Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Republican Politicians, Fox News Commentators & and Billionaires

...must be truly demented people.

It was Republican economic policies and tax cuts, as well as their financial & corporate deregulation during the Bush years (from 2001 to 2008) that had left us with an economic disaster when Obama took office in 2009.

The Bush tax cuts drained all the State and federal surpluses and left us with massive deficits in all levels of government. Since the economic collapse in late 2008, the Republican's "grand ole plans" (GOP) left 40 million under or unemployed Americans as of today in 2011 who can no longer pay the tax revenues that they once did.

Instead, the Republican's grand plans forced most of those under and unemployed to depend on government services - such as food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, SS disability, and early Social Security retirement.

Now, after the Republican policies and deregulation have forced millions of people to rely on these programs, instead of raising taxes on the rich who have not suffered at all during The Great Recession, the Republicans now want to cut the very government programs that they forced these people to now rely on!

AND...the Republicans want to cut taxes even more, while at the same time continue to allow the outsourcing of more jobs with "free trade agreements". The Republicans caused the catastrophe for the middle-class, reducing many into poverty, and now wants to cut off programs that those who they forced into poverty and now need for their very survival!

Meanwhile, the corporations and banks have been making record profits, paying less taxes then they have since the 1950s (if they pay any taxes at all), but yet they have billions of dollars to give to lobbyists, political PACs, and politicians.

And STILL the Republicans insist that these poor taxpayers pay profitable oil companies subsidies while letting the poor, sick, and elderly rot in the streets. And STILL the Republicans insist that that those who caused the financial collapse of our economy, not be regulated or taxed AT ALL (let alone prosecute any of them).

If someone earned less than a million dollars a year, why in the HELL would any of them with a brain larger than a cockroach vote for a Republican? They would have to be either very ignorant, or just plain crazy.

The Republicans aren't just representing their greedy political backers, they would also HAVE to be very evil beings for continuing with the destruction of average American citizens - - - forcing them to rely on food stamps to eat, then denying them food stamps to eat.

This guy would have made a PERFECT Republican politician!


  1. Federal Reserve ordered Wells Fargo to pay a $85 million fine for illegally pushing perhaps more than 10,000 borrowers into more-expensive subprime mortgages and falsifying loan documents over a four-year period. It's the most expensive fine ever levied by a federal bank regulator in a consumer protection case. But Wells Fargo turned a $3.9 billion profit last quarter, and it's already made $7.7 billion in profit thus far this year.

    Borrowers who lost their home because they were wrongly forced to make higher payments can get up to $7,000 in restitution. The bank did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the settlement agreement. (Of course not!!!)

    All in all, it's very small price to pay for screwing the American consumers...after all, that's just the "cost of doing business" - for ripping off poor people for more corporate profits.

  2. Bud,

    Check out the following Fox News story:

    Can you believe this nonsense?!? Don't give people benefits so they can feed themselves and their families ... they might get depressed!