Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Truth Meter

Cutting defense spending could cost jobs? But the GOP says government doesn't create jobs, only "job creators" in the private sector do.

Maybe that's because the CEOs in the defense industry lobbies congress for our tax dollars to pay for their huge salaries that they only pay 15% capital gains taxes on.

Our soldiers don't cost $650 billion a year. What is the "EFFECTIVE" corporate tax rates that these big businesses in the military industrial complex actually pay? Was it the highest in the world that the GOP claims?

Let's ask Mitt Romney. Maybe Bain Capital could use some of our tax dollars for more war profiteering.

And speaking of Mittens...

Mitt Romney has always said his business experience makes him more qualified to be President than Obama.

This week in an interview for the Hoover Institute, George W. Bush said that being president was "awesome" because he was "famous and powerful".An examination of two businessmen, President George W. Bush (leading us to the Great Recession) and Herbert Hoover, the president who helped steer the economy into the Great Depression, show interesting similarities.

The New York Times columnist (and Nobel laureate) Paul Krugman has accused conservatives of neo-Hooverism. Krugman, as well as other liberals, argue that the Republicans' opposition to stimulus spending and unemployment insurance -- for the sake of limiting national debt -- represents the same strategy that deepened the Great Depression in the 1930's. Those who disagree with the idea of more spending for more demand constitute a "coalition of the heartless, the clueless, and the confused." Read more...

Also, read this libertarian view on this comparison between Hoover and Bush from the Ludwig von Mises Institute: "Hoover, Bush, and Great Depressions".

Mitt Romney's "business experience" does not bode well as a prerequisite for being the leader of our country. Sorry Mitt, good businessmen rarely make good presidents. Businessmen like Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, and the Bushes went on to be some of the worst presidents.

I have a feeling that Mitt would be the worst ever in U.S. history.

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