Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greg Gutfeld (Fox News "Red Eye") Makes Ass of Himself

If you can, watch the Fox News Red Eye "Half-time Report" from tonight when they discussed Occupy Wall Street. Greg Gutfeld made a total ass out of himself in a discussion with Andy Levy.

Greg Gutfeld said that if the Occupy Wall Street protesters got bailed out and had their college loans forgiven, he'd go on the street to protest.


Andy Levy : "Oh, so it's OK to bail out the banks?"
Greg Gutfeld : "That's different, the government gave them that money."
Andy Levy : "The government? Aren't we the government?"
Greg Gutfeld : "That's different. The bankers weren't camping out in a park saying 'give me a bail out, give me a bail out.'"
Andy Levy : "No, the bankers were in their million-dollar penthouse suites saying 'give me a bail out, give me a bail out.'"

It's common knowledge that, like the Republicans, Fox News pimps for the wealthiest 1%. So seeing Greg shamelessly pimp for the banks was no surprise. But seeing Andy Levy so skillfully counter Greg's insanely lame argument was priceless!

To join the exclusive 1% club, Americans need a minimum annual income of $516,633 according to the Tax Policy Center.

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