Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bush Tax Cuts Years

America has lost millions of jobs over the last four decades because of both robotizing and animation; and from outsourcing to countries that have no environmental or child labor laws, using global sweatshop economics; and from "free trade" agreements.

But the two biggest contributing factors to the current recession/depression are:

1) the banks, because of the 1999 Republican sponsored Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act deregulating financial institutions, allowing for the the derivative markets and the housing crash.

2) the Bush Tax Cuts in 2001 and 2003, depriving our treasury of much needed revenue to run the county, causing severe budget shortfalls and more layoffs. Corporations and the uber-wealthy have not been paying their fair share of taxes. America needs The People's Budget and we need to raise taxes on large corporations and the uber-rich.

But instead, the Republicans want more of the same...more "free trade agreements" to expand into other countries so as to exploit them for ever more cheaper labor, more deregulation of the banks and multi-national conglomerates, more subsidies to large profitable companies, and even less taxes for the richest 2% and multi-billion-dollar corporations.

Yet the Republicans also want to cut the budget for government workers and programs for the disabled, the poor, the sick, and the elderly...but the Republicans also want to give MORE tax breaks to those that don't need them.

One would think that after over a decade of Wall Street's reckless "Wild West" antics and excessive greed, as well as the extended tax holiday for the rich and corporate America, we would have learned something by now. One thing I have learned is, we also need the Congressional Reform Act of 2011. Our politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle need booted out. They are ALL beholden to the banks, big corporations, and their campaign donors.

The Bush Tax Cuts Years (the video) - The soundtrack is "Money" from the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd - from their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. Written by bassist Roger Waters.

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