Monday, September 12, 2011

Social Security broke 'cause Nikki Haley is a drunken floozy?

Who would you drug test first? A hard-working 55-year-old man who has no criminal record and a perfect 35 year work history, or a lying and thieving hypocritical tramp accused of cheating on her husband? Ask South Carolina Governor and Tea Party darling Nikki Haley.

I started to watch part of the GOP debate on CNN tonight, but after only watching for a few minutes, all the outlandish lies and back-stabbing among themselves, I had to change the channel. They had been discussing "fixing" Social Security (but is sounded more like "putting the fix in" for hedge fund mangers and investment bankers).

People like Rick Perry were likening Social Security to a Ponzi scheme - that old retirees were having their benefits being funded by younger workers - that federal programs implemented in the 1930's were wrong - and that government couldn't be trusted to manage the Social Security Trust Fund.

From the Social Security Administration's website: Ponzi Schemes vs. Social Security - "Social Security is and always has been either a pay-as-you-go system or one that was partially advance-funded. Its structure, logic, and mode of operation have nothing in common with Ponzi schemes or chain letters or pyramid schemes."

The GOP presidential candidates are all bunch of damn liars, and they keep insisting on trying to sell to young people a private Social Security fund that they can "control themselves", rather than "trusting government". These same GOP scum-buckets were the very ones who also raided, and borrowed against, and spent from, the current Social Security Trust Fund, which is invested in the safest investments possible...U.S. government bonds.

When billionaires and foreign governments look for a safe place to park their cash, they buy U.S. government bonds, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Social Security is fiscally sound - - - as it is now - - - for anther 25 years, and can be "fixed" for another 75 years just by simply raising the cap of $106,000 for the richest among us. The wealthy hoard their money, money they don't need or even know what to do with, yet they don't want to help fund any aspect of government programs that help the very people who made them rich in the first place. It's that simple. Pure unadulterated American capitalist greed.

Those are the people the GOP and Tea Party supports. You'll never get a "social" program from a Republican without a bloodletting or some obscene sell-out "compromise" by the Democrats. But with the GOP, you can only expect more tax breaks for the richest people and the largest corporations.

But it's not U.S. government bonds that can't be trusted (unless the Tea Party forces us to default on our debt), it's the politicians (both Republicans AND Democrats) that manage those funds, who are the ones that can't be trusted. But it's only on this one point that I will agree with any of the GOP's poor choice for presidential candidates.

Most young people don't have the savvy skills needed to properly manage an investment portfolio in the private market. They would get eaten alive by the sophisticated financial strategists and sharks on Wall Street if they tried to invest in stocks. Every day older, wiser, and much more experienced people are losing their shirts in these risky investments.

And when times are tough, older Republicans know very well that younger and less experienced people don't usually have the will power necessary to resist raiding their own pension fund. Years later, they'd be left poor and destitute on the streets, or be forced to work until they very day they dropped dead. The way our Social Security system is set up now, was meant to provide us with a little more security in our senior years.

Unless you're the CEO of an investment bank like Goldman Sachs, (and have inside knowledge and have enough capital to manipulate the markets), there's a real possibly you're going to get screwed by REAL Ponzi schemes. Don't forget, Bernie Madoff used to head NASDAQ. It was "financial instruments" called credit default swaps that AIG and Goldman Sachs sold to investors that brought down the housing market and our economy - which then forced taxpayers into a $700 billion bank bailout.

And the Republicans want LESS regulation of these Wall Street sharks!

Why would the GOP want young people to take that risk with their financial futures, rather than invest in a safe and secure retirement fund that's invested in government bonds? Could it be because the GOP favors the banks? What the GOP (and the Democrats) need to do is just stop borrowing against OUR money in the Social Security Trust Fund, just to pay for other things that the voters didn't even agree to two wars for example.

It's ironic (and hypocritical) when the GOP tries to convince young people not to trust the government with their Social Security when it was they themselves - the GOP - who were part of the problem for raiding the Social Security Trust Fund in the first place.

And if the Social Security Trust Fund were really under-funded (and paying more out more than it's taking in), then why did we cut Social Security taxes last year? And why now, with Obama's American Jobs Act, are we proposing to cut Social Security taxes for workers again - - - AND cutting by 50% what employers have to contribute, just to induce job growth? And how can they say the difference is coming from the "General Fund"? Isn't that robbing Paul to pay Peter? Hasn't that what's been the problem all along?

The average citizen (especially young people) have a real dilemma on their trust the greedy and seedy sharks on Wall Street, or to trust the lying and corrupted GOP politicians in Washington D.C. (not much of a choice, eh?)

NEWS FLASH - And why did Tea Party governor Nikki Haley go to Paris France looking for jobs for South Carolina, spending over $127,000 and running up bar bills in swanky hotel bars?

Is she just a drunken slut in Paris spending your Social Security money while telling you to invest in a private fund? Is Nikki Haley the example of a "government" that the GOP says young people shouldn't trust to manage their Social Security Trust Fund? Because politicians like Nikki Haley might fly First Class to Europe to party on your dime?

News Flash - With her state facing an estimated $1 billion budget shortfall, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley handed out huge salary increases to top gubernatorial staffers on her first full day in office. She also doled out big salaries to newly-created positions within the governor’s office. Is this being "fiscally conservative"? Is this being "personally responsible for your own actions"?

Oh! But how they like to lecture and scold us! "Do as I say, not as I do!"

With a base-salary of $106,000, couldn't Nikki Haley have afforded to buy her own drinks? Or her own $4,000 plane ticket? Wouldn't that have been the Christian thing to do, rather than vacationing and living-it-up on the taxpayers backs?

And with members of Congress earning $174,000 plus all their lavish perks, can't their extravagant allowances also be cut back a reign in "wasteful government spending", so that the young people don't have to break their backs for 52 years until they turn 70 years old to collect a meager Social Security pension - - - or worse yet, to have no pension at all if they had to trust the sharks on Wall Street to manage their private pension fund?

Rather than cut Medicaid and food stamps for the poor, couldn't Nikki Haley have stayed home and watched TV that week instead? Or spent some time trying to figure out how to "save" Social Security rather than partying like it's 1929?

Rather than treating members of her staff to a lavish retreat earlier this month on Kiawah Island, an exclusive resort destination located on the South Carolina coast, shouldn't she have been caring for those devastated by Hurricane Irene?

Nikki baby, why don't you just put down that damn martini, put your clothes back on, sober up and go home to your children - - - and take your damn greasy hands out of the taxpayer's hard-earned money!

Sadly, Governor Haley returned empty-handed from her trip to Paris...she didn't bring a single job back to South Carolina with her...not even a temporary part-time low-paying job at McDonalds. But she kept those in Paris gainfully employed!

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  1. Ponzi Schemes vs. Social Security

    "Social Security is and always has been either a "pay-as-you-go" system or one that was partially advance-funded. Its structure, logic, and mode of operation have nothing in common with Ponzi schemes or chain letters or pyramid schemes."