Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is Bill O'Reilly Good For America?

Over these past 3 years we've become painfully aware of what Wall Street and the American multi-national corporations (and their Republican enablers) have done to us over the last 40 years; and so it makes me wonder what other economic carnage they've created abroad in foreign countries. If it's anything like here, it's no wonder so many people hate Americans.

And why would anyone even vote for a Republican, it's beyond me...unless they were (or aspired to be) very rich. But most of us will never be rich, no matter how hard we try. Generally speaking, I bear no animosity towards a person of wealth, just those who would use trickery, bribes, backroom deals, deception, shell games, treason, and murder to amass digital dollars at the expense of common honest workers. These are the people Republicans represent. Being a Republican isn't cool. Friends don't let friends vote Republican.

But with only two political parties in America, and millions of people with varying degrees of political opinions and beliefs, we are limited as to who we associate with and vote for in elections.

Bill O'Reilly (and most of the other Fox News pundits) always try very hard to depict anyone associated with the Democratic Party as being a "far-left-wing loon".

Does this make me a "loon" or a "smear merchant"? If so, then I'll wear that label as a badge of honor.

While yes, I can see why a Communist or a Socialist would affiliate themselves with the Democrats, just as the more moderate and sensible Progressives would also align themselves with the Democratic platform, because THAT party is more about the representation of THE PEOPLE and common workers.

But that doesn't mean ALL Democrats are "far-left wing loons" (or me), even though, to the extreme far-left we might find a few anarchists.

On the other hand, the GOP, besides just corporations, is more representative of the upwardly mobile white upper-class and the very wealthy, just as with the Koch brother's Tea Party. White supremacists, the Aryan Nation, and other paramilitary groups might be more inclined to associate themselves with the Republicans also. In this group on The Right we'll also find the socially conservative evangelistic white Southern Baptists that don't believe in evolution, those who might have once supported slavery in America; but yet they still support slavery in foreign nations - where labor is cheap. "Free markets" and Free Trade" are code words for "Free Labor" (Read my post: America's Race to the Bottom).

And just like on the far-left, on the far-right we might also find anarchists. There are probably just as many "far-right loons" as there are "far-left loons". But what I can't understand is why multi-millionaires like Bill O'Reilly spends so much time and effort trying to label half the country as anarchists.

Glenn Beck did this too, before Fox News fired his ass for being too far right, even for Rupert Murdoch's taste. Beck was definitely a "far-right loon", and look at how many followers he had at his Restoring Honor rally that he held at the Washington Monument while attempting to compare himself to a "conservative" or Libertarian  version of Dr. Martin Luther King (talk about an ego!)

The commentators at Fox News have an agenda to marginalize those that disagree with corporate rule in this country. They are, after all, Rupert Murdoch's and the Koch brothers talking heads. By labeling ALL Democrats as "far-left-wing loons" just because a few are taken out of context, doesn't make it true.

The same could be said for some of those at the Tea Party rallies, those that support "Free Trade", while the labor unions just ask for "fair" trade and "fair" wages.

And while it's true that most Communists and Socialists might align themselves with the Democrats, I also suspect that Nationalists and Fascists might align themselves with the Republicans (They're not called Re-thug-licans for nothing).

Bill O'Reilly and his cohorts at Fox News can mock those at the Occupy Wall Street protests, and they can try very hard to marginalize them and make them look ignorant and silly to their audience, just because as Americans, the protesters are exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed rights to peacefully assemble; but then the Fox News crew had probably said the same things about the Civil Rights movement too (more on this here). The Fox News Nation pundits claim they support our war veterans, but what would they think and say about this man?

And yet, I wouldn't classify all those at Fox News as being "loons" (those who are crazy or deranged). And to the best of my knowledge, Bill O'Reilly certainly isn't an anarchist. To me, they're just slimy and greedy Republican corporatists that pimps for wealthy plutocrats.

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