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The Corportati

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A little more than 300,000 years from now on the planet Earth, human beings had evolved and morphed into two separate species of beings, each of a single race. One species were the rulers of the planet and known as the Corportati (derived from the word "corporation" from the ancient language once known as "English").

The other species was the Corportati's main food supply. They were called the Peonati (derived from the word "peon" from another ancient language that was once known as "Spanish").

The Peonati were small fragile creatures who used sign language to communicate with one another. The Corportati had evolved to communicate with each other through mental telepathy. Speech, one of human beings first major leaps in intelligence, had become extinct.

The life expectancy of the Peonati averaged between 10 and 15 years, and their birth rate was almost exactly equal to their death rate, and whose population numbered close to 1 trillion. By comparison, there were less than 200,000 Corportati that inhabited the entire planet, and were guarded from the Peonati by an army of robotic humanoids with artificial intelligence and advanced weaponry.

Most natural resources on the planet had become scarce by this time, as was food. The Peonati sustained themselves mostly through cannibalism - and so the Peonati were also the main food supply for themselves as well as for the Corportati.

The Corportati, as the masters of the planet, also used the Peonati as their slave laborers. Technological advances by this time had made it possible for the Corportati to mine natural resources from their lunar satellite, the moon, to manufacture whatever it was they needed for their civilizations, which were gigantic domed bubbles on the surface of Earth. Despite their evolution, global warming had made it impossible for the Corportati to exist in Earth's natural atmosphere.

On the other hand, the Peonati had adopted very well to the environment over the course of 300,000 years of evolution. The Corportati had lived a pampered life of luxury for the past 3,000 centuries, while the Peonati had been reduced to nothing more than primitive reproducing labor and nourishment for the Corportati.

The Peonati harvested themselves for the benefit of the Corportati. A perfect world for the Corportati who had extended their life expectancies with their highly advanced modern medicine and drugs to live 200 years and longer, but it was a living hell in the short lives of the young, frail and desperate Peonati.

For the past five centuries the Corportati had also maintained colonies on the planet Mars. Lizette Koch (a direct descendant of the Koch brothers) governed the colonies, and was also in charge of the Peonati camps that were built underground and were carefully monitored for Corportati's colonial food source. The Peonati were also used for scientific experiments.

Lizette Koch was 100 years old, just "middle-aged" according to Corportati life expectancies. She was having lunch at the moment, a young barbecued Peonati fetus, a delicacy.

In the old days, when fiat currency was still used, the Peonati had wanted to tax the Corportati so that they too could live comfortable lives. But the Corportati did not want to share the Earth's natural resources, so instead the Corportati starved the Peonati to death, and then ate them if they hadn't already been devoured by their own - and if they were no longer useful as slave labor.

The Corportati became extremely advanced over the course of 300,000 years, both intellectually and technologically. And they had even learned how to warp space-time, allowing them to travel back in time. At first, this was only used for amusement, and they gained no actual benefit from time travel, except to only satisfy their curiosities about ancient Earth. But they could only travel to those time periods where the atmosphere of Earth was inhabitable for them.

They could not travel into the future, as physics in this Universe did not allow for that.

There was once a time when the Corportati had tried to determine when the very first Peonatis had evolved, and they had guessed that it was approximately in the year of our Lord 2011 during the Great Recession when most of the earlier, more diverse Peonatis became the most prevalent (although earlier species had existed previously when the first pyramids in Egypt were built and when the first corporations were born).

The Corportati had witnessed the evolution of their ancient ancestors, the first human beings. They watched them develop for thousands of years, periodically sharing with them primitive knowledge along the way. The Corportati viewed these ancients humans like animals in a zoo. Sometimes the Corportati even mated with these primitive creatures.

To the ancient Peonatis, the Corportati were sometimes referred to as "gods" or "ancient aliens", not realizing that they weren't ancient at all, but futuristic. Their "flying saucers" and "UFOs" of 5,000 B.C. right up through the ages until the 21st century weren't space craft at all, but rather time machines. And they weren't aliens, they were the ancient Peonatis' future descendants...and 300,000 years later, were their masters who used them as their food supply.

Then one day an enormous asteroid was headed for Earth, and it was predicted to impact into their major tectonic plate. The Corportati did not have enough "time machines" to move their entire population back in to time to save themselves, let alone the Peonatis...their main staple and source of food. An Mars didn't have the facilities or a large enough food supply of Peonatis.

But many of the most "elite" of the Corportati could escape the impact. About 8,000 had managed to travel back to the 21st century, just before the Earth was turned into a massive fire ball. When these Corportati had escaped, it was to the year 2011; and most of the Corportatis who had managed to survive were named "Koch". And these ancient human beings became their new food supply.

One brave ancient Peonati (human being) named Bud Meyers had gathered a small rag-tag group together called the "99ers" to try and stop the Corportati's evil plans. But only armed with food stamps, there was little that they could do to save the world without the help of a strong progressive leader.

Would humanity survive? Will the 99ers live to ever see their unemployment benefits extended? Will the Corportati cut off their food stamps and force them into cannibalism as well? Can the 99ers and Obama stop the onslaught? Or will the Koch brothers and their heirs, the Corportati, rule the world for another 300,000 years?

The Corportati - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

© August 17, 2011 by Bud Meyers (author of "Say Goodbye to Poland" and "Why I Hate Republicans"). For sale as a screen play or movie script - Or he will accept a cash advance to write the entire novel. The plot and storyline theory is copyrighted and the concept was derived from the History Channel's series "Ancient Aliens". Movie poster created by Bud Meyers. He is also willing to star in the movie if the price is right. Copy-and-paste this post or copy the link and email it to any interested party. Thank you.

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