Saturday, August 18, 2012

90% of Re-hires were Young People

90% of younger people were re-hired to work after the massive lay-offs during the recession, whereas only 22% of older people were ever rehired.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics focused on the marital status, without blaming age discrimination...but the statistics glaringly point that way.

According to the Labor Department, single unemployed people have since gained back 90% of the jobs, whereas married people (who tend to be older and make up a slightly larger part of the adult population) have only recouped about 22% of the lost jobs.

People under the age 35 have been gaining far more jobs than those over 35, which can only mean that many younger people were being hired to fill jobs that older people had lost.

Younger workers are more likely to be single than those over 35; and younger people had been much more likely to experience unemployment, but they've also been returning to work far much quicker.

Single people are more likely to take low wage positions or move to a new location in order to take a job.

But the Labor Department doesn't mention that most younger people were probably laid off because they had less seniority at the work place (and were the first laid off); and that younger people could also better relocate because they weren't tied down to a home mortgage.


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  1. Robots are now more likely than ever to displace humans. Jobs are going to get more and more scarce - even for low wage countries like China.