Monday, September 12, 2011

The Meyers Job Act of 2011

The president, in his speech to the joint session of Congress, said: “We’re going to make sure the next generation of manufacturing takes root not in China or Europe, but right here, in the United States of America."

If this were so, why is Obama considering more trade agreements that corporate America is supporting and pushing for?

My Jobs Bill would very simple: Have a moratorium on a ban of ALL goods manufactured in China by American-based corporations for sale in the U.S., so that any demand for any particular product is met with an American-made product manufactured by an American citizen in America.

I would go a step further, and ban the manufacturing of ALL goods made by American-based corporations overseas to drive up our exports and reduce our trade deficits. 

Example: All iPods for sale in the U.S. must be assembled in the U.S. by U.S. citizens. The money those workers earn will enable them to pay taxes to our government, and they will spend money in our economy, producing ever more jobs with the multiplier affect.

Apple could easily manufacture all their products here and export them to China if a demand exists to purchase them there. Why should Chinese citizens get the benefit of locally manufactured goods at the expense of American jobs? Just so Steven Jobs and his investors can fatten their personal earnings exponentially more over American paid workers?

From the New York Times: One crucial corner of the American economy, manufacturing, has largely fallen off Washington’s radar screen. The Vermeer Corporation put its newest factory - and the wealth that goes with it - not here, but in the capital of China.

The Meyers Job Act of 2011

1) A ban of ALL goods made in China manufactured by American-based corporations for sale in the U.S.
2) Extend jobless benefits indefinitely for all those who lost jobs within the past 3 years and are still unemployed until such time a minimum of 5 million more jobs are created in the private sector. (about half of what were lost since 2008).

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