Wednesday, October 12, 2011

21 Million Lazy Americans Refused 3 Million Jobs

The Republicans like to say that we should take just any job, and work 3 jobs if we need to --- but where are the jobs?

Most are already taken. The economy is so bad that already there are a large number of people working multiple jobs to pay their bills - - - and after the last 3 years, are still struggling. I personally know a Nevada State legislature who is doing just that (and his wife as well) ---- and HE has much better job connections than most other people do.

There just aren't enough part-time low-paying jobs for 21 million unemployment Americans - - - the 14 million that the government admits to, and  the other 7 million UI "exhaustees" and "99ers" that the government ignored and swept under the carpet.

Now the Republicans have another lame excuse for not extending unemployment benefits for the 7 million jobless Americans who are still currently receiving benefits, because there are a reported 3 million unfilled job openings. They also cite that two-thirds of business executives say they routinely have difficulty filling certain positions.
The Republicans say the reason for this is because the jobless are lazy, are refusing jobs, and just prefer collecting unemployment benefits -- and that's why there are unfilled jobs, because they only want to game the system.

Of course, most informed and intelligent people know that's just pure nonsense...that's why only Republicans are making that claim.

For 3 years the Republicans have called unemployed Americans hobos, alcoholics, drug addicts, lazy, ignorant, and freeloaders. But what about the 7 million who have already exhausted all their unemployed benefits over 1 and 2 years ago? Are they also refusing those 3 million jobs because they're lazy?

But CEOs tell a different story. The top reason they cite is a lack of specific qualifications or experience.

But add to that, a study also found other reasons why we have unfilled jobs (although 3 million jobs for 21 million unemployed people is only a dent in the jobless problem).

  1. The collapse of the real estate market makes it harder for many homeowners to even consider relocation.
  2. Mobility is also limited by the rise of dual-income families, so now you actually require two jobs for every move.
  3. Too few students will earn college degrees, and many of those who do will get them in low-demand fields.
  4. Too many workers have no more than a high school diploma.
  5. The use of temp workers is also changing, and with each successive jobless recovery, the structural factors that hinder job creation become more apparent.

Nowhere in the study did they site laziness or drug addiction. The Republicans like to pick and choose which facts to use when making arguments to let the jobless die. That's why I hate Republicans.

Please sign the Official White House Petition to extend unemployment benefits for those whose jobless benefits have already expired, or soon will. Thank you.


  1. New York Times today: For Each U.S. Job Opening, 4.6 Unemployed (I believe it's much higher).

  2. Yesterday on MSNBC Dylan Ratigan, said Obama's job plan would only create 1.9 jobs when 31.2 million are needed.

  3. Bud, I signed the petition and passed it on. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all of us "99ers". Susan