Friday, December 30, 2011

Karl Rove Wrong about 2012 Predictions

Recently in the Wall Street Journal Karl Rove predicted, "Republicans will keep the U.S. House; Republicans will take the U.S. Senate; Rep. Nancy Pelosi and/or Sen. Harry Reid will leave the Democratic leadership by the end of 2012; and both Speaker John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell will continue directing the GOP in their respective chambers."

He made no prediction for who would end up as president, but he seems to think that most of us have a very short memory. So I left my comment for Karl Rove at the Wall Street Journal below...

Anybody who's lost their homes and jobs will blame the Republicans because of trade agreements and the de-regulation of the banks (the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act).

Anybody who now needs food stamps, Social Security, disability, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits just to survive, knows the Republicans will cut these programs...things American workers want and need, but things the wealthy don't need and big corporations don't want.

Anybody knows the GOP doesn't like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (to fight bank fraud), the National Labor Relations Board (to enforce worker's rights), OSHA (to provide worker safety), and the EPA (to help keep our air and water free of poisonous toxins), the FDA (to keep food and medicines safe) and the CPSC & NHTSA (for product safety)...things American workers and consumers want and need, but things big corporations and banks don't want.

Any unemployed construction worker who wanted an investment in infrastructure, knows the GOP can't be relied upon to provide those jobs.

Anybody who sees big oil receiving government subsidies, knows the Republicans favor big oil, and that their proposed pipeline takes president over a REAL jobs bill.

Anybody who pays a tax rate higher than millionaires (taxed at only 15% on capital gains), knows the Republicans favor tax breaks for the rich over the middle-class and poor.

Anybody who saw their jobs outsourced overseas for cheap labor knows the Republicans believe in "free trade" not "fair trade".

Any government worker who lost their job knows that Republicans would rather privatize the government sector for profits rather than jobs paying a "living wage".

Any average American worker who belongs to a trade union knows how despised they are by the GOP.

Anybody knows that the Tea Party has been passing draconian voting laws and abortion restrictions (imposing "bigger government"), rather than focusing on the economy.

Anybody knows that the Republicans think that corporations are "real people", and that the Republicans want a corporate "free-for-all" to do whatever it is they wish.

Anybody knows that the Republicans would slash and sacrifice Medicare for the sick and Social Security for the elderly, rather than cut unnecessary and excessive "defense" spending, just to further enrich war profiteers in the military industrial complex.

Income equality is a fair argument to make during a time of record profits and bonuses for multi-national corporate conglomerates, who outsource jobs to the Chinese earning $1 an hour, while at the same time, millions of Americans are left unemployed here at home.

Karl Rove has ignored and maligned the Occupy movement, and is seriously delusional in his 2012 predictions. The word "denial" comes to mind.

And that surprises me, because I've always found him to be a very intelligent man.

Mr. Rove thinks the American people will forget that this time last year the Republicans held hostage unemployment benefits for 1 year in exchange for extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich for 2 more years.

Mr. Rove thinks the American people will forget that earlier this year the Republicans held the full faith and credit of the U.S. government hostage to a government shut down and default.

Mr. Rove thinks the American people will forget that earlier this month the Republicans held hostage again unemployment benefits and a payroll tax cut for the middle-class in exchange for a pipeline that would create very few jobs, but provide more profits for big oil companies who dodge taxes.

Mr. Rove assumes that Americans are stupid and have a very bad memory.

Unlike Karl Rove, I predict that the people won't forget. I predict that Obama wins re-election by a landslide again. And if public sentiment stays the same as it is today, next November the Republicans will lose the House and the Democrats will keep the Senate (barely). Harry Reid may retire but Nancy Pelosi will regain the gavel. Speaker John Boehner will be relegated to the back of the bus.

But either way, I don't see any more Tea Party candidates being elected. I think the American people have already learned their lesson regarding those far-right radicals (buyer's remorse).

It's odd that the Tea Party Republican candidates hate "big government" as much as they do (a population of 312 million people and growing) but yet they want to be the leader of our big government and be on the government dole with a $400,000-a-year salary and live in the taxpayer-funded White House and fly in the taxpayer-funded Air Force One...even though they're already millionaires themselves...but they will still accept the government hand-out.

Name me one piece of legislation Mister Rove, in all the history of the Republican Party, that only benefited the middle and working class and the poor. Name me one law that was introduced and passed by a Republican majority that didn't also have provisions that would benefit big banks, large corporations, and the wealthy more. I'd like you to name just ONE.

I can't think of any, but I have a whole list of ones the Republicans would like to repeal.


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  2. I think you are a little closer overall than Karl but I think you are both too extreme with your predictions


  3. "...if [the GOP's] technique falls short of producing Karl Rove's dream of 30 years of unchallengeable one-party rule, there are other even less savory techniques upon which to fall back."

  4. Interesting: "If unemployment goes down in the last three months before the November election and is below 8.0%, Obama will win re-election with the house ending up very closely contested and the Republican majority being reduced to less than 5. The Senate will go Republican but only by one or two. Yes Obama will have some coattails but not enough to push Democrats over the top."

  5. Robert Reich predicts: "It will be Obama-Clinton versus Romney-Rubio. And his prediction for Election Day? "Obama-Clinton hands down."

    I predict Obama-Biden versus Mitt Romney-Nikki Haley...and Obama-Biden wins in a another landslide.

  6. "Obama will win re-election (Who's going to beat him... Romney?"

    10 Reasons Why Organized Labor Will Win

  7. hey, enjoyed the post, but i have less faith in voters' memories. after all, they let themselves get fooled into sitting out the 2010 election so RWNJs, who got us into this mess in the first place, gained strength for the present gridlock aimed only at making obama look bad, because they care about power more than about people. but i hope u right. happy new year!