Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Thoughts of the Day

The Republicans say government spending is out of control. Yes, military spending IS out of control. It's not the old people on Social Security who are out of control and partying like it's 1929.

What do WE get in return for less regulation of the commodities markets and oil subsidies...except for higher gas prices?

It's funny that the Republicans in congress who make $174,000 a year want to abolish the minimum wage. Aren't the Republican's huge salaries and generous benefits also a part of BIG GOVERNMENT?

If I'm laid off from my job and can't afford to pay my rent, according the Republicans, I don't have a "revenue problem", I have a "spending problem".

The Republicans don't mind spending tax revenues on government contracts to large corporations who DON'T pay taxes; but the Republicans don't want to pay Social Security to regular Americans who DO pay taxes. Go figure.

Why doesn't the government's "cost-of-living-index" include housing, heat, and food...the 3 most expensive things that we actually need just to "live"?

If the Republicans didn't make me pay my share of taxes, would I also be considered a "job creator"?

If corporations and banks are considered real people for campaign contributions, why don't they go to jail for breaking the law like real people do?

Why don't the Republicans consider healthcare as a basic human right, but consider tax breaks for the rich as an Eleventh Commandment?

If I needed food stamps just to eat, that's considered a "government hand-out" by the Republicans. But if Exxon-Mobil wants a billion dollars from the taxpayers to lobby congress, that's the "American thing" to do.

If it's common knowledge that the banks own our government, so then why do the politicians always pretend that we don't know?

Why do the politicians in both political parties always claim to offer more "transparency" in government during their election campaigns, but then once they're elected, they force us to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out who contributed to their election campaigns?

We know that the Republicans de-regulated the financial markets with the passing of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which caused the economic collapse of 2008, so why do the Republicans still refuse to reform the financial industry?

It's funny that the Republicans don't ever want to let the Bush tax cuts expire (they even want LESS taxes), even after witnessing all the severe budget shortfalls after we've already had too little tax revenues. Now that's what I call "sticking to your principals"!

Please feel free to add your own thoughts...


  1. I totally agree. They call it an "entitlement as long as poor & middle class receive them" But its all A ok and is a job creator if its given to the rich. When will DC & Americans wake up and see that if we allow the Deregulation of Wall Street, the undoing of min. wage, changing the minimum age to work, the EPA and grants to help the elderly, the college students and so much more that we will find ourselves going back to the days of the Great Depression? Those programs were put there for a reason. Most to control the greedy interests of corporations, and to help move our country forward.

    I enjoy the fact that my 10yr old goes to school & not to work in a coal mine. I also enjoy the fair wages, working conditions and work hours my husband works, if we move backwards welcome back to the days of working 20hrs a day for a dollar, and being paid in company wages and you still owe them at the end of the week. I like that we all have safe drinking water and there's no lead in the paint. Do we really want to go backwards?

  2. Every tax dollar that is spent on Social Security goes to old people who immediately put that money right back into the U.S. economy again with spending and consumption (rent, food, and heat).

    For every tax break given to a billionaire, it is not only once less dollar going to pay for Social Security, but it is one less dollar going back into the U.S. economy...instead that dollar goes directly into the huge pile of dollars that the billionaires already have in a Swiss bank account.

  3. There was a show on PBS last night about the national parks and it said that wealthy men in this country used to (get it, used to) see themselves as patrons of the poor and less privileged and donate tons of money to fund things like parks, museums, social services, etc. It was fascinating to learn that they actually felt it was their --duty--, being as rich as they were. And these were guys who would be considered conservative Republicans today.

    And it's so sad that that is no longer the case. Honestly. Now the ultra rich see us as nothing more than an annoyance getting in the way of them getting even more money. What has happened? How did they get so greedy? When is enough enough? Is there a limit to how much money is enough for them, when others have literally none?