Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Modern Gods

In the current debate about the economy, we must also include theology, because after all, what do all the ancient Pharaohs, rulers, and kings have in common with all the present despots, dictators, czars, and presidents of today? The use of God (or gods) to control the economies (resources and wealth) to have the power and control over the masses, the peons, the subjects, the commoners, the people.

If you were a Believer, a person of Faith, a good Christian, and trusted in the Holy Bible (as Glenn Beck claims to), then wouldn't you also realize that "in the name of God" thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims (and Jews) - - men, women, and children - - were slaughtered, mutilated, maimed, and murdered during the Holy Crusades?

This brutality and ignorance existed long after people had already become "civilized" and had learned that the Earth was not a disk floating in a ocean, like the ancient Egyptians once believed. The Church had been "enlightened" at that time, and knew that the Earth was not flat, but round.

And didn't the Church also allow for the burning of "witches" at the stake, the torture of innocents, and the rape and pillage of its "enemies"? Wasn't slavery condoned in the U.S. not too long ago by their religious Founding Fathers (and throughout the rest of the world), and weren't there mass cover-ups of pedophilia practiced by men of God in the house of God?

Weren't our earlier scientists convicted of heresy when their views of the Earth as the center of the Universe were questioned, or if the evolution of life and the Universe's creation didn't fit into the Church's faith of an 8,000 year-old Earth?

Not so long ago, we humans were savage, barbaric, and savage beasts. Today we consider ourselves "modern" and "enlightened". Didn't the Church, and humanity in general, consider themselves to be enlightened and modern 500, or even 2,000 years ago? How will we look back on ourselves 500 years from now? Aren't we STILL ignorant, savage, and barbaric? Isn't this inherent in human beings, who always try to put themselves on the same level as their Creator, claiming they've now become more "enlightened" because of their new technologies?

In 2011 the most intelligent human beings on the planet Earth tells us that the age of our Universe is 13.7 billion years old. That's odd, considering that just a mere 2,000 years ago our ancient ancestors had no comprehension of our Sun or Moon, and thought they were gods.

Now our brightest and most talented physicists, using string theory, are now guessing that our Universe may be just one of many, perhaps billions, of other universes.

And not too long ago (in perspective to the age of our Universe), God never even existed until another human being had told us so. What else might we humans learn after another 2,000 years have passed, that is, if we don't become another mass extinction like so many others in Earth's past?

God, the Master of the Universe, is "all knowing", and knows all our thoughts. But "He" gave us humans FREE WILL, so "He" does not need to micro-manage all 6.75 billion of us. And why would the Almighty and all-knowing God want to? As ignorant and as barbaric as humans are, I would think that God would get bored very quickly and have better things to do with His time...such as create a much better Universe with more civilized human beings.

Not until about 500 years ago could we humans even believe in extra-terrestrials and the existence of aliens. Man seems to have started imagining life on other worlds as soon as we realized that there were other worlds, when we learned that the Earth was a planet, and that other objects in the sky were also planets, not just tiny points of light in the sky.

It was Nicolaus Copernicus who first discovered that the Earth orbits the Sun, thereby displacing the Earth from the center of our Universe. The Holy Church wasn't very happy about that. What will the Church think 2,000 years from now, that is, if we still exist? What would humans of all faiths and religious beliefs think of our supreme entity, the One who created billions and billions of universes, each with incomprehensible distances just between the points of two very insignificant stars (Suns)?

But our Maker need not micro-manage each one of His beings, not His least (such as an ameba), nor even His most intelligent creatures who bear life (whatever THEY might be). No more than my ex-boss, or an American congressman, or any other bureaucrat or human being like myself need not micro-manage my life. But when one has the power over another, they all aspire to do be gods themselves.

Our creator made man in the image of Himself, but instilled greed in us, then says He gave us "free will". The will to have more than others so that others may do without, suffer, and die. Man's inhumanity to man. It's God's doing, an Act of God, it's God's way, it's God's "will". Humans, God's creation, then lays God to blame for everything evil it seems. God created evil too.

Much like an American limited liability corporation who wishes to deflect blame, then blames a worker, fires him, and says "It must have been just another disgruntled employee who unjustly blames us. We did no wrong." But an all-knowing God knows better, but He isn't micro-managing the human condition, so the unemployed whistle-blower goes without, suffers, then he dies. The corporation has higher earnings. The others see the fate of this man, does nothing, and cowardly thinks to themselves: "There but for the grace of God, go I." (As though they really believed in a loving God.)

Unlike our ancient ancestors 2,000 years ago, in a modern society in the year of our Lord 2011, as a civilized society we no longer offer sacrifices to the gods for a better harvest next year. Today we just deprive the worker, blame him, insult him, deny him help, allow him to do without, watch him suffer, and then be thankful when he dies. One less "carbon foot print", less resources to be used, more for the others. Greed.

In one of a billion universes that is 13.7 billion years old, the most intelligent and compassionate beings that humans have ever known, have evolved into thinking that they can make decisions that only God can make, if He had ever micro-managed us.

Today in 2011 we don't depend on God's mercy to sustain or save us. We have been reduced to relying on the mercy of our bosses, the bankers, the politicians, and our corporate masters to have mercy upon us. They are the cruel and barbaric savages who would slaughter, rape, pillage, maim, murder, and butcher innocent men, women, and children. They've been doing it all along, so how much has mankind changed since the days of the Holy Crusades?

There are those who build and use weapons for corporate profits, and those who take bribes to enable them to do so. A man is deprived of a livelihood for himself and his family so that such things may be built in foreign countries for higher profits, and the greedy ones went into hiding behind "limited liability partnerships" to escape the personal responsibility of destroying other people's lives.

Wasn't Faith, Religion, and God really just invented by man to control other men, just so that the few (the "powers that be") could have the power to control the masses, and therefore, the hoard the wealth? Such as the Pope and the church? Did the big bankers and CEOs aspire to replace God?

When I see these pompous people dressed in their expensive suits and ties on TV, appearing "civilized", I'm reminded of how humanity is no less cruel, barbaric, and savage than those who had slaughtered the innocents during the Holy Crusades. How these world and community "leaders" continue with their rape and pillage of humanity, denying the resources needed by "commoners" to sustain God's precious life. They have used their power to dictate "justice", sat in judgment, and decided who may live and be gods.

They have always lied and deceive the masses for personal gain; ruthless and evil in their ambitions to obtain power and wealth, to rule the be gods.

Just as we once did thousands of years ago, the commoners must now bear witness to these false gods, adore the money changers, and praise the golden calf, to survive in our "modern" society. In the 21st century, we must kneel to our more modern gods, just like the wealthy Pope...and pray to the MONEY MASTERS of the Universe...those that Glenn Beck places on the alter and idolizes. Did he too believe that he was also a god when he hosted his "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington DC? He pontificated as though only he knew who the truly good Christians were.

I wonder who Glenn Beck thinks are the truly good Muslims and Jews? If he were a good Christian during the Holy Crusades, what would he have been doing during that time in human history? Would he have been a priest or a money changer? Or would he have carried a sword?

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  1. Wow! I love that you posted this article, Bud.

    Religion is absolutely a means to control the masses. But what is "God"? It appears to be an entirely different entity in the old verses New Testament. One one page, God says "Thou shall not murder" and the next says "Kill everything that breathes (including infants, women and animals)". Um ... how is that not murder?

    And if you read the books that didn't make it into the Canonized Bible, say Enoch, you might consider the possibility that "Ancient Alien Theory" does a better job explaining the virgin birth and resurrection than religion.

    You bring up good points like is God loving or jealous? Both, according to official books of the Bible. I say we and all of creation is divinity incarnate. As humans are said to be made in the likeness of God, we are conscious beings that have free will to shape our experience. Now we don't like to take "blame" for our conditions because there is so much truly out of our control but we shape our experience by what we do about the things that happen to us.

    I look for work at least 5 days a week. I research the company, revise my resume and cover letter for every application, follow up when ever possible, etc., etc. Did I cause this market? Hell NO! But was I flowing in harmony with my last job? Hell NO! Am I in flow with this crumbling paradigm? Hell NO! Am I enthusiastic or even willing to be a willing/aware pawn for "profit before people" corporate mentality of today? No (explicative) way! So am I partially responsible for being unemployable? F**k yes.

    We as individuals are gods in so much as we intentionally or passively shape our future. We as humanity are, like Jesus said, capable of making his miracles look like child's play (I paraphrase) when we collectively focus on the good of all...but only when we realize we are empowered to affect our experience. We can't control what happens to us but we can control how we interpret and respond.

    "Good" and "Evil" depend on perspective; just like murder is good for the predator to feed her family but evil to the prey. A meteor may have been bad for the dinosaurs but good for mammals. But my belief says this is not a zero sum game. I believe the natural state of this universe is what I call divine love.

    Thank you for this article, Bud.