Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jim DeMint: "Jobless Gaming the System"

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After 3 long years the Republicans are still blaming the unemployed for not taking jobs - - - either that or - - - the Republicans will blame Obama for not "creating a good environment for job growth" and causing "uncertainty in the marketplace". Well? Which one is it? Are there jobs or aren't there?

On Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 5 AM PST on CNN's "State of the Union" with Candy Crowley - Senator Jim DeMint (South Carolina Tea Party) said we should not extend unemployment benefits because "people are gaming the system and refusing to take jobs because they get unemployment benefits and food stamps."

So essentially, Senator Jim DeMint is saying that there are jobs. So if this is the case, why then does Senator Jim DeMint also blame Obama for high unemployment? Especially if all the blame falls squarely on the unemployed for refusing to take (what is most likely) a temporary part-time low-paying job? He can't have it both ways...either there are jobs or there aren't jobs...which is it?

CNN host, Candy Crowley, didn't ask Senator Jim DeMint: "What about the 6 million 99ers who no longer get unemployment benefits? What about those who haven't had an unemployment check for over a year or longer? Why wouldn't they take any of those crummy mystery jobs?"

Could it be because the 14 million "under" employed Americans already have most of those temporary part-time low-paying jobs? And if there really were jobs for those other 14 million people who have no job at all, then why does Senator Jim DeMint (i.e. the Tea Party and the Republicans) blame Obama for high unemployment? Either it's the fault of the unemployed for not taking jobs (because they're getting unemployment checks and food stamps), or it's Obama's fault for not providing jobs. Who's fault is it? Make up your mind. Are there jobs or aren't there?

I would ask Senator Jim DeMint:

  • "If there ARE NOT enough jobs, then why not say so, grant the unemployed an extension on their benefits until there are, and stop calling them lazy alcoholics."
  • "And if there ARE enough jobs, and those damn lazy bums are refusing to work for a living, then stop blaming President Obama for high unemployment when you know damn well all the blame falls squarely on all those drug-taking freeloaders."
  • "And why doesn't a Republican or Tea Party freak ever blame a corporation for sending jobs to China and India? Is that who you represent? Big businesses that profit from outsourcing well-paying American jobs to foreigners?"


  1. I still cannot believe that I voted Republican during my younger years, mainly because of the abortion issue. Once I hit 40, that part of my life vanished forever.

    What is DeMint thinking? That entire party lacks common sense but they do an excellent imitation of ostriches with their heads in the sand. I am particularly embarrassed to be from Ohio, home of our fine speaker Boehner.

  2. P.S. - Jim DeMint also said that employers were claiming that people were refusing jobs, telling him, "I'll call you when my unemployment benefits run out." But in most states, if you refuse a job offer, you are disqualified from receiving any further unemployment benefits.

    If someone is "rightfully" collecting 50% of their previous salary in unemployment benefits (because they paid in to the unemployment insurance fund when they were working), and they are just barely making due on that, why would they take a part-time low-paying job paying half as much again? Especially if they have children to feed?

    Also notice that these "mystery" employers are never mentioned by their company or name, they are always anonymous.

    Is there ANYTHING the Tea Party is willing to pay for?