Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Tea Party Truths

From the Tea Party's new website, the First Brigade: "We need your $10.00 or more pledge to save the nation in its time of peril." 

How is giving the Tea Party money going to help our nation if it's in a time of peril? If I'm in a state of peril, I will need my money...especially if I'm unemployed, disabled, poor, and need healthcare. Will the Tea Party help me with those things? 

Also, will the Tea Party make sure corporations pay taxes? Will they eliminate tax breaks for the richest 5%? Will they keep jobs in America - or bring them back? Will they pay unemployment benefits to those who are laid off? Will they protect labor unions and worker's rights? Will they ensure we have Social Security and Medicare when we get old?

The simple answers: No, no, no, no, no, and hell no!

In fact, the Tea Party is a corporation that is funded by corporations to be pro-corporation regarding regulation, the environment, taxes, and out-sourcing. The Tea Party does NOT represent the ordinary "Joe" on the street...they represent BIG business, period. All the things I mentioned above, the Tea Party is totally against. I get e-mails from people who used to favor the Tea Party that finally woke up and saw what the Tea Party was really all about. (Hell, I woke up and saw the light, so if I can, anybody else should be able to as well.)

All the Tea Party's blathering about BIG government, Constitutional Rights, our Founding Fathers, taxation without representation, don't tread on me, and the burden on our children and their all fear-mongering tactics to get average people riled up and to vote against their best interests. This propaganda campaign was conceived by very creative conservative thinks tanks (i.e. The Heritage Foundation, etc.) representing "special interests" (BIG business).

The Tea Party is much father to the RIGHT ideologically than main-stream Republicans, and the Democrats are in the middle closer to where the Republicans USED to be many years ago. That's how far RIGHT the Tea Party is. Any further to the RIGHT and they would be Nationalists. And we would have a Corporate States of America, ruled more openly by a board of CEOs instead of a few paid-off political puppets like we do now.

At least, for now, we can all pretend our votes still matter. With the Tea Party, as we saw in Wisconsin and elsewhere, the people nor their votes will matter at all. The Tea Party bitched about "big government", now they're attempting to BE big brother themselves...dictating all, and compromising on nothing.

From Politico - "Eric Cantor: I’m still with Paul Ryan on Medicare" (But against THE PEOPLE)

From Huffington Post - "House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sharply denies a report that GOP leaders are abandoning an attempt to dramatically overhaul Medicare as a part of budget negotiations."

The Tea Party could give a damn what YOU might want or need from your country. Plain and simple: the Tea Party is all about the BIG corporations. But wait...are insurers writing the health reform regulations for the Affordable Care Act? I guess we'll all have to wait and see, and then just follow the money.

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