Friday, January 11, 2013

Jenny Beth Martin - Tea Party Hysteria at it's Best!

Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator and Co-Founder of the Tea Party Patriots, sent me an email asking for a contribution. In her letter she accused both the Democrats and the Republicans of making a "backroom deal to hike taxes" and said "the real problem is an OVERSPENDING federal government". (her CAPS, not mine)

She didn't say specifically what the federal government was over-spending on. Did she mean food stamps and Medicare for poor people? Or did she mean spending on defense, federal highways, research & development, NASA, and the FDA?(More on government spending here)

Jenny Beth Martin said "The American people are outraged at the recent fiscal cliff deal. They are opening their paychecks this month and seeing that the government is taking even more of their hard earned money than ever."

She failed to mention that tax rates in most categories are already near historical lows today. LINK

And most Americans are outraged. All the polls prior to the November elections (even from Fox News) had showed that most Americans supported raising taxes -- or more specifically, taxes on the rich...the top 2%.

And all the polls after the "fiscal cliff deal" (which were publicly negotiated) also showed that most Americans were satisfied with the deal.

And the "deal" wasn't made in a dark and dingy backroom behind closed doors, it was voted on publicly by both houses of Congress and the debates were publicly aired on all major TV networks.

And taxes didn't go up at all on anybody earning under $400,000 a year (98% of us) --- unless one was to also include payroll taxes (the temporary tax cuts that were already scheduled to expire on January 1, 2013 (as were the Bush tax cuts). But FICA taxes have nothing to do with the national debt, they fund Social Security and Medicare.

Jenny Beth Martin must have been in hibernation for the past year while all this was happening tight under nose. What in the hell was she babbling about? Is she sore because the super-rich (e.g. the Koch brothers etc.) will have their capital gains taxes go up from 15% to 20%? That's still only HALF of what the actual top marginal tax rate is for those who earn their regular income through "wages". (Capital gains used to be taxes at 49.9%, so the super-rich STILL got the best tax deal.)

These Tea Party anarchists are beyond the pale when it comes to sane fiscal policies on taxation and government spending. I can almost hear a fanatical Jenny Beth Martin screaming at the top of her lungs, "CUT SPENDING!!!" as if that were the one and only solution to our debt problem.

Jenny Beth Martin needs to settle down, chill out, and take a pill and stop barking at the moon.

And if she needs a donation to help undermine democracy, have her email the Koch brothers....they have lots of cash on hand.(And no, the Tea Party does NOT have a "mandate" Jenny Beth Martin!)

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  1. MORE PROOF: FreedomWorks, the national conservative group that helped launch the Tea Party who claims to be a "grassroots movement", does the bidding of rich conservative donors.

  2. "She failed to mention that tax rates in most categories are already near historical lows today." No thanks to tax and spend Democrats and Large Government Republicans.