Friday, April 22, 2011

Saving Medicare from Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan: Please don't cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for the elderly, the disabled, and the blind. Even though YOU know how the system works (because you used it to fund your college education), most people need these programs.

My post - Paul Ryan's Holy Bible


The Hill reports that Senato Susan Collins (R-Maine) is the first Republican senator to state publicly that she will not support the Ryan budget, and said she will not support the 2012 budget passed by the House last week.

"I don't happen to support Congressman Ryan's plan, but at least he had the courage to put forth a plan to significantly reduce the debt."

It must have taken her a lot of "courage" to say that.

From The Hill's newsletter: "The Economist doesn't get why the media is labeling people who call for huge tax cuts courageous. The mag is not really sure what 'courage' is supposed to mean here, but this seems precisely backwards. For 30 years, certainly since Walter Mondale got creamed by Ronald Reagan, the most dangerous thing a politician can do has been to call for tax hikes. Politicians who call for higher taxes are punished, which is why they don't do it. I'm curious to see what adjectives people would apply to the Progressive Congressional Caucus's budget proposal. But it's hard for me to imagine the media calling a proposal to raise taxes 'courageous' and 'honest'."

The courageous Progressive Caucus budget

That was the comment from The Hill's newsletter. I assume they were making the point that the GOP is saying Paul Ryan is being courageous for attempting to make drastic cuts in the budget, while it's Obama who's proposing raising taxes...and therefore, wouldn't it be more "courageous" of Obama than of Ryan?

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