Saturday, July 28, 2012

Romney knows Obama isn't a Muslim... why doesn't he say so?

And Muslims also know that Obama isn't a Muslim either, but Christian evangelists in the Deep South will swear that Obama is Muslim, and will vote for a Mormon instead. Why would that be?

Could the real reason be that President Obama has a black father from Africa, and that all those God-fearing good Christian people in the Bible Belt just WANTS to believe that Obama's a Muslim, so that they can have the excuse they need to vote for Mitt Romney (a white Mormon), rather than vote for Obama (a half-black Christian)?

In the Deseret News (the Mormon publication owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah) there's the headline: "Lingering doubt, discomfort with President Barack Obama's religion"

In the article they note that the Pew survey shows 30 percent of Republicans identify President Obama as Muslim. The AFP reports "U.S. poll shows persistence of Obama Muslim lie."

Muslim-American community leaders have expressed concern that the lingering inability to recognize Obama's true faith showed a disturbing undercurrent in American politics, indicating a possible rise of Islamophobic discourse. (I think it's old fashion southern racism.)

Haris Tarin from the Muslim Public Affairs Council says that for "13 percent of people to believe Obama is a Muslim shows there's a lot of fear-mongering and politicking in America." (I still say it's racism.)

Joel Belz, founder of the evangelical bi-weekly World magazine, said that he doesn't believe Obama is Muslim, but like others, he will either let others believe so, or allow others to use the excuse.

Stephen Prothero, a Boston University religion scholar and author, posted on CNN, "There is something deeply troubling about the state of religion and politics in America today. And among those troubles is the cynical manipulation of religion for political gain — the use of God as a pawn in our political projects."

Prothero doesn't blame the disinformation about Obama's faith entirely on what he sees as politically motivated manipulators. He also says an electorate that is largely ignorant about religion must also take responsibility to become better informed.

"I have no problem with voters who care about the religious faith of their presidential candidates. But if religion is so darn important to our public life, can't we at least make a modest effort to learn something about it?" he asked. "If so, let's start with these two indisputable facts: Mitt Romney is a Mormon. And Barack Obama is not a Muslim."

Ahhhhhh. But Romney is ALL white, and Obama is only HALF white.

Former secretary of state under the Republican George W. Bush administration, Colin Powell, dealt a blow to the controversy of Obama's religion, when he asked in an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, "What if Obama is" a Muslim?

I'd like to believe Colin Powell (born to Jamaican immigrant parents) meant the same as "so what if he's black?"; or as Southern Baptists might say of Mitt Romney, "So what if he's Mormon?"

Only 49 percent of those polled by Pew correctly identified Obama as a Christian, while another 31 percent said they did not know. (But they know the color of his skin.)

Some 60 percent of voters correctly identified Obama's Republican opponent in the November presidential elections, Mitt Romney, as a Mormon. (100% knows he's white.)

I suspect America has a lot of "dumbed down" people, living mostly in rural areas, who watch Fox News and stupidly believe everything Fox News reports.

It's either that (they are very ignorant) or they're hypocritical racist bigots. So which is it? It has to be one or the other.

They always vehemently deny being racists, but me thinks "thou dost protest too much."

It's a pity really, that all those "good folks" will vote for a man based on his skin color when it's apparent that Mitt Romney defends the top 1%,  while Obama would fight more for the middle-class. Racism will always make a person vote against their own best interests.


  1. Dear Bud,

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  2. In answer to your question: because Romney would say anything (or not) if he thought it would get him elected.