Sunday, October 30, 2011

Border Guards Armed with AR-15s at Occupy Phoenix

Just like the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street movement is now locked and loaded.

A citizen militia group armed with AR-15s were defiantly standing in front of the local police. The U.S. Border Guard is making its presence felt at the Occupy Phoenix demonstration to protect free speech rights, arguing that the second amendment prevents the state from abusing the first amendment. (Original video and article posted at Alex Jones InfoWars).

The article says the group has been labeled “neo-nazis” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is usually a demonization tactic, but this particular individual (shown in the video clip below and known as J.T. Ready) has attended neo-nazi rallies in the past and is supposed to be "closely affiliated" with the "fringe" National Socialist Party.

Wiki says there is no clear definition of national socialism, and that the term has been used to mean many different things. Here it says, "National Socialism is the opposite of international finance capitalism, i.e. the opposite of globalization. Under National Socialism, engineers would not lose their jobs to outsourcing, and great industrial cities would not be disintegrating and turning back to farmland."

But regardless...the man being interviewed in the video sounded very articulate, he didn't spew hate or racism, and he was just but one member in the group of U.S. Border Guards at the Occupy Phoenix protest.

Occupy Wall Street now seems to have but another commonality with the Tea Party, and is beginning to look more and more like the ORIGINAL Tea Party movement everyday (i.e. government corruption, corporate greed, "hands off my Medicare", and now guns.)

The major difference between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement? One might argue that The Tea Party went home every night to their comfortable homes, while the Occupy protesters are toughing it out in the cold while living in tents.

(Below) U.S. Border Guard J.T. Ready with U.S. Republican Arizona Senator Russell Pearce (left) and at the protest (right).

(Below) Supporters for Joe Miller, the Tea Party favorite for Alaska in 2010 and the Republican Party nominee.

(Below) Even Tea Party presidential candidate Rick Perry was publicly exercising his Second Amendment Right.

(Below) More Second Amendment Tea Party enthusiasts


And just like with the Tea Party (or any other group, "fringe" or otherwise, even the police and military) there will always be a segment of racists. But even THEY are part of the 99%.


NO JOBS and BUDGET CUTS - The immediate crisis facing the United States economy is the jobs deficit, not the federal debt -- and budget cuts may make matters worse.


A WORSENING ECONOMY - On most major measures of economic health, the economy is still worse today than it was before the recession began.


INCOME INEQUALITY - The current protests on Wall Street effectively calls attention to the extreme and growing income inequality in the United States, an economist writes. "Storming the Capitalist Castle"


PROTESTS - Today "Occupy" protesters clashed with police in Denver, Portland, and Austin: Police use rubber bullets and pepper spray on demonstrators as Occupy Denver protest turns ugly.

  • Denver: Police shot rubber bullets and used pepper spray - 20 arrested.
  • Austin: Police arrested at least 38 protesters.
  • Portland: At least 30 protesters were cuffed after they refused to leave Jamison Square.

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  1. There are reports – just as in Oakland – of police attacking people while they were trying to help the injured: Man being SHOT w/ riotgun while assisting injured persons, etc. The problem is militarization of police departments and the use of anti-terror laws to crush dissent.