Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mitt Romney & The Seamus Express

If Mitt Romney were elected to be the President of the United States, what would he do with the social safety nets for the poor? Would he really "fix" them if they were "in need of repair"?

Since the Great Recession began, up until today, millions of once-middle-class Americans have joined the ranks of the poor and unemployed. Most of the ones who found jobs again are paid much less than they used to earn.

And because of a decades-long tax code that's given preferential tax breaks to the most wealthy in this country, and also because of two unpaid wars, the food banks, charities, and state budgets have been overwhelmed because of a lack adequate resources needed to meet the needs of the poverty-stricken that has engulfed this nation since the economic crash in 2008.

Only "austerity measures", such as in Italy and Greece, are being proposed by the Republicans. They have not introduced any real "jobs bills" to help the American public, but only pipelines to help BIG OIL and more tax breaks for the rich.

The GOP only offers lame ideas that only punish the poor, the unemployed, and the elderly more, while further rewarding billionaires, big banks, and large corporations. The GOP has not offered any real "shared sacrifices" and accused the poor of wanting food stamps, not jobs...and that the unemployed were only gaming the system.

What does Mitt Romney really think about unemployment benefits for the jobless? What would Mitt Romney do for a man who, before the recession, was once the model of an average middle-class American citizen, but has since lost his job, never again found employment, and became a poor and homeless man?

Would Mitt Romney give this man a job paying a "living wage"? Or would he just hose the man down, climb back on board Air Force One, and be on his way to a another White House press conference to tell the American people that "homeless people enjoy the freedom of being homeless".

It's become a "dog eat dog" nation in a "survival of the fittest" country where America's poor are being spoken about and treated like rabid canines by the radical Republicans.

Seamus, in case you missed the story, was Mitt Romney's Irish Setter back in the early 1980s. Romney used to regularly drive his family from Boston to Ontario every summer for a vacation to his father’s cottage in the gated Beach O’ Pines community on Ontario’s Lake Huron.

During one fateful day in 1983, after Romney had carefully planned the family's 12 hour trip up to Canada, he had strapped Seamus to the roof of his overstuffed white Chevy station wagon with wood paneling. Then Mitt Romney climbed behind the wheel to begin the annual 12-hour family trek

But Seamus apparently needed one more stop than Romney's schedule had allowed.

Romney's son Tagg had noticed the Irish Setter’s incontinence ("a brown liquid") running down the back windshield after the Irish Setter had been riding on the roof of the car doing 60 MPH in the wind for hours. ”Dad!” he yelled, ”Gross!”

Mitt Romney abandoned his well-planned itinerary and drove to the nearest gas station, where he got a hose and sprayed both the family dog and his station wagon clean. Then Mitt coolly got back into the family car, drove back onto the highway and resumed his long drive to Canada.

Romney has come under considerable fire over the Seamus incident. “They’re not happy that my dog loves fresh air,” Romney snapped back.

Mr. Romney also argued Seamus enjoyed traveling on top of the car. “He scrambled up there every time we went on trips,” Mr. Romney said. “He got it all by himself and enjoyed it.”

However, based on what Mr. Romney’s sons allegedly told reporters about Seamus going on the lam in Canada, Seamus didn’t like being strapped to the car, and didn't want to stick around for the return trip home.

Even Fox News condemned Mitt Romney for his brutality to the family dog.

The image below (click to enlarge) says it all. A Dogs Against Romney "pack member" was stopped by the Littleton, Colorado police for having a dog crate strapped on the roof of his car.

The pack member, identified only as "Oredigger," was on his way to protest at a Mitt Romney event with the crate atop his car carrying a stuffed toy dog. A police officer, believing he was actually transporting a live dog on the roof of his car, stopped him.

Says Oredigger, "I was pulled over for suspected animal abuse."

This clearly illustrates how blatantly awful, incredibly dangerous, outrageously insensitive - and even illegal - Mitt Romney's decision was to transport his own dog on the roof of his car. Mitt is mean - and unqualified to be president.

If Mitt Romney would do this to an animal he "loved", how would he treat America's unemployed and/or poor homeless people - - "animals" that he doesn't even know?

(Photo below) President Obama riding in the car with his dog Bo. This is how loving owners transport their dogs. They treat them as "people", not as corporations.

How will Mitt Romney treat you if you're not a wealthy CEO? What if you're unemployed or under-employed? What would he do for the working-poor and poor? Will Mitt Romney just hose them down too?

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  1. Not "homeless" (home-less) -- "home-free"!

    Free of the burdens, free of the worries and cares... FREE! to live where and how one wants, and to change it... all... when the mood strikes.

    "Home-free"... what a blessing.