Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When Republicans Lie, People Die

The Republicans have been saying we have "out of control spending"; and now, in the middle of the worse financial crisis since the Great Depression, the Republicans (for some odd reason) suddenly want to fix this - - - after decades of congressional earmarks. That's odd. Why now? After all these years of "business as usual". Could it be because we have a Democratic president...who just happens to be black?

The Republican's insatiable thirst for power, their unveiled greed, their bitter meanness, their blatant lies, their ridiculous hypocrisy, their raw political ambition, their utter ruthlessness, their evil deceitfulness, and their preference for big business and big banks over "the little people" and small businesses, has never been more transparent than ever before...not until Obama first took office. Coincidence? (Did I say "transparent? I meant "in your face".)

Sarah Palin has repeatedly lied every time she quoted herself as saying "thanks, but no thanks" to Congress on the "bridge to nowhere" project. She only killed off the project AFTER it had become a national joke, but even then she still used the $200 million that Congress had originally set aside for the bridge for other transportation projects.

She and the other "fiscally conservative" Republicans are no more fiscally conservative than anybody else when it comes to spending. Wasteful government spending has always been rampant in both political parties, so whenever a Republican tells you Obama and the Democrats have been on a spending spree, they're only telling you about half of the government spending.

The Democrats recent spending was for what? Extending unemployment benefits and food stamps for millions of people who were laid off during the recession because of 10 years of Bush Tax Cuts and financial de-regulation...and because of 40 years of outsourcing and union busting. The Stimulus bill may or may not have been a mistake, but there's no way of ever saying what might have happened without it. I'd say the economy would have been a lot worse off without it; the trade-off for more debt.

As for the Republicans, it's A-O-K to had over hundreds of billions of dollars in bail-outs and subsidies to banks and corporations...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but THAT'S DIFFERENT!

The biggest difference between Democratic spending and Republican spending is this: When the Democrats spend, it's on programs to help ordinary American citizens, the elderly, the sick, and the poor. When Republicans spend, it's to start wars, kill people, and to enrich the big corporations in the defense industry.

The Republicans want to cut Medicare and Social Security and are saying it's unsustainable - and that the country is going broke. But I've heard that the Social Security trust fund is fully solvent for another 30 years. And it was the insurance companies and healthcare corporations that have driven up the costs of Medicare, as well has fraud by people like the Republican governor of Florida. Old sick people didn't drive up the cost of Medicare, and old retired people didn't break Social Security.

But it's JUST the Republicans who want to decimate these two very important social programs for our seniors, why? And why is it JUST the Republicans? Do they want to use the allocated money for more "bridges to nowhere"? Or perhaps, start another war with countries who have weapons of mass destruction? Why?

If the Republicans say we don't have the money to support these social programs, then where did all the money go? Who looted America and then put all the burden on our senior citizens? The richest country in the world with a $13-trillion-a-year economy can't afford food stamps to feed its poor people?

Instead of asking the billionaires for a little more in taxes, why would the Republicans rather cut food stamps? Instead of caring for America's senior citizens (who have already worked all their lives and sacrificed for the country), why do the Republicans want to force them into poverty and more suffering  - just to give the Wall Street bankers more tax breaks? We treat used toilet paper like that, not our seniors and war veterans.

What am I missing here? What is the Republican's "end game"? If they were to have EVERYTHING they wanted, then what the fruck do the damn Republicans want? Is it the complete extermination of the entire working-class? It can't be just another bridge to nowhere.

It's been proven, time and time again...when Republicans lie, people die. So how do you know when a Republican is lying? Easy. Whenever they open their big mouths to speak.

If you're laid off from your job and can no longer pay your rent, then according to the Republicans, you don't have a revenue problem, you have a spending problem.

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