Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keith Olbermann Blasts Mayor Bloomberg for Hypocrisy

Mayor Bloomberg’s arguments about “health and safety” trumping free speech aren’t looking so hot. The Guardian reports that Constitutional lawyers said health and safety was unlikely to trump the first amendment. Darius Charney, attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, said the right of people to assemble peacefully in political protest was one of the most fundamental rights under the first amendment: “In my view, the health and safety issues are rather minimal in comparison to the first amendment issue,” he said.

All speech is protected under U.S .law, but political speech has the greatest legal protection.

Keith Olbermann called for Bloomberg’s resignation: “Michael Bloomberg, you have now indeed become a symbol of the Occupy movement. You are ready to take your historic place with Mayor Daley and Governor Wallace and Sen McCarthy and Prime Minister Grenville and every other idiot who has made the fateful and fatal mistake of thinking that just because he has power and money, that this is nation in which everything has a price tag on it.We need you Mayor Bloomberg, to keep making these mistakes….Your nation needs you! Occupy needs you! Bloomberg now, Bloomberg tomorrow, Bloomberg forever!”

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