Monday, May 30, 2011

iLove Apple but iHate Tax Cheats!

The good news for Apple Computer: The May 20 explosion that killed three workers at an Apple supplier factory in China is not going to delay iPad and iPhone production. 

The bad news for Apple: “Cool” products may no longer blind consumers to corporate arrogance. Activists with US Uncut, the grassroots anti-corporate tax cheat drive, will be staging protests this Saturday at Apple outlets nationwide. The issue: Apple is pushing Congress to let U.S. corporations “repatriate” profits they have sitting overseas at a tiny 5 percent tax rate. Dangerous working conditions at overseas factories have helped those profits soar. 

A Hong Kong group, two weeks before Apple's May 20 blow-up, released a report that detailed “alarming” safety problems at the explosion site. Apple CEO Steve Jobs currently holds an $8.3 billion fortune.

Apple Computer

I can sync my iPhone to my MacBook - why can't I sync it to my Values?

Apple is lobbying congress for a "Tax Holiday" so they can dodge $4 billion in taxes. Do we want $4 billion for Apple OR salaries for 90,000 teachers?

US Uncut Demands

Apple: Leave the Tax Cheat Lobbying Group and Stop Lobbying Congress for More Tax Loopholes!

Congress: No More Budget Cuts – No Billion Tax Holiday For Corporate Tax Cheats

On June 4th, organize a US Uncut protest at your local apple store!

Why Apple?

Apple plays huge games with their taxes. By disguising profits in the US as foreign earnings in low tax countries, Apple dodges billions of dollars of taxes they should be paying.

Over the last three years, Apple actually did pay some US corporate income taxes. Unlike General Electric or Pfizer or Verizon, who pay zero taxes, Apple is not a total tax sleaze.

But they’re hiding something. In fact, they're hiding a whole lot. Despite all the sales of iPads, iPhones, iTunes, iPods and iBooks in the United States, Apple says that just 13.9% of its profits were earned in the US last year. Really? We call bullshit. Apple: Leave the Tax Cheaters Coalition!

Apple is a leader of a Tax Cheaters Lobbying Group that is lobbying Congress to give tax dodgers a tax holiday. They call themselves the “Win America Campaign,” but America will lose $80 billion if they get their way.

In addition to Apple, the coalition includes other technology companies like Google, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and Adobe, drug giant Pfizer, and utility leaders including Duke Energy. Members of the coalition have squirreled away more than $1 trillion offshore, and want special treatment for it. When they bring this money back to the US, they want to pay just 5.25% rather than the 35% tax that is legally due when foreign earnings are brought back to the US. In total, this corporate tax bonanza could cost the US Treasury $80 billion or more. Apple’s cut of the tax dodgers' feast would be nearly $4 billion.

Tell Apple to stop being a Bad Apple. Organize an action using the Apple Action Kit on the menu at the right. Then list your action on the actions list!

Please help spread the word. Share this and use the hashtag #badapple on Twitter.

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