Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Bankers Must #Occupy Jail

Some bankers must occupy jail! This week, when asked about why no Wall Street executives have gone to jail for crashing our economy, President Obama said Wall Street behavior "wasn’t necessarily illegal, it was just immoral."

Wasn't illegal?!

It's well established that Wall Street banks resorted to forgeries and phony paperwork to kick families out of their homes. And J.P. Morgan admitted to illegally foreclosing on active duty service members. But federal prosecutors are dropping the ball.

It's time for the 99% of us to speak out loudly -- and tell our political leaders: Wall Street bankers who broke the law must occupy jail!

If our voices grow louder and louder, it will encourage state Attorney Generals to keep pushing forward their early investigations, and push the Obama Justice Department to finally take criminal investigations of Wall Street seriously.

As the simmering rage against Wall Street comes to a full boil all across America, it's simply unacceptable for politicians to keep giving excuses. It's not controversial to say "Wall Street bankers broke the law." It's a fact. And we need political leaders to finally say it.

Jailing bankers who broke the law is essential for moving forward as a country -- sign our statement here, and then pass it on. Click here to sign a "Bankers who broke the law must occupy jail" statement -- and then pass it on (including on Facebook) - From Bold Progressives

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