Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I Hate Republicans

The thirst for power and money, cloaked in patriotism and religion, obtained on the backs of the poor.
I don't hate ALL Republican working-class voters, just their leadership. As for ordinary voters: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34)  Jesus' first words uttered from the cross, asking forgiveness for those who put him to death - - - a plea for all humanity.

You see, the right-wing "social conservative" Republicans don't have a monopoly on God, Christ, or the Holy Bible when it comes to family or Christian values; or for any special "calling" to serve as a public servant and/or to run for the office of President of the United States. Technically speaking, even an atheist or agnostic could run for president. But people like Mike Huckabee might have you believe that to disagree with them would somehow make you evil sinners, and that only they hold the righteous and moral high ground when it comes to thoughtfully debating the current social issues.

People like that also thought they were on God's side during the Spanish Inquisition and the Great Crusades - - - you see, all extremists are like that.

But hypocrisy, evil, and greed is not beholden to any political party or religious belief...but is common in all humanity, even with Tea Party candidates from Kentucky or Baptist ministers from Arkansas. So I don't hate ALL Republicans, just the hypocritical, evil, opportunistic, selfish, narcissistic, manipulating, lying and greedy ones. Those that hurt other people just for their personal gain. Or those that FORCE their values onto me. 

Or, if I were a woman, a man that forced himself onto me. (See: Fox News Bill O'Reilly Settles Sexual Harassment Suit) Who's looking out for you now?

I hate those who would harm others or myself if they take actions in pursuit of their own self-gratifications at the expense of others. We have a Constitutional Right to pursue happiness, but not if it harms others; that's why we supposedly elect "leaders" to enact laws for the safety and security of all - - - for the common good.

And I hate those who would cloak their greed and self-serving ambitions in false patriotism or hero-ship, claiming they know what's best for the whole country when only speaking for, and being financed by, the wealthiest 10% (i.e.CEOs of major multi-national corporations).

If I see a politician that preaches an ideology that takes from the poor to give to the rich, or lowers taxes on those who are better able to pay, but raises the cost of living on the poor, that usually indicates something is very wrong...because it's not in the interests of the common good when only the rich benefit while the poor are made to struggle and suffer with less.

Just look at how the unemployed, the under-employed, and the 99ers (40 million total jobless) have been treated and spoken about by the's despicable that they could say or imply such vulgar things: questioning their patriotism and work ethic; and calling them lazy bums and alcoholics. The Republicans even initiated legislation in some States for mandatory drug testing for welfare and food stamp recipients, the unemployed, and government workers who belonged to a labor union. Is this the "smaller" government that the "high and mighty" evangelistic Christian-Right wants to impose on me? Forget-about-it! 

I hate bullies too.

Sarah Palin's Last Interview

There are many more poor people than there are rich people. So the "common good" should better reflect the needs and wants and interests of the poor and working-class (even if they're big sinners like myself). So why is the ratio of our leaders so wealthy in comparison to the average working American? Does one have to be rich to run and be elected to office to represent the interests of the poor? How can we expect a rich person to always vote against their own self-interest to promote legislation that will help poor people at the expense of the rich people?

A poor man can't afford to "lobby" a rich congressman, so he can never be heard - to have the ear of his elected representative to make his grievances and injustices be known. If this can happen, how can laws be enacted to assist, help, and protect the common good? I wrote congress a hundred times, and called them too...but they never returned my letters or calls. I could hear their whispers, but they couldn't hear my screams..

The Supreme Court says corporations can give unlimited money to campaigns to elect politicians to represent their interests. But if a poor man can barely pay his electric bill, what can he afford to contribute to any political campaign? Our system of government, from top to bottom, is rigged so that only the wealthy are represented - not the common good.

If we need tax revenue to pay for the cost of government (which, besides Medicare, includes paying the salaries and healthcare of those elected to congress), why are people in congress allowing the rich to pay so little in taxes, which are at historically low levels in 2011? Could it be that it would also raise the taxes on our elected officials in congress as well? How can we expect a rich person (or a congress-person) to ever vote against their own self-interest?

When I see Republicans like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump (or even Democrats like Al Gore) running for president, all I see are opportunists who only have their own self-interests at heart. They just want to sell their books and TV shows (or as in AL Gore's case, carbon credits). I don't see anyone offering to make any sacrifices to "serve the people". I see ruthlessly ambitious people clamoring for power and more wealth. I don't see people that are empathetic and sympathetic to the needs, wants, and desires of the poor and working-class....for the common good.

One of the last U.S. presidents that truly cared about the common good was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Glenn Beck calls him a "Socialist" because FDR cared about THE PEOPLE, and not just the interests of the wealthy and powerful. Glenn Beck sucks up to the rich and powerful, while at the same time pretending to care about the poor, the oppressed, and the disfranchised. We already know how people like Beck feel about the jobless.

Hate is a powerful human emotion, and most of us mistakenly associate it with extreme "dislike". But if one were harmed by another, either physically, mentally, or financially, I can understand why that person would hate the other. Many theologies say we should forgive. I can't possibly imagine how a black man, who was born into slavery on a rich white man's cotton plantation, then broke his back all their life long picking cotton, and then finally died as a poor and beaten slave, could ever forgive their "master"...who were more than likely just like the right-wing "social conservative" Republicans that we have all across the Bible Belt today.

But in a sense, the average working-class person, not just in America, but all around the globe, are still slaves. We fear our bosses, intimidated into working harder and producing more to keep our jobs. Threatened with losing our livelihoods if we're late or sick or make a mistake. Accept depressed wages without complaining, while they consistently get ever more wealthy - - - looking down upon you, not as a person, but as a sub-human employee. If they could, they would pay you for your labors with company tokens....or beat you with a whip and not pay you at all.

I hate what Republicans stand for and who they represent...people who harm others by taking actions in pursuit of their own self-gratifications. Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump (all carnival barkers), who would further reward the rich at the expense of making the poor suffer more. I could hate people who would vote "yea" to laws that forces me to give my money to oil companies, or lowers the capital gains taxes for rich people...just like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Michele Bachmann would have to pay on their book sales that they pimp in any shameful way they can.

Let's face it, I hate ALL Republican politicians, but I feel genuine empathy and sympathy for all the ignorant and naive working-class Republican voters who vote Republican, just because their spouse, their neighbor, or their parents might have voted that way. What a waste of a valuable American right...the right to vote. 

Oh, and I hate rich people who look down their nose at me as though I were just an insignificant and bothersome bug that needed to be squashed. These are the people that the Republicans represent...the rich "fat cats". But there's one thing that money can't buy, and that's "class". That's why I find self-serving opportunists like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Donald Trump to be so obscene and vulgar - they have no class at all.  It's a shame that so many politicians and wealthy people have so little of this valuable commodity anymore.

But one man did: "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

I've never met him (he died before I was born), but I sure do miss FDR. Now who will we get for a president, someone like Sarah Palin or Donald Trump? If it's The Don, at least he won't force me to go to church every Sunday. But I don't hate them, because they haven't done anything to hurt least, not yet.

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