the wealthy have enjoyed so much, and for so long - - - and then consider them paying NO CAPITAL GAINS TAXES at all, so that when you're too sick or too old to work, or want to retire, you won't have Social Security or Medicare to rely on. Or if you do, you'll have to bust your ass until you're 80 years old if the GOP had their way.

Oops! I're going to be a billionaire, and you won't ever NEED Social Security or Medicare. My bad. Sorry!

It's not the LEFT that's "spreading the wealth", it's the RIGHT that's been enabling the wealthy to "hoard the wealth". It's the GOP that's allowing the corporations and banks to only spread the wealth amongst themselves.

If it were up to the uber-rich, then you wouldn't see a damn dime dude! Just like the drug lords protecting their territory, you become THEIR competition. They want you to stay poor. They want you MORE poor!

The wealthy don't care what pill you take: The blue pill (Democrats), where the story ends and you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe - - - or the red pill (Republicans), where you stay in Wonderland and Nero shows you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

But for now, basically the GOP is telling you: "If you vote for us, we can eliminate most taxes for the very rich, but still keep taxpayer-paid subsidies for the big tobacco companies, then raise the taxes on cigarettes, and then cut cancer research out of the government budget. And after all that, if you're still unemployed, it's probably your fault because you smoke."

So in conclusion of my daily rant, please allow me to remind all my "conservative" Republican friends, ex-co-workers, neighbors, and family's not the sleazy Democrats (my other friends, ex-co-workers, neighbors, and family members) that are your enemy. It's the uber-rich who are ALL our enemies, The Enemy Within.

So don't take the red pill OR the blue pill, just take a damn Xanax and chill out already...the Russians are NOT coming!

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