Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Outsourcing Jobs Now Affects Our National Defense

American corporations with government contracts in our defense industry have profited from outsourcing to Chinese suppliers and getting bogus parts in return. How is it even remotely sane for us to buy anything, much less in defense and security, from a committed military and commercial adversary?

So far it's cost taxpayers $7.5 billion.

Why are American corporations even building electronic gizmos such as iPods in China with slave labor, knowing full well that the Chinese government hacks our computers in the defense department, commits industrial espionage, are involved with counterfeiting (both products and currency), has devalued their currency against ours, and continually engages in unfair trade practices against us?

Not to mention that China has backed two wars against us (Korea and Vietnam) that led to the deaths of over 100,000 American soldiers.

Why? Because we sold them U.S. Treasury bonds? Default on the bastards!

Why are American corporations even building factories in China and hiring Chinese workers at all? Isn't that about as un-American as cutting off taxpayer subsidies to big profitable oil companies that don't pay taxes?

READ: "U.S. Senators say China supplying bogus weapons parts" Full Story at Reuters


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