Sunday, October 9, 2011

99ers Join the Billionaire's Tour! (NYC)

Salmon P. Chase, who appears on the $10,000 bill, was the U.S. Treasury Secretary under President Abraham Lincoln; and he was also the sixth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The Chase National Bank, a predecessor of Chase Manhattan Bank (which is now JPMorgan Chase) was named in his honor.

Wanna see how the 1% lives? A walking tour of the homes of some of the bank and corporate executives that don't pay taxes, cut jobs, engaged in mortgage fraud, tanked our economy.....all while giving themselves record setting bonuses!

We'll be meeting on Tuesday, October 11 at 12:30pm at 59th Street and 5th Avenue, New York, NY.

We will then march from house to house, demanding accountability for Wall Street crimes, and an extension of the Millionaire's tax. (Lasting about 3 hours, from 12:30pm - 3:30pm)

Who will we be visiting exactly?'re just gonna have to come to find out!

Update: The local MoveOn and Rebuild-The-Dream chapters and the Job Party are also participating.

Arlene Geiger of the MoveOn group posted suggestions about participants dressing in red, white and blue (which, of course, matches the Rebuild The Dream colors), bringing instruments and singing along the way. She also mentioned a press conference. Harry Waisbren of the Job Party hasn't yet suggested anything but I assume his group will be bringing their "Audacity of Greed" signs.

If MoveOn/RTB is going to be wearing red, white and blue, it's suggested that the 99ers wear something different, to stand out -- like black & white (white tops or T-shirts and black slacks).

Expect the usual Rebuild The Dream signs. However, use something more 99er-related. Since the purpose of the "walking tour" is to bring attention to the push for a Millionaires/Billionaires Tax, one 99ers came up with a new sign.

* Click photo to enlarge, save, and print for a flier. You can glue-stick them onto a chip board for a little stiffness. (96 dpi)

This isn't going to be another massive rally, they're anticipating around 100-something people, although someone mentioned they might be rent a bus to ship a few Occupy Wall Street people there.

You may also see the Facebook event page via this link:

Organized by Beyond May 12

Meanwhile, in an inspired bit of theater, the Occupy Wall Street protesters on Sunday paraded a shiny effigy of the Biblical Golden Calf modeled after the iconic Bowling Green bull statue. (More below)

"It's a false idol, just as much as the Wall Street bull has been a false idol for so many of us for so long," said protester Ed Needham.

The golden calf, labeled Greed, was marched around Zuccotti Square on Day 23 of the Occupy Wall Street protest by a group of clergy who then held an interfaith prayer session.

They sang "We Shall Not Be Moved" and waved signs saying, "Jesus is with the 99%."

"We support the poor," said Lauren Giaccone, 25, who attends Union Theological Seminary uptown. "The calf represents the idolatry of greed - what this country has come to hold up as a true value. But this country was founded on equality and justice for all."

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  1. Jonathan Tasini with the Job Party.

    The Audacity of Greed: Free Markets, Corporate Thieves, and the Looting of America [paperback] by Jonathan Tasini

    His website: