Saturday, September 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (Last Update: Oct. 5, 2011)

Where's the Corporate Media? Where the hell is Alex Jones? Where is Ed Schultz? The 99ers while be there!

MSNBC Has Devoted "ZERO" Prime Time Segments To Occupy Wall Street

See the White House Petition and Flyer for 99ers at Occupy Wall Street

A woman was arrested for writing on the sidewalk and 4 men were arrested for wearing masks. What, no more hopscotch or Halloween parties?

People are being arrested for wearing rain caps and crossing the street! One woman was struck in the face. Bullhorns were outlawed. So far 60+ people were arrested from who were reporting on the OCCUPY WALL STREET story.

Even one story on Alex Jones website about Yahoo censuring emails was put on the back burner, and on his show he conspicuously makes NO mention at all! The major news media is located in NYC but not one wants to cover the story in their own back yard!

Occupy Wall Street Protest Being Systematically Ignored by Mainstream Media

Fox News, besides bashing Obama, is talking about Palestine. MSNBC - Where's Ed Schultz? CNN - Hello? Anybody home?

That clown on Red Eye was at the Occupy Wall Street protest, acting up and interviewing people - and he made a total ass out of himself. (It was on Fox News last night.) He must have thought he was cute and funny, but looked like a total fool - an idiot - a moron.

In the upcoming October event, I suggest that someone familiar with all the faces on Fox News (like myself) should be at the event with a bullhorn to alert nearby people that the enemy is in the camp (Fox News ambushes people with cameras and mikes, catching them off guard to make them look foolish).

Leaders of the event should pass out a short list of talking points to be memorized, so that if the media asks a question, just ignore the question entirely and launch into the talking points - I learned that strategy from politicians.

A guest on Red Eye said of the protesters at Wall Street: "They're ignorant. They know they were ripped up, but they just don't know who or how." (They also said that all one could smell at the NYC protest was pot, B.O., and urine.) Maybe that idiot never went camping before. Pot? That Fox News guest probably did a line of coke before appearing on the show.

Occupy Wall Street: Photos and video footage

Occupy Wall Street: More video coverage

Corporate America and the government must be trying to crack down on OCCUPY WALL STREET and silence them! Is this no longer America, when hundreds of thousands could once protest the Vietnam War? How long before the National Guard is brought out (like in Ohio) and they start killing people? Is the government preparing for massive social unrest, and why the "SEVEN GOVERNOR SECTIONS are now being prepared as FEMA camps, for mass incarcerations?

Occupy Wall Street Day 8: 60 + Arrested and Pepper Spray Used.

99 Percenters Occupy Wall Street

Troy Davis Protesters occupy Wall Street

Anonymous Occupation Of Wall Street - Here Is What You Missed

Although CNN had an OLD article

New York Times was critical - Yvonne says," This was not a terribly organized event. And the comparison of the massive Wisconsin demonstration to another NYC rally (in the story) was comparing apples to oranges. If massive layoffs of teachers, firefighters and cops were suggested, by a corrupt Governor (who also raided their state's surplus and turned it into a deficit), the same might occur. I'm wondering how the October event in DC will turn out. It's possible we are still a year away from real rage in the US (meaning not enough people are motivated enough to get out of their complacent and comfortable skins)."

Where's the major media, and the "anti-government" voices like Alex Jones? Was he silenced by the government too?

The bankers ripped off the nation, but law enforcement, our government, and the major corporate media is protecting them? Why? Because they have all our money?


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  2. UPDATE : Breaking: Cops Arrest Large Number of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

  3. UPDATE: Well, they finally got the media's attention...There's also a video at the bottom of the article.

  4. 'Expect us': Anonymous posts name and information about officer accused of pepper-spraying women at Wall Street protest - Includes a slow-motion portion.

  5. Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC in his "Last Re-Write" tonight he blamed the NYC police for turning the peaceful Occupy Wall Street protest into a violent mob scene. He called it "unprovoked police brutality" - - - the police trying to keep people from LEGALLY taping video. (He showed video, including that slow-motion pepper spray incident.) NYPD deny everything! The tapes alone could be a lawsuit! He said and that's when video was taping...and how many times did this happen when no one was taping? Man oh man! Those NYC cops are brutes!!!! Be careful out there!


    Occupy Wall Street: 'Pepper-spray' NYPD officer named: Anthony Bologna. He was ALSO accused of civil rights violations at the time of the 2004 Republican national convention protests.

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  9. October 5, 2011 - LAST UPDATE ON THIS PAGE!

    Occupy Wall Street protest drawing thousands of dollars in donations as sit-in enters third week

    *See the poll [results] in the side bar of the above article

    Occupy Wall Street protesters sue the city claiming NYPD pinned them on Brooklyn Bridge

    Very interesting commentary (re. past protests): Once enemies, now they march together: Organized labor expected to join Wall Street protest