Saturday, February 9, 2013

Benghazi-Gate & Grumpy Old Men

Whenever I see senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain on TV, they always remind me of two very petty, spiteful, bitter, and grumpy old men.

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Do the "honorable and distinguished" senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain always pick up the phone every time there's a murder, armed robbery, home invasion or rape in South Carolina or Arizona -- and then badger the local police departments, demanding whether or not there was something more that could have done?

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson Arizona, were John McCain's constituents rushing to the phone and writing angry letters, demanding "what did he know, and when did he know it?"

It's completely unreasonable (and moronic) for the Republicans to expect President Obama to micro-manage every single aspect of every tiny detail concerning the security of 275 diplomatic outposts around the globe, especially when President Obama also has an entire nation to govern.

For the past four years the Republicans have been more concerned about pinning blame on Obama for everything that goes wrong, rather than trying to help fix the things that go wrong.

If John McCain had been the president (instead of Obama), the terrorist attack on Benghazi would have most likely still occurred, much like the attack on the World Trade Center had occurred under President Bush's watch.

Lindsey Graham , John McCain, the Republicans and all the radical crackpots in the Tea Party, have spent more time digging for "gotcha moments" against Obama, rather than addressing many of the other serious problems that our nation faces jobs, bank reform, tax reform and immigration reform.

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain (and most in the GOP) would rather focus the bulk of their efforts on a political or a made-made crisis, rather than on the more pressing issues that faces us today --- just like the Tea Party would rather pass abortion laws rather than introduce jobs bills.

Why didn't the Republicans and the Democrats get together last year an appoint a director to the ATF, or name Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Protection Bureau, instead of wasting their time and the taxpayer's money trying to stick it to Obama? I don't pay angry old white guys $174,000 a year just to bash our ELECTED president, but to do The People's work.

What senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain (and most in the GOP) has been doing for the past four years is much more that just partisan and/or childish bickering, it's disruptive, damaging and dangerous to our nation. The GOP's obstructionism, and their mean and bitter attacks on Obama's character, doesn't help our country one iota --- just the opposite.

If they just want to play the "blame game", let's talk about Ronald Reagan and arms to Iran, something our president did micro-manage. Let's talk about George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, something our president did micro-manage. Let's talk about Richard Nixon and the Watergate break-in (and the subsequent cover-up), something our president did micro-managed.

Or if they want to attack a Democratic president, let's talk about Bill Clinton, who de-regulated the banks and opened the door for outsourcing our jobs to China -- and who also lowered the capital gains tax rate on the ultra-rich from 28% to a paltry 20%. Let's talk more about that, instead of where Obama was born.

I'm tired of seeing Lindsey Graham and John McCain on my TV set. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. We have too many pressing issues to get bogged down in petty distractions, deceitful diversions and unnecessary political bickering over "what Obama knew and when he knew it."

I'm sick of the Republican's broken record.

The tragedy at Benghazi was very unfortunate, but instead of JUST pointing fingers, why don't the Republicans propose a bill to beef up security at all our diplomatic missions, without demanding off-setting costs (like cutting Social Security and Medicare), or threatening to shut down our government.

From deep in Tea Party country, far up in woods of the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, Rand Paul had told Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, that if he were the president (ha-ha!), he would have fired her. So what exactly was that idiotic comment supposed to have accomplished? (In all fairness to Rand Paul, he was not beating his chest, scratching his crotch and eating a banana while pontificating.)

I never liked Lindsey Graham (or Rand Paul), but I once admired John McCain. But since he lost the presidential election, his poor behavior and attacks on President Obama just proves to me that he is no longer the war hero I once thought he was --- not when he has been viciously and unfairly attacking the leader of our country since 2008.

Lindsey Graham is just a smug and smirking ass, and Rand Paul is an ignorant hillbilly; but John McCain has served well past his time. He's just like an old athlete that stubbornly refuses to let go and retire; but instead, who insists on playing a diminished game and making a mockery and fool of himself...just to get the Tea Party support to save his piss-poor job. (John, please, just go away...while you still have a smidgen of dignity.)

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