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Is Walmart Doing God's Work?

The following is an introduction to Matt Trivisonno's new book, "Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy" --- available at Amazon

The American middle class is being devoured before our very eyes. On purpose. And for profit. But most of all, for principle. The principle of oligarchy. The principle that only "the elect" deserve wealth and power.


When Walmart commands an American supplier to move their factory to China, it does so because the switch to barbaric sweatshop production will increase Walmart’s profits. However, Walmart also feels justified in redistributing the income of the laid-off American workers to itself because they believe themselves to be superior managers of capital; because those extra profits will enable them to do that much more of "god’s work."

This is actually an announced policy of the Oligarchy. For example, unofficial spokesman Edward Conard, formerly of Bain Capital wrote:

"Unequal distribution of income has critical motivational effects that are especially important for growth via risky innovation."

Translated from MBA gobbledygook: since the "small people" are too conservative to invest their money in risky start-up companies, they should be paid less money so that oligarchs like Conard can be paid more. The oligarchs will then bravely, and nobly, make the investments that will lead to better jobs for the small people. So, the reason why income-inequality has worsened in the USA is because it is our policy.

Critics like to say that the USA doesn’t have a national economic-development policy, but we most certainly do. It’s called favelization: the conversion of a once prosperous middle class into dwellers of Brazilian-style favela slums. And it is imposed on America by multinational corporations like Walmart, Bain Capital, GE, etc. Favelization was put into motion decades ago by David Rockefeller. In his 2002 book Memoirs, Rockefeller hands down a stone tablet:

"Global interdependence is not a poetic fantasy but a concrete reality that this century’s revolutions in technology, communications, and geopolitics have made irreversible. The free flow of investment capital, goods, and people across borders will remain the fundamental factor in world economic growth and in the strengthening of democratic institutions everywhere."

That is a declaration of victory. Especially notice the "free flow of people and goods" part. That means cheap sweatshop goods, and low-wage immigrant workers – the two primary forces destroying the middle class. Those things are near and dear to Rockefeller’s heart. After all, he learned about crushing workers from his daddy, who ordered the machine-gunning of striking Colorado miners in the Ludlow Massacre of 1914.

What does Rockefeller mean by an irreversible, geopolitical, revolution? Quite simply, he means conquest. He is telling us that the USA is no longer a sovereign nation in control of its borders. That the vast tide of cheap, imported goods and low-wage workers will not stop. And he wasn’t lying. A few years after he wrote his book, during the high unemployment of the Great Recession, no mercy was shown. The mass offshoring of jobs, and the mass immigration of low-paid workers went ahead full speed, greatly extending the suffering of the people. History will record that policy as a brutal economic crackdown on the middle class.

There may not be a political "New World Order" but there most certainly is an economic one, and it is designed solely for the enrichment of Rockefeller’s modern American Oligarchy.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this. During the Great Depression, the American people rose up and threw off oligarchic rule. They laid down the foundation from which the middle class sprung. The Oligarchy planned a counterattack: they were preparing to overthrow newly-elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt, but General Smedley Butler blew the whistle on the Business Plot of 1933.

The Oligarchy, being worried about a communist revolution like Russia’s, didn’t press the issue and gave up their fascist dream. They grudgingly permitted the "small people" to have their pet "socialist" president, but then dogged his every move. Eventually, the people had to take matters into their own hands with the wildcat, sit-down strikes of 1936-1937. They won, and forced Congress to pass the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. They also pressured the federal government to restrict immigration, which did far more to raise wages than the new minimum-wage law. After that foundation was completed, a mighty middle class rose from the ashes of the Oligarchy’s sweatshops.

After World War II, the Oligarchy made lemonade from their lemons. They touted America’s prosperous middle class during the Cold War struggle with the Soviet Union, and it proved to be the ultimate secret weapon. The downtrodden masses of communist nations around the world were dazzled by the comparative opulence of the USA’s middle class, and faith in communism was fatally undermined.

With the demise of the Soviets, the military wing of the Oligarchy no longer had to win the hearts and minds of Americans to support the war effort. And so the time was ripe for David Rockefeller to restore the Financial Oligarchy to absolute power. The middle class could now be dispatched; the mere Potemkin Village used to fool the Soviets was no longer needed. Imagine! Common assembly-line workers being paid $100,000 salaries! Preposterous! It was time to strike the set, to decommission the middle class like an old battleship.

Indeed, no time was wasted after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Only three years later, The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) was signed into law, and so began the mass conversion of well-paid, middle-class jobs into badly-paid Third-World sweatshop jobs.

For jobs that could not be offshored, a massive wave of immigrants was brought in to outsource them. In that same year of 1989, legal immigration soared above one million for the first time since 1914. And it has remained at that rate ever since. The purpose of which is to construct what Karl Marx called the Reserve Army of Labor: a vast over-supply of people whose existence is used to terrify workers into accepting rock-bottom wages.

What we are witnessing is nothing short of absolute victory for the Oligarchy.

Great Architect What was the "Great Architect" above the entrance of the GE Building in Rockefeller Center designing with his Masonic compass? 

He was designing brutal sweatshops, squalid worker barracks, "flipperized" factory jobs, de-industrialization, labor strip-mining, "fast track" trade authority, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, USTR, the dollar/yuan currency peg, giant trade deficits, mass immigration, media concentration, laissez-faire propaganda, right-to-work laws, body shops, criminal foreclosures, tax havens, perpetual warfare, and urban intifada.

To make room for all of that, the Great Architect had to erase a few things first: American sovereignty, the Glass-Steagall Act, the New Deal, labor unions, the Fairness Doctrine, etc.

And he’s not quite done. The holy grail will be to have full-blown sweatshops on American soil (not just Saipan, see below), no taxes on job-creators (oligarchs), no pesky rule of law, complete surveillance of the small people, and devouring (a.k.a. "privatizing") the remaining middle-class institutions such as Social Security and the Post Office.

Could the Great Architect pass a PCL-R psychopath test? Not a chance.

This is David Rockefeller’s world, and you are just living in it. And Rockefeller has designed this New World Order in his image. Rockefeller was a banker, so that is why we have a "financialized" economy rather than a militarized economy. While the conspiracy community was looking for black helicopters, and the blue helmets of United Nations troops, Rockefeller was constructing an economic dictatorship.

The Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy are the devious methods used to undermine the American laws that constructed the middle class. Now in their fourth decade of successful operation, the middle class has not yet caught onto the Dark Arts. Stupefied by the propaganda of the Oligarch Media, what is left of the once mighty American middle class is being slowly boiled like the proverbial frog.

In 1971, 61% of American households were middle class. By 2011, that percentage had been reduced to 51% (link). How did that happen? On the chart below we see the work of the Dark Arts. The red line is corporate profits (CPROFIT), which are at historic highs. The blue line is the "labor share" (wages, salaries, and benefits) of total income (PRS85006173), which is at an historic low.

Labor Share

As shocking as this chart is, the average worker is getting an even smaller slice of the pie because the labor-share includes the huge salaries of top athletes, entertainers, and overpaid CEOs.

The hard truth is that today’s record corporate profits have come, not from management "genius", but directly out of the hides of former middle-class workers. This is the chart that every oligarch has tucked under his pillow at night. When he has a bad dream, he pulls out the chart, gives it a kiss, and clutches it to his chest. Then he falls back asleep – to sweet dreams of a nation covered from sea to shining sea with shantytowns and sweatshops stuffed with the "small people" toiling away on his behalf.

The Age of Globalist Carpetbaggers

After the Civil War, Northerners moved to southern states to take advantage of the reconstruction process. For example, they bought-up the land of former slave plantations very cheaply. The defeated Southerners derisively called the invaders from the north "carpetbaggers" because they often arrived with luggage made from old carpeting.

We are seeing the same phenomena today. Our "genius" corporate CEOs like Mitt Romney, Jeff Immelt, and the Walton Family make their fortunes by quite literally feeding off the corpse of a defeated USA.

The euphemism "globalization" is used to describe this flat-out looting of the middle class. Multinational CEOs act like they are geniuses, but how smart would they look if you took away their cheap labor, brutal workplaces, and lax environmental and safety laws? Could somebody like Mitt Romney start a company from scratch in Ohio, paying middle-class wages to every member of his staff, and be a success? Probably not. The truth is that modern CEOs are expert carpetbaggers. They are adept at taking perfectly good American companies, firing the well-paid workers, moving the facilities to someplace like China, and then operating them like slave plantations.

This is the age in which we live. We are a defeated people. The Rockefeller War against America achieved decisive victory on December 11, 2001 when the globalists brought China into the World Trade Organization. So, the blood has been in the water for over a decade, and the feeding frenzy of oligarch sharks has reached a fevered pitch. So much so that a globalist carpetbagger, Mitt Romney, was almost elected president.

Civil War carpetbaggers were not all greedy opportunists. For example, many went to the South to establish schools for former slave children since there were no public schools. Today, many globalists see themselves in the same light, as bringing progress to a backward, provincial America. But they are clearly delusional. The mass poverty that has exploded across the USA during this era of globalist carpetbagging is irrefutable proof of that delusion.

This book is not an anti-capitalist diatribe. However, many multinationals have gone beyond the commercial arena and have usurped the sovereign power of the American people. The American people did not want to send 50,000+ factories out of the country, but Walmart ordered it done. The American people did not want mass immigration, but IBM replaces its American staff with cheaper Asian immigrants. This is not acceptable corporate behavior.

Will the Middle Class Go Quietly?

So far, that is exactly what is has done. For example, there has been no resistance at all as well-paid IT workers are replaced with badly-paid Indian immigrants – even as the process has intensified in recent years. Severance pay is used to encourage citizens to go quietly and even train their foreign replacements. Trade unions have offered what amounts to token resistance.

If the middle class ever does decide to fight back, there is a vast security apparatus ready to make sure that they keep on marching out to pasture. Just like the security guards that escort you from the office when you are fired, the Oligarchy’s security state stands ready to escort the middle class from its traditional place in the American economy. If you pack your stuff in a box and go quietly, there won’t be any trouble, and your severance check will arrive on time. If you want to make a fuss, well then, you will get pepper-sprayed and no payoff.

Is there any hope? Sure. As a matter of fact, we already have a blueprint for what needs to be done: re-implement the policies that we adopted during the Great Depression. In other words, nothing radical is needed – only a traditional response to contain the excesses of an out-of-control Oligarchy. After all, caging the Oligarchy is what made the USA a superpower in the first place.

(You can read a few more pages at Amazon before you have to cough-up.)

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  1. In May 2010 Walmart named Feeding America as one of the recipient organizations of a landmark $2 billion commitment over five years to fight domestic hunger through the “Fighting Hunger Together” initiative.

    $2 billion = $400 million a year X 5 years -- or $7,692,307.69 a week for 5 years -- or $7.69 a week per every domestic Walmart employee.

    As a tax write-off for a charitable contribution, this is much cheaper for Walmart, rather than giving raises to 1.2 million domestic workers --- many who need food stamps themselves --- and whose families are also "fighting hunger together".

    A very good public relations move.