Sunday, April 3, 2011

John Boehner - Another Corporate Shill

The Great Debate between the House Speaker John A. Boehner (of the Republican Party) and the popular presidential hopeful Bud Meyers (of the People's Party).

You can all bicker all you want to, just like little school kids on the playground, about such issues as gun control, the environment, immigration, States rights, abortion, separation of Church and State, global warming, privacy issues, healthcare, and any other ethical or moral concerns you might have. While they're all important, and they should be debated, the biggest threat to our nation and national security is our annual federal and State budgets and our national debt. That is what plagues this country most.

We have "outlays" and "revenues" - spending and taxes. But it's not JUST too much government spending, it's ALSO too less being collected in tax revenues. You can't talk about spending (budgets) without mentioning taxes (revenues) in the same argument. But the Republicans just got tax breaks for the richest 3% and corporations, and are now complaining about the deficits. A very one-sided look at the problem.

We have a growing disparity between the middle-class and the uber-wealthy, but the wealthiest among us and the huge corporations would prefer that we all argue over those other issues...and just forget about the billions of dollars they've been hoarding away "on the sidelines" in off-shore bank accounts. They want us (on the Left and the Right) to be divided so as to distract us from what has REALLY been hurting ALL OF US in our daily lives.

Everything else has been the distraction they've wanted. We need REAL financial reform in our banking system and REAL tax reform to keep jobs in America and to have the revenue needed to fund this government. We've been hearing all these people in Congress TALK about meaningful tax reform for decades, but NOTHING has ever been seriously proposed and passed. Why is that? Hmmmmmmmm?

John A. Boehner: " Washington needs to do more to end the uncertainty plaguing job creators."

Bud Meyers: " What? You mean the while the major corporations were outsourcing jobs and not paying taxes during the Bush years they didn't have "certainty"? When the housing bubble burst and the financial markets were crumbling, the banks and your corporations didn't have "certainty"? When will your corporations have "certainty" Mister Boehner, when the average worker's pay is one dollar an hour, and the corporations and CEOs have a ZERO tax rate? Will you then be satisfied?"

John A. Boehner: "No, because we also need to get control of government spending!"

Bud Meyers: " You mean cutting food stamps and other programs for the poor and unemployed, but not cutting the obscenely high congressional salaries, the $700 billion annual military budget, or the corporate welfare that taxpayers pay in subsidies? Or what about the earmarks for special interests that senators add to other spending bills in backroom deals late at night when no one is watching?"

John A. Boehner: "We also need to end the threat of tax hikes!"

Bud Meyers: " Like eliminating capital gains taxes for the rich, and lowering a corporate tax rate that's not being paid anyway because of corporate loop holes? Exxon paid $15 billion in taxes to foreign countries last year but the U.S. Treasury got ZERO. GE made $15 million in profits, but the IRS got ZERO. Boeing paid ZERO in taxes too, but the taxpayers just rewarded them with another multi-billion dollar contract. So what's this make-believe threat of taxes you keep whining about when all your corporate and wealthy buddies aren't paying any damn taxes now!"

John A. Boehner: "But we also need to remove regulatory obstacles to job growth!!!"

Bud Meyers: "Calm down John...what exactly are these mysterious regulatory obstacles that you refer to? You can't mean the banks, because they pretty much do as they please. And your big corporations aren't paying any taxes either. Do you mean such "regulatory obstacles" as a union's collective bargaining rights for fair and living wages*, safe working environments, and comprehensive healthcare? Does the GOP want to wipe out 100 years of labor law, OSHA, and the National Labor Relations Board just so that corporations can once again hire 10-year-old girls to work in sweat shops paying 13 cent an hour? Then would your corporate friends finally be satisfied?"

John A. Boehner: "Not until we also approve stalled trade agreements that would open new markets for American exports."

Bud Meyers: "You mean just like NAFTA, allowing more outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries, causing higher unemployment that further erodes our tax base? American companies are exporting goods from China to America! The Chinese government is getting all the corporate tax revenue from American companies. Chinese workers are paying income taxes to their government too, all while America continues to lose more jobs."

John Boehner: " I started out mopping floors, waiting tables and tending bar at my dad’s tavern. I poured my heart and soul into a small business and when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become, I put my name forward and ran for office."

Bud Meyers: "Sir, you are very typical for the Washington elite, those who forget where they came from, having abandoned their roots. What have you done for all the other janitors, waiters, bartenders, and restaurant owners in all of your 25 years of political office while in Washington, besides just helping to uncover the "dine-and-dash" scandal at the House Restaurant? What have you done for the two of your 11 siblings who are currently unemployed themselves? That's an 18% unemployment rate just in your own family! Mister Boehner, where are the jobs?"

John Boehner: Sniff-sniff-sob-sob - I'm so sorry for them but, I realized my American Dream!

Bud Meyers: Go screw yourself John. you're nothing but a damn corporate dirt bag!

* John A. Boehner and the GOP doesn't want corporations to pay fair wages to average working Americans.

From the NEW YORK TIMES: A single worker needs an average income of $30,012 a year - or just above $14 an hour - to cover expenses and save for retirement and emergencies. That’s nearly three times the 2010 national poverty level of $10,830 for a single person, but it's nearly twice the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Median wage earners now have a much heavier burden than those of previous generations, when you measure the work required to give a family an average home and children access to an average school.

FROM THE HUFF PO: As CEO Pay Soars, Many New Jobs Fail To Provide A Living Wage

Now you can find John Boehner at Dick-Pedia! - Boehner approved $9.8 trillion dollars in President Bush's budgets. Boehner received campaign donations from pharmaceutical companies, cigarette manufacturers, health insurance companies, oil companies, military contractors, and Native Americans.

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