Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nikki Haley: Does she have her "affairs" in order?

Did the South Carolina Tea Party governor, who hates BIG GOVERNMENT, beg for a federal government hand-out? And does she have all her government affairs in order?

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley announced that her state will not accept federal funds related to President Obama’s health insurance law. “The governor remains an equal opportunity opponent of ObamaCare, the spending disaster that South Carolina does not want and cannot afford,” said Rob Godfrey, Ms. Haley’s spokesman. “She is focused on finding South Carolina solutions that provide our state with the most health at the least cost.” But the legislature also passed Haley’s call to allow the state Department of Health and Human Services to cut state payments to doctors and hospitals to treat the state’s poor and disabled.

She is also anti-union (labor) "In our state, every worker has the freedom to reject the efforts to form unions and keep their paychecks for themselves and their families instead of paying dues to union bosses in Washington." Talk about a twist on the facts! Nobody has to join a union or pay union dues. By belonging, one gets union representation and arbitration when disputing a specific issue, such as being wrongfully fired from their job.

Gov. Nikki Haley called Obama "cowardly" for not taking a position about the National Labor Relations Board decision to stop union-busting Boeing from taking 1,000 jobs from Washington State and bringing them to her state as cheaper non-union labor, calling the agency (NLRB) absolutely un-American and a rogue agency. “I would support anything that would disband the NLRB. The only use that it has is trying to allow the unions to be relevant and they just aren’t. It’s a desperate attempt for them to get attention and they’re doing it the wrong way. I’d be the biggest cheerleader for [getting rid of the NLRB]."

Besides labor unions and the NLRB, I suppose she would like to get rid of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and OSHA too. She's the one that's pro-corporation and anti-worker and anti-American.

In response to the allegations made by a South Carolina blogger, Representative Nikki Haley released the following statement: “I have been 100% faithful to my husband throughout our 13 years of marriage. This claim against me is categorically and totally false.” (But do ANY politicians usually admit to any wrong-doing?)

Hot Mama Hates Obama?

From the Huff Po: "Rumors about an alleged 2007 affair between newly elected South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Will Folks, a political blogger and former campaign staffer, are resurfacing Monday, with the website FITSNews releasing excerpts written by Will Folks, the website's founder, supposedly detailing the salacious details of the liaison." From Salon - Nikki Haley's promise: "Will resign (after elected) if affair rumors true". She promises to do the right thing if it later turns out she's lying. 

Also, Democrats have accused South Carolina's Indian-American (from India) Governor Nikki Haley of listing her race as “white” in her voter registration form in 2001 and playing on it for political convenience. Ms. Haley created history this year when she was sworn in as the first woman Governor of South Carolina. “When she registers to vote she says she is white. She has developed a pattern of saying whatever is beneficial to her at the moment. She can't even tell the truth about her racial heritage.” There was no immediate response from Ms. Haley's office.

Cronyism? Gov. Nikki Haley's administration was caught off guard by the explosive reaction to its decision to replace Darla Moore on the University of South Carolina’s Board of Trustees with a campaign contributor, according to documents obtained by The State newspaper.

South Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Irene, but Governor Haley has not made any statement about how to pay for hurricane relief at the time of reporting. Maine Governor Paul LePage, another tea party supporter, may also lean towards Cantor’s “cost-cutting” relief fund. Despite cash flow problems at the state Department of Transportation, Gov. Nikki Haley says South Carolina would be able to handle its share of the costs to clean up and repair roads and bridges after a hurricane like Irene. The SCDOT was so short on cash recently that it had not paid some contractors for months. It has since received a $52 million advance on federal money the state is due and was able to get caught up on payments to contractors. Tea Party governor gets government hand-out?

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  1. She thinks most of the unemployed are drug addicts. Why do all these ignorant southern redneck hicks in the Tea Party think this. What a stupid bitch.

  2. She still supports drug testing the jobless, even though she's admitted the anecdote she used "a million times" to support the policy has turned out to be complete bullshit.

  3. January 2012: New bill for drug testing in South Carolina

    Associated Press: "A Senate panel advanced bills Tuesday that would require people laid off in South Carolina to pass a drug test to receive unemployment benefits, then volunteer 16 hours weekly with a charity or public agency to keep receiving a check.

    Though the panel heard testimony that both proposals would likely conflict with federal law, its chairman, Sen. Kevin Bryant, said afterward that doesn't matter.

    "It's time to start pushing back," said Bryant, R-Anderson. "I can't base how I vote on a bill on what some activist or liberal judge is going to do."

    Some liberal judge is going to stop this sucker with an injunction...because of the Constitution.