Friday, January 20, 2012

CONFIRMED: Fox News Most Distrusted Name in News

Where are all those folks that you're supposed to be lookin' out for Bill?

While Fox New likes to tout that they are the most watched "cable" news channel, it's also interesting to note (and just as I've always suspected), that according to this most recent poll, most people actually prefer watching "mainstream" TV news stations (cable or not) rather than Fox News.

And more importantly, most people trust "mainstream" TV news much more than they trust Fox News. So much for all of Fox News' fair and balanced reporting.

So all my suspicions have now been officially validated...Fox News spins their ratings the same way they spin their news in Bill O'Reilly's "no spin zone". Ha-ha-ha!!!

No wonder they had to fire Glenn Beck's ass! Maybe you're next Bill, you mean and nasty lying rich smuck!

That's why I wrote the book: Why I Hate Republicans and the Fox News Channel.

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Conservative TV News  versus  Mainstream TV News

Fox News


  PBS  17%
      CNN  12%
      ABC  11%
      CBS    8%
      MSNBC    4%
      NBC    4%
      Comedy Central   4%
Fox News 34% TOTAL All others 60%

Who Trusts Who the Most

Democrats       -        Independents       -       Republicans



Fox News  29% Fox News  68% 
ABC 19% PBS 27%    
CNN 17%        
Fox News  9%         
MSNBC  8%          
TOTAL 74%   56%   68%


Conservative TV News  versus  Mainstream TV News

Fox News


  Comedy Central 16%
      MSNBC 15%
      CNN 11%
      ABC   7%
      CBS   5%
      PBS   2%
      NBC   1%

Republicans say they least trust:

MSNBC             28%
CNN                  23%
Comedy Central  18% 
ABC                   10%

* Democrats and Independents both overwhelmingly say Fox News is their least trusted news source. Democrats and Independents trust everything except Fox News.

* Republicans don't trust anything except Fox News.

Main takeaway from this poll: TV news has become just as polarizing as the political parties in this country.

SOURCE: Fox News Most Distrusted Name In News

Have a nice day Bill  ;)

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