Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why do Republicans Exist?

One has to wonder why the Republicans are so adamant about cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and food stamps...especially now, after the economic collapse when millions of Americans we're left unemployed and millions more will soon be reaching their retirement years.

Especially now when it's become common  knowledge who caused the collapse and we've learned that the uber-rich and corporations have been paying less taxes today than have been since 1950.

Especially know since we've learned that CEOs are earning record salaries and their companies and banks have made record profits.

One has to wonder why the free market, trade agreements, low taxes, and de-regulation over the last 30 years didn't prevent the economic collapse - nor save or create all the promised jobs. Just the opposite: we had a stock market and housing collapse while millions lost jobs. Yes, long before Obama was made President.

One has to wonder why the Republicans are insisting on "more of the same" and why they blame Obama for a catastrophe that was decades in the making...the economy didn't just collapse overnight after Obama was elected.

According to the Economist, “In the years between 1940 and 1999 the number of Americans employed outside farming grew by an average of 27 percent each decade,” but the 2000s saw the employment rate actually fall by around 1 percent. 

Companies are increasingly able to maintain or even expand production without adding workers. That's one reason the country is going through a "jobless recovery." The process has been underway for decades, but it appears to have accelerated. In the last two years, U.S. companies have spent billions of dollars on new equipment, but unemployment has remained near 10% and the economy has replaced only 1.8 million of the 8.7 million jobs lost between 2007 and 2009, when the recession technically ended.

And expanding markets have attracted one American company after another. From 1999 through 2009, U.S. multinational firms added 2.4 million employees overseas while cutting their domestic staffing by 2.9 million, according to the Commerce Department. And these figures don't include outsourcing of jobs to non-U.S. companies abroad.

But let's blame Obama!

One has to wonder...

Especially when all the cuts the Republicans are proposing ONLY affect the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, and disenfranchised. And why now, when these people need assistance the most. One only has to wonder, especially when these cuts are made to ONLY give more tax cuts to the uber-rich and large corporations while small businesses and ordinary working-class Americans have been suffering.

Read The Coming Economic Hell For American Families - "Most Americans realize that things seem "harder" these days, but most of them also have faith that things will eventually get better.  Unfortunately, things aren't going to get any better.  The number of good jobs continues to decline, the number of Americans losing their homes continues to go up, people are having a much more difficult time paying their bills and our federal government is drowning in debt.  Sadly, this is only just the beginning."

Why are the Republicans always ignoring these facts when they know very well that the Bush tax cuts and the de-regulation of the banks (all Republican ideas) gave us the budget shortfalls in the first place. One has to wonder what Republicans think about regular working (or unemployed) Americans earning less than a million dollars a year.

One has to wonder...

Especially when taxpayers and voters have specifically said, that when polled, wanted to keep programs such as Medicare, and wanted to end the wars, and wanted to cut the defense budget, and wanted to raise taxes on the rich. Why do ELECTED Republicans, conservative talk show hosts, and radical right-wing evangelists want to throw old and poor people under the bus? One has to wonder...

If the rich aren't suffering, and earning record profits, and STILL aren't hiring, how would "more of the same" help? How would making rich people richer by making poor people poorer be better for our country, help the budget, and get people back to work (and with only low-paying wages)?

One has to wonder what the Republicans want for the infrastructure of this nation, its schools, and other government services that this nation relies on tax revenues use to fund. Do the Republicans and Tea Party want NO GOVERNMENT at all...except for $700 billion a year budget for military spending? What of the unemployed, the poor, the disabled, and the elderly? Why shouldn't they be able to survive and live in dignity as well? Ask a Republican this and they will stare at you with blank the eyes of an unsympathetic serial killer who has no conscience at all and couldn't give a damn.

One has to wonder if the Republicans (who represent the uber-rich and large corporations) only want those who are less fortunate to perish. They don't want the very wealthy to have to carry the "burden" of supporting those less fortunate....and equate it with stealing. But they rich have stolen from the poor for decades, that's how they got so damn rich! They also got rich from human right's violations and child abuse by using sweatshops in foreign countries.

Why do Republicans feel this way about their own countrymen, as though they weren't "real" Americans, and think that the poor and unemployed are all lazy parasites? Didn't America used to always take of her own down-trodden before, and wasn't that what was supposed to make this nation so "exceptional"? Now it's become a nation of excess and greed, and the rest be damned!

One has to wonder why the Republican senators and the radical conservative radio and talk show hosts, who are millionaires themselves, want the poor to have nothing at all, as though they would have to lower their standard-of-living one iota if they had a measly 5% tax increase. These are the very people who are so bitterly opposed to tax hikes. Like pigs, they simply don't want to share. But one wonders, if they don't want to share, why do they have to be the MOST critical of others who have so much less than they do? Are they so afraid that they may have to dole out a few crumbs?

One has to wonder...

One has to wonder why ANYONE making less than one million dollars a year would EVERY vote for a damn Republican. I'd be ashamed. I WAS ashamed, because I too was once a Republican. But the collapse of the economy has clearly shown me what the Republicans have been about all along. 

One has to wonder why Republicans even exist at all.

And one has to wonder what the Republicans want to do with the millions of jobless, poor, and elderly Americans...bury them in a deep hole and forget about them?

Maybe they should rise up against the Republicans like they are in Europe.

The Republican's Master Plan in 2012 for fixing the economy, restoring the middle-class, creating millions of jobs, balancing the budget, paying off the national debt, and fixing our infrastructure:

1) Eliminate all taxes for the rich and big businesses.
2) Cut all programs for the poor, sick, and elderly.
3) Increase military spending for national "defense".
4) Give more subsidies to huge profitable corporations.
5) Repeal healthcare and all labor laws. Ban OSHA.
6) Outlaw all abortions.
7) Incarcerate and/or deport all undocumented migrant workers.
8) Ban PBS, NPR, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post.
9) Bust all labor unions and jail their organizers.
10) Lower the minimum wage to $1.00 an hour.
11) Privatize all government-owned utilities.
12) Privatize all natural resources (water, crude oil, air, etc.)
13) De-regulate all banks and corporations completely.
14) Eliminate voting rights for poor people, college kids, and non-land owners.
15) Raise the age of Social Security to 85, then when someone reaches the age of 84, tell them that Social Security is broke and that they'll have to work until the day they drop dead....for $1.00 an hour while very sick without any healthcare at all.

This why Republicans exist.


  1. Well said! I am new to politics but this is exactly what I was wondering how could republicans exist? The plan they have to fix our country makes no sense. They are supposidly the party of christians but I am a christian and I know Jesus would not agree with republicans.

  2. The Republicans have always been for the wealthy...look at history...they have never been for the "underdogs". I was taught this in the 1st grade by my parents. How is it that my family (most of whom are middle class) continue to vote Republican? Brainwashed sheeple! This is getting scary tho...all of the good paying jobs have disappeared..

  3. Damn this is so scary but it's all true! The rich Repubs want to keep taking from the poor and give to the rich! It is so disgusting! I believe they want us all to depart the planet as soon as possible so they can have everything to their themselves...of course, a few of us have to survive to do their dirty T, they do not want to "fix" our country, they want to destroy it..I am a Christian too and they are anything but...if they worship anything, it is the almighty dollar in their pockets and their rich crooked friends (corporations). Christians are taught to help others in a time of need, not continue to take!

  4. Man am I confused. Long before I became a Christian I was a staunch Pro Life advocate; God forbid I should ever change my position on that issue. I heard that the Republican Party had similar views on this moral question and others for which I was passionate about. So I signed up. "Count me in!" Unfortunately, as I became more and more educated about politics, I felt more and more like the actress in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", who at the very end of the movie sees Donald Sutherland and senses a glimmer of hope that she is not the only "normal" person left in the world - only to have her hopes dashed as he lets out this horrific scream, indicating that he too is an alien - and yes, affirming that she truly is ALL ALONE. Well, not to be melodramatic, but that's how I feel politically. I have a firm foundation on my Christian standing, believe in it humbly but confidently; yet so many of the men and woman in my circle have this unswerving fidelity to the Republican Party that makes me feel uncontrollably sick. How can Christians stand for this strange, elite loyalty to the rich, while the poor suffer? We blame everything on Obama, yet didn't all of this economic turmoil rear its ugly head long before his presidency? We blame nothing on the Bush family... or our oil-greed... everything is the Democrats fault. And as much as I squirm at Liberal values - they seem more "common man driven" than the Republicans. I know very little about politics, and that is my fault for not being more politically conscientious. But my gut tells me something is rotten in Denmark, and in Washington too. I heard about a guy named Ron Paul, who ran for President a while back. He was a Christian; believed in fairness and love for the common man. A Physician I think. But like all underdogs in America (except for the Rocky movies) he was left by the wayside. Very sad. We need men of virtue with enough guts to stand against the political machine, both from the Right and the Left; men who are willing to take a bullet for truth and justice as opposed to political partisanship. My God, what a crime it is that we sacrifice every day Joes for political supremacy. Finally, when I open my blinds in the morning and I see the sun rise on this beautiful country, thriving geographically with rich soil and abundant rainfall, I wonder how we can be suffering so. ???? We are not a famine-plagued continent. If I were to start a farm tomorrow I could grow corn, raise a couple healthy calves and find a way to live abundantly off the land. But there's a presence out there that won't let this happen. I'm not smart enough to define or describe it. But I know it's there. The land of opportunity is gone. Vultures have taken roost over the American Dream and I'm scared to death for my family: my blond haired, blue-eyed boy Sammy, my fiercely independent, raven haired 8 year old Mia, and my runway potential 13 year old Natalie... 3 kids with amazing personalities and amazing potential. I am teaching them now that they should never expect a hand out - that they have to make their own destiny; particularly now, no one will be there for them except their parents, and most importantly, God. I do believe that it's time to pray. Thanks for listening. Eric Bakersfield, CA