Friday, March 29, 2013

Carla Hesseltine of Just Cupcakes (www.JustCupcakes.Net)

Just Cupcakes is an upscale cupcakery at Hilltop and Town Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The website says, "Gourmet cupcakes baked daily in our jewel-box Hilltop shop - fresh, high quality works of art that are delicious and sure to make you smile."

Carla Hesseltine, the owner of Just Cupcakes, was on Fox News last night complaining about the prospects of raising the minimum wage, even though she has no legal obligation to offer healthcare to her employees (she doesn't have enough employees to fall into the ObamaCare mandate).

She says she has "razor thin margins" in her business budget. Is she surviving on less than her minimum wage workers? Does she qualify for food stamps? When I ran a small business 25 years ago I paid my workers at the video rental store $9 an hour, and I never starved.

Some small business owners use the same excuse as the big business owners, that paying their employees a fair and living wage will keep them from investing and expanding their business. The owners of Wal-Mart don't need to expand or become any wealthier. Henry Ford paid his employees a fair wage and Ford has invested and expanded for 100 years.

Carla Hesseltine also serves on Congressman Scott Rigell’s Small Business Advisory Board (He's a Democrat who voted for raising the minimum wage.)

Show me your mortgage and tax returns Carla, and I'll decide if you can afford to pay your workers a little bit more. Otherwise, I wouldn't be mixing politics with business. Some people might not want your cupcakes after seeing your appearance on Fox News last night.

P.S. --- I just loooooooooooooooooooooove cupcakes, but I can't afford them as often as I'd like while surviving on food stamps :(

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  1. Well, how can she complain about minimum wage when she makes a cup cake that costs her about 25 to 30 cent to make and charges $3.50 each. Let's see, I think that is almost 1100 percent mark up!!!!! WOW and increasing minimum wage is going to really hurt an 1100 percent mark up. Really