Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paul Ryan Town Hall - Jobless Constituents Sent to Jail

Cool! The people rise up in protest! Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

It's wasn't a REAL townhall meeting. Unemployed constituents, spurned by Paul Ryan on multiple occasions, were galvanized into action on Tuesday following Labor Day. After being unable to convince their representative to schedule a FREE public meeting following a week long sit-in, the members of his district converged on a one time only pay-per-view event far away from the majority of his constituents.

At the luncheon, Paul Ryan's unemployed constituents repeatedly stood to ask him what he was going to do about the jobs crisis. But, instead of addressing his members in need, Ryan had the unemployed escorted out by police and made petty remarks.

In one incident, a gentleman in his seventies stood up to confront Paul Ryan about his stance on "entitlements" and was grabbed by police. He was then wrestled to the ground while Ryan joked, "Hope he took his blood-pressure medication."

Watch now and visit to demand Ryan hold a REAL meeting with his constituents.

They all ask, "Where are the jobs Ryan? You haven't said anything about jobs!"

This is EXACTLY what I'd like to hear Obama say in his speech tonight:

"I promise I will immediately sign an emergency executive order to continue funding extended unemployment benefits for all those whose benefits have already expired, or about to expire by the end of the year.

And they will be able to collect those benefits immediately, and indefinitely, until such time when 10 million full-time jobs are created - - - jobs that pay at least double the federal minimum wage, which I would consider to be the minimum 'living wage'.

This will be paid for by raising the capital gains taxes back to 20%, closing ALL corporate tax loopholes, and ending corporate welfare immediately...such as taxpayer-paid subsidies for big oil companies and corporate tobacco growers.

And no, I have not forgotten the 99ers. They have been in my heart and soul, and they will also be included in the deal as well. After all, they were the first ones hit when this recession started. They have suffered the most and they have suffered the longest, so it's only right that as a compassionate nation, we help these Americans as well, for they have struggled through their great ordeal more than anyone else.

With 10 million Americans pumping 99% of their discretionary income in jobless benefits back into the economy, we will generate more job growth, and keep others from being laid off as well.

If the Tea Party doesn't like it, if need be, I will use the National Guard to enforce my executive order.

Thank you, and good night, and God bless America and the Ninety-Niners."

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