Monday, August 22, 2011

"Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"

The Republicans message has been: "To create jobs and economic growth, you have to tax less, spend less, and regulate less."

  • Tax less: We've seen the massive budget shortfalls, inhumane cuts to government services, and a rising deficit because the GOP didn't want to tax the rich. The disparity in wages has widened considerably over the last 40 years. We've seen depressed wages while at the same time, tax rates for big corporations and the wealthy have steadily gone down. They're already "taxed less" (Remember the Bush tax cuts?) The GOP calls the rich "job creators", and they don't want to raise their taxes at all, even though they have trillions hoarded away already. More tax cuts will just put more uncirculated money into their corporate treasuries. But what do the Republicans say? "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"
  • Spend less: The "excessive government spending" the Republicans keep referring to isn't REALLY just about President Obama's fancy new Canadian-built buses. What they REALLY mean is spending less on Medicare and Social Security, programs that the rich don't need or want to pay for. The GOP also wants to cut Medicaid and food stamps for the poor...things that rich people and people with good-paying jobs don't need. And the GOP wants to cut more teachers too (their privileged kids go to private schools); and ironically, they also want more cuts to the very police who protect all their ill-gotten wealth. And yet the GOP didn't want to cut billions of tax dollars in corporate welfare, government procurement contracts, and subsidies for big oil companies. "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"
  • Regulate less: We already saw "bankers gone wild" with less regulation, and the GOP wants more of the same, only to enrich them more. Now the GOP wants to repeal the Frank-Dodd Act, and they also denied consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren a chance to chair the new agency that would have mandated fairer banking practices, and reigned in some of their filthy and obscene greed. "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"

The Republicans are all saying the exact same thing: "To create jobs and economic growth, you have to tax less, spend less, and regulate less.". But we all know that it's just one carefully memorized GOP message, one big GOP lie. Those in the GOP all know perfectly damn well that their plan won't help someone like me one damn will only help those earning one million dollars a year.

Why do the Republicans want to hurt the middle-class more, just so that the wealthy can enrich themselves more? Much more than they already have? When will enough ever be enough for them? When will their class-warfare against the poor and working-class ever end? Why is the GOP so adamant about hurting those they've already imposed so much suffering on, those of us who are the majority, but earning less than a million dollar a year?

Why didn't the Republicans ever care about me when I once earned $40k a year? And why do they care even less about me now that now I'm dependent on food stamps? Why can't the Republicans care about people earning less than one million dollars a year? "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"

The Republicans are only telling us HALF the truth when they say they're concerned about creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. The GOP's big corporations could care less about creating domestic jobs, or they would have done so already, but instead they've outsourced millions of American jobs to foreigners. The "rich suits" only offer low-paying jobs these days, so that they may buy even better tailored suits...those with expensive hand-sewn monograms to identify themselves to others as the rich and pampered. Nifty!

And those wealthy CEOs and bankers, as well as their Republican lap dogs, have only one primary concern about "emerging markets", which is all about foreign economic growth. They don't give one goddamn about America's economic health. They've already reduced our wages and squeezed most of what they could from us - but they keep squeezing anyway. We can buy very little these days when they keep raises prices on housing, energy, healthcare, and food - - - while lowering our wages to give the CEOs ever increasing pay wages, bonuses, and stock options.

Their is no end to their greed.

The people all throughout the Middle-East have recently had one reoccurring complaint, one prominent thyme in their demands while rising up against their tyrannical leaders: Taking back a country where only a few people control the majority of their country's wealth. Their despots have been in power long? 40 years? Hmmmmmmmmm. About as long as corporate American and the Republicans have been raping and pillaging this country and sucking us dry like blood-thirsty leeches.

Might America also have another revolution for the same reason as those in the Middle-East? What's the biggest reason why the GOP won't cut back on "defense" spending (besides just enriching their buddies with government contracts)? They don't need soldiers to defend us from a foreign country's invasion do they? Or maybe the GOP and the wealthy need an army to defend themselves against us, their own people, average Americans, the people who are earning less than a million dollars a year, the people that the Republicans don't give a damn about.

Why won't the ruthlessly ambitious Republican politicians, those who always hunger and lust for more and more power, ever give a damn about me? Is it because I can't stuff a ton of money into their greedy pockets? Will the seedy Republicans ever start treating me like a corporation a REAL human being? "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"

Will the Republicans ever do anything to save the lives of millions of men and women who lost their jobs through no fault of their own during the Great Recession - - - those who are called the "99ers"? Will the GOP at least allow them a chance to survive - - - to let them live? "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"

Why do those stupid and moronic idiots who earn LESS than a million dollars a year keep voting for Republicans year after year after year? We just saw a bunch recently in Wisconsin. I thought they were SMART people! Are they really all brain dead? Will they ever take their stupid heads out of their asses and wise up? "Oh no!" the Republicans cried, "We can't do that!"

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