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The Top 1% - The Most Dangerous, Brutal, Ruthless, Nefarious and Clandestine.

When we were kids in school we read in our history books of the horrors that our world's leaders had perpetuated on their people. We learned what humanity, or lack of, was capable of - - sociopaths such as Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.

We've also learned through newspapers and TV programs what violent and heinous crimes people are capable of committing. In the book In Cold Blood, Truman Capote details the brutal 1959 murders of the Kansas farmer Herbert Clutter, his wife, and two of their children.

In Ann Rule's book The Stranger Beside Me, she tells the story of Ted Bundy, who besides being a Republican delegate for Nelson Rockefeller at the GOP's national convention in 1968, he was also a serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile - - and eventually confessed to killing 30 young women in seven different states between 1974 and 1978. (LEFT PHOTO: Ted Bundy representing himself at trial before being executed.)

Since the internet, we've had an explosion of news and now can find information in a 24-7 news cycle almost immediately - - and read what these types of people are doing in our world, almost on a daily basis. And we've also learned a great deal about what our leaders and the top 1% have been up to as well.

I've always suspected that those such as the ancient Mayan Chieftains, the Egyptian Pariahs, and the Japanese and the Roman Emperors knew they weren't gods, but manipulated the masses into believing so - - to gain and hold power, wealth, and control - - to enjoy all the creature comforts that society had to offer, while maintaining armies to insulate them from harm as they went about their business of self-indulgence and self-gratification.

How could they believe themselves to be superior gods? If they cut their finger, they must have felt the same pain that they inflicted on others. They must have been aware of their humanity whenever they felt fear, insecurity, jealously, rage, love, or hate.

Or did they become so isolated from the people they ruled over, and surrounded by so many "yes men", that they really did come to believe themselves to be one with a spiritual entity?

It must take a very powerful ego, extreme narcissism, and a lack of human empathy to believe they are so superior, and to have the unfeeling ability to treat others as mere objects, and still become the rulers of those people.

History tells us of the Roman emperors, such as Caligula, who was known for his cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity - - presenting him as an insane tyrant.

All throughout history, until the present, we're constantly reminded of how many of the world's rich and powerful leaders, and those in their inner circles, have treated the 99%. Sex slaves, torture chambers, and mass genocide. Nothing short of a coup, their natural death, an outside intervention, war, or revolution (a mass uprising by the people themselves) can usually end their reigns of terror.

Today we call these past rulers "leaders" - presidents, dictators, despots, czars, rulers, kings, imams, etc.

The current Middle-eastern rulers, who have been in power for decades, have made the headlines during Arab Spring, but the 1% has always engaged unabated in their cruel and nefarious activities since the dawn of mankind. Wealth and power in the wrong hands has always enabled the most psychopathic among us to reap their wrath on humanity, many times over, with no reprisals until they finally meet their Maker.

These pathological leaders usually exist in totalitarian societies, not placing a high value on human life, and perceiving their victims (people) as less than fully human: as “pagans,” “savages,” “uncouth barbarians,” “unbelievers,” “effete degenerates,” “ritual outlaws,” “racial inferiors,” “counterrevolutionaries,” “class antagonists,” etc.

Americans were also once guilty of this, when our ancestors used slavery.

While America hasn't had to deal with leaders like Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, we couldn't always trust our leader's intentions when taking us to war. And we certainly have had our share psychopathic people, such as serial killers, child molesters, rapists, and killers. Take Dennis Rader (AKA "BTK" - photo below) as but one recent example.

And if you've ever watched the TV show American Greed, you'd also have some idea as to how evil people are capable of being in their quest for fame, power, and wealth. Our country is filled with slime and evil, as I suppose it is all over the world.

But what's even more evil than these psychopaths are the uber-wealthy psychopaths. And there are plenty among us.

Why else would American billionaires (our "captains of industry", our "pillars of the community", our society's "leaders") support wealthy politicians that want to cut the safety nets for the poor and unemployed, and also deny them healthcare and retirement funds, and/or try to force as many as they can into slavery, working for the lowest wages possible, pushing many into suffering, poverty, and suicide? Although it's legal, it's also immoral, evil and humanely criminal.

American billionaires like the Walton family could double their employees' wages over night at all their Wal-Mart stores, and still remain a profitable on-going concern, and still remain billionaires on the Forbes 400 list...but instead, they want more wealth...just like all the others who run the top American corporations and banks on the Forbes Global 2,000 list.

When it's the top 1% who are engaged in excessive greed, inhumane cruelty, extraordinary extravagance, and outrageous sexual perversity, they can operate inside a vacuum and feel more invincible because of their financial resources. And if or when they're ever detected by the authorities for any illegal activity in a democratic society, they can often buy themselves out of trouble or manipulate the justice system to avoid jail time. They can pay a fine, buy their freedom and escape punishment several times over. It happens all the time.

And besides their freedom, the top 1% also have many other means at their disposal to protect their financial assets as well. They can hire an army of the best lawyers, investigators and experts for trial. They can post any amount of money for bail. They can settle with blood money to their victims. They can tamper with juries and even bribe judges. With their vast resources, they can even skip the country, change their identities, disguise themselves with plastic surgery*, and live out the rest of their lives very comfortably somewhere else.

* Over these last several years, with recognition software, this has been made more difficult with the modern technology.

If someone in the top 1% were predisposed to be the most evil and cruelest among us, they would have the means to self-gratify their most perverse and cruel pleasures (such as trafficking in small children) and go undetected all their lives, with little to no fear of ever being caught or ever facing real justice. Extreme wealth allows them to live out their most outrageous fantasies, and pay other people very well as their enablers (accomplices) if need be.

In short, that can have and do almost anything they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want. The word "no" is very rare in their vocabulary, unless denying others.

And if they were ever caught in a crime, to protect their wealth against any civil law suits, they also have various other legal means to insulate their assets and protect their wealth from ever being confiscated. They use their corporations with "limited liability" to project their corporate executives from being financially punished in lawsuits for any of their personal wrong-doing. They never have to take any personal responsibility for destroying other people's lives, or even killing them. But yet, they bitterly complain about paying "corporate taxes" when they are able to avoid criminal and civil justice.

Now I've just heard that a multi-millionaire is trying to protect his wealth from a civil lawsuit by adopting his girlfriend as his own child, and still legally have sex with her. What will the top 1% think of next? A colony of earthlings on the moon? Meet this one-percenter...his name is John Goodman.

Goodman had been involved and arrested in a fatal car accident after drinking in a bar in Palm Beach, Florida in February 2010 that led to the death of a 23-year-old engineering student named Scott Wilson.

Goodman has since legally adopted his longtime lover, Heather Laruso Hutchins, 42, which many believe was to protect his reported hundred million dollar fortune that he had inherited. The 48-year-old millionaire legally adopted his girlfriend just one month before he was suppose to appear in court on DUI manslaughter charges. He also faces a potentially financially devastating civil trial.

Heather Laruso Hutchins and John Goodman - The top 1%

“While there is nothing illegal about this relationship. It is odd, weird and against our societal norms,” Florida-based marital and family law attorney Ben Hodas said in an interview. The lawyer went on to explain that the lack of legal infringements means Goodman can both bed and marry his new adopted daughter.

“There is no incest when there is no blood relation. If there was, it would be illegal. Although it's disgusting, they are allowed to sleep together and can even get married."

The accused (Goodman) will stand before Judge Jeffery Colbach in the Palm Beach County Courthouse on March 6, 2012 charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide, explained Scott Smith, who is representing the victim’s parents, Lili and William Wilson in their wrongful death lawsuit against John Goodman.

The Victim: Scott Wilson in 2009

The devastating accident occurred on February 12, 2010 when John Goodman, who is the founder of the International Polo Club Palm Beach, ran a stop sign and crashed his Bentley into Scott Wilson's vehicle, then fled the scene on foot as Wilson's car submerged in a nearby canal. (Does this detail sound vaguely familiar?)

The multi-millionaire Goodman did not call 9-1-1 for over an hour, during which time Scott drowned. Many believed he could have been saved had emergency services arrived at the scene sooner. It was later determined that John Goodman’s blood alcohol was twice the legal alcohol limit.

John Goodman's wrecked Bentley Continental GT

Pricing starts at $280,400

If convicted, John Goodman could face up to 30 years in prison, despite his efforts to weasel out of paying Wilson’s family their full due in court for the loss of their son. “By way of this adoption, Mr. Goodman has effectively gained owner or control of one third of the trust assets,” explained Smith.

Family law expert Mr. Hodas agrees that the relationship between Goodman and Hutchins would be highly unusual if it wasn’t purely for financial gain. “It does seem odd. I can’t see why else he would do it. It seems like he has found some kind of asset protection, but there is still going to be a paper trail whatever he does. There seems to be some nefarious and clandestine purpose behind it."

Nefarious and clandestine. An under-statement if it were applied to the history of the psychopathic leaders that humanity has known in the past.

America's financial and political leaders have caused, and continue to cause, an economic onslaught against the 99% for years now, with billionaires and millionaires carrying on their cruel and greedy activities on the masses without regards to the suffering they've caused others (even if it means their death) - - while giving the 99% very little respite (unless one considers the permission to use food stamps).

In America today we now have the 1% running for our leader as President of the United States, while other millionaires endorse them, as other millionaires finance their SuperPACs and political campaigns -- then other millionaires in congress will pass more laws and tax codes that are mostly favorable to the millionaires, the top 1%, and others like John Goodman.

Dennis Rader (BTK) cruelly ended 10 people's lives, Ted Bundy, maybe 30 or more; but the top 1%, those that have amassed, hoarded, and controlled most of planet's wealth, were deliberately responsible for killing, maiming, starving, impoverishing, and ruing millions of people's lives. Like an addition to drugs, they could never be satisfied, no matter how much power and wealth they wielded.

The top 1% is the most dangerous, brutal, ruthless, nefarious and clandestine, but they call themselves "successful".

And these tyrants in human history will continue on with their nefarious and clandestine activities, just as they always do, just as they always have in the past. Maybe it's just human nature to be cruel and greedy...and even hypocritical, if they also claim to believe in God. I would never want to meet their nefarious and clandestine god.

Mitt Romney: "I don't worry about the poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I'll fix it," Mitt Romney says. "We have food stamps, we have Medicaid, we have housing vouchers, we have programs to help the poor." 

Low-income Republican voters say the government does too little for poor people, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Over half of Republican-leaning registered voters earning less than $30,000 a year -- 57 percent -- say the government doesn't do enough to help the poor. By contrast, Republican voters earning more than $75,000 annually, 44 percent say the government does too much for the poor. (Get it?)

Over the course of the 2012 election, President Obama's presidential campaign has received about one dollar in donations from the financial sector for every five dollars given to his top competitor, Mitt Romney...this is solid PROOF that Mitt represents the 1% while Obama represents the 99%.

A quarter of the money amassed by Romney's campaign and an allied super PAC has come from just 41 people, each of whom has given more than $100,000, according to a Washington Post analysis of disclosure data. Nearly a dozen of the donors have contributed $1 million or more.

Some of Romney's biggest supporters include executives at Bain Capital, his former firm; bankers at Goldman Sachs; and a hedge fund mogul who made billions betting on the housing crash...the top 1%.

Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his wife (owners of the Las Vegas Sands) already gave Newt Gingrich $10 million already.

The clandestine super rich feeding the nefarious very rich while the pathetic poor can eat cake.

PHOTO BELOW: Donald Trump endorsing Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate while standing in front of American flags at Donald Trump's hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday (Mitt's wife Ann Romney is on the left.) The Washington Post writes: Romney fails the empathy test.

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