Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tea Party Loved Medicare, before they Hated It

The Tea Party protesting against Obama-Care , but supporting Medicare.

When Matthew DeLong asked her if she was on Medicare, she said no, but she was carrying the sign for her friend who is on the government-run, single-payer health insurance program for older Americans. "I asked the friend if she was happy with her Medicare, and she affirmed that she was."
Comune’s “Karlson Tea Party” Celebration - These are a loud rambunctious group of good old homegrown American citizens who assembled together to protest the government. And they’re out to defend the constitution!
Real sign, real Tea Partiers. Medicare is a government-run program...didn't they know?
Keep Your Government Hands off my Medicare” and other Logical Contradictions.
Tea Party members railed against health care reform because of the spin they were sold about how Obama-Care would affect Medicare, and it played a significant role in returning the House of Representatives to Republican control last November. Now the Tea Party darlings such as Paul Ryan wants to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid.
But wait a minute...most Americans (and most Tea Party people too) love Medicare!

Now, will someone in the Tea Party please tell the Koch brothers and all their corporate stooges like Paul Ryan that "Washington is STILL out of touch with the people".

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