Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poor, Poor, Rich Paris Hilton!

She had her feelings hurt. I was feeling so bad for her myself, I almost cried tears too.

Multi-millionaire heiress Paris Hilton must be feeling just as bad as the millions of unemployed 99ers who rely on food stamps just to eat. Poor, poor, rich Paris Hilton!

In an ABC interview, when asked if her "moment had passed" (because of the low ratings for her latest reality TV show), she stormed off the set in outrage. Poor baby! All that money and for someone to even THINK that "her moment had passed" must have been such a horrifying experience!

Can you image how I would feel if someone had asked me that? I'd want to cut their head off! Oh, but the unfairness of life! How could the poor thing ever hold her head up in public again? To be so young, healthy, beautiful, famous, and filthy rich must be such a terrifying and depressing life-style.

The poooooor darling! My heart goes out to her. If I were she, I would sue the whole world for all the injustices in life and all the massive misery that she's had to endure and suffer throughout her whole miserable life.

That ABC interviewer (Dan Harris) should be hung from the rafters. Doesn't he realize that he had just insulted one of the biggest "job creators" in America?



  1. Like they say ya can't buy class! Paris Hilton is proof of that!

  2. How will cutting Medicare and Social Security for old and sick people induce rich people to create more jobs in America for long-term unemployed middle-aged people?

    If the government doesn't raise taxes on Paris Hilton, and the government cuts off my food stamps, will Paris Hilton create another job for a long-term middle-aged 99er? Will the U.S. economy burst into a frenzy of economic activity after all the sick, unemployed, poor, disabled, and elderly Americans are all reduced to dust?

  3. Wall Street clients often spend more than $10,000 a night for hookers. But let's not tax them to fund food stamps for the poor! After all, they are the JOB CREATORS!

  4. Instead of putting The likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in The media guillotine We should All be glad that Paris Hilton does a lot for other people! She is a heartcaring person WHO wishes poor people The best! Paris Hilton has proven that she has compassion for ill and poor people many times! Paris Hilton has supported feeding America, Starlight Childrens Foundation, Clothes off our back, Cancer Research UK, Union Rescue Mission and many other foundations. So Think We owe her a lot of respect and Well wishes! Its great that some women actually Can have a career- let us Also support females in living The American Dream just like men and lets Support Paris Hilton in her compassion!

  5. Too bad Congress allows for so many special tax breaks for the top 1%

    Should we tax Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton?