Saturday, March 2, 2013

Congressional and Other Megalomaniacs

Megalomaniacs, such as half of our politicians, sometimes relish in their delusions of omnipotence, just as some TV commentators relish in their own delusions of power, because their nationally televised presence and opinions can help shape public policy, and even influence the elected politician's decision-making as it pertains to the daily lives of most Americans.

And when these megalomaniacs are rewarded with overly generous reciprocity, such as millionaires in Congress who became rich selling car alarms, or TV personalities who were lucky enough to win multi-million-dollar TV contracts, or newbies in the House of Representatives (who are not over-qualified to do any other type work) are rewarded with undeserved wealth in the form of generous taxpayer-paid salaries, healthcare benefits and pension plans (which cannot ever be stolen by a greedy CEO), this only further inflates their own opinions of themselves and reinforces their self-importance, making them feeling entitled to their wealth and power, which only further advances their preconceived notions of omnipotence.

The megalomaniacs have convinced themselves that because they were smarter and worked harder than anyone else, that's why they are wealthy and wholly deserve everything they have; and that everyone else who finds it difficult to survive, are just slackers, and so therefore, are lesser humans and undeserving. They take personal credit for others who had dirtied their hands building everything that had made their wealth and power possible, as though they did it all by themselves by pulling up their own megalomaniac bootstraps.

Megalomaniacs, who just because of their wealth, often perceive themselves to be all-righteous, thinking, wealth alone makes them morally and politically all-knowing and superior, and so believe they are entitled to impose their personal will on others. Megalomaniacs always attempt to convince us that they know what's best for everyone else, when what they really want to accomplish is what's best for themselves --- and maybe their immediate families and their friends.

When casino moguls and oil tycoons, megalomaniacs, who are legally permitted co-opt democracy and over-ride the people's voice with campaign contributions, getting people elected to office to represent them and their agendas, rather than the majority of the people --- when those who can't get their small and inaudible voices heard over the roar of corporate lobbyists --- this is the real tyranny.

Every 36 hours an Iraq or Afghanistan Veteran takes their own life, while congressional megalomaniacs are further eviscerating their lives to cuts in programs they rely on, treating them as "collateral damage" after these men and women (and their families) had already sacrificed for others in their pursuit of more oil profits (calling it "spreading democracy" and "protecting our freedoms"), while at the same time, also extending oil subsidies to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

Many of these megalomaniac CEOs, and those who sit on the board-of-directors of the largest multi-national corporations and banks, feel no patriotic duty whatsoever, nor to they believe they have any moral obligation or financial responsibility to this nation, especially if they are raking in more profits from foreign countries than they are here, from the unemployed or the underpaid workers at home.

The national borders have blurred --- and some of these corporate megalomaniacs actually feel more obligated to other countries --- and only use the protections that our laws, our courts, and our vast military apparatus can afford them. They feel in no way obligated to "pay it forward" to the people who made it possible for them to succeed as greatly as they did. Instead, after they have extracted their wealth, many have fled to other countries with lower taxes, to enjoy the fruits of our labor in the riches they have hoarded.

Once good-paying jobs went overseas, and created "emerging markets", so as to further decimate the declining middle-class, driving more and more Americans into poverty over the last 40 years. The boarded up factories all across America will attest to this, while millions of idle hands are left with nothing to do.

Wealthy megalomaniacs constantly attempt to divert the attention of the people by pointing their fingers at others, trying to divide the people and create dissension in the ranks --- worker against worker --- by dividing and conquering the people to achieve an end to their own means.

The people know who the megalomaniacs are, and that is why they voted for the current president, rather than for another wealthy megalomaniac. The people understand the difference between the self-serving ramblings of a pompous megalomaniac, and the modest reasoning of a genuine person who has human empathy and a greater interest for creating a more fair and civilized society as a whole.

Gradually, but sometimes very suddenly, these megalomaniacs become addicted in their quest for omnipotence, pursuing ever more wealth and more power...until eventually, they are completely corrupted and consumed by their wealth and power. They begin to lie (more), and cheat (more) and steal (more). They take from those who have the least and give to those who have the most. Many cheat on their spouses and cheat on their taxes (and cheat on their God) --- but most of the politicians are always cheating the very people that they were sworn to serve and protect.

Sometimes these megalomaniacs are draft dodgers, but will claim they served in Vietnam. Or they might feign poverty, while spending millions in campaign funds on trivial memorabilia. They can say one thing today, and do the exact opposite the very next day. They can fake outrage at tax loopholes, but continue to write similar tax laws that personally benefit themselves. Many are already multi-millionaires, but yet, they still don't feel they have enough --- while at the same time, claiming they care about the very poor. Most megalomaniacs are hypocritical liars. They proudly claim the title of "honorable" when many are not the least bit honorable at all.

Usually at some point, in the eyes of these megalomaniacs, poor people become despicable cockroaches, and those who disagree with them become traitors and enemies of the state. In their eyes, the unemployed become nothing more than lazy alcoholics and drug users. They accuse them of false allegations, demean them, degregate them, put them down, call them derogatory names and make them the enemies of those who have still managed to stay gainfully employed --- just like they do with union workers, pitting them against non-union workers who are being exploited for lower wages.

Megalomaniacs are not necessarily racists, but instead are color blind to white or black --- for them, it's the rich against the poor, when regular working people of all colors were forced into low-paying jobs, and then were all accused for being "takers" for using food stamps to help feed themselves and their families. Then the megalomaniacs use "transference" to distance themselves from any guilt --- diverting blame away from themselves to cast the poor as the "real villains" and proclaims that any injustice is just a myth.

Recently one megalomaniac in the Supreme Court had said that voting rights are "racial entitlements", rather than a Constitutionally protected right (maybe because slavery was legal when the Constitution was first written). But the people realize that when someone looks down their noses at them, and/or grimaces with disgust when they look into their eyes, they know when a megalomaniac considers them to be slightly less than human --- or at least, far less inferior.

The megalomaniacs, the people who were supposed to care for the people, and the people who were supposed to inform the people, became the people's worst enemies. The common people (the masses) have seen many megalomaniacs throughout human history, the "rulers" and "leaders" --- despots, czars, kings --- the financial oligarchs and corporate plutocrats, those whose only concerns and ambitions were for themselves and the people nearest and dearest to them (and may the rest be damned).

Ordinary people, the common folks, have witnessed many times in the past when these megalomaniacs have done horrific things, sometimes using their omnipotence to enslave and murder their own people in order to maintain their own wealth and power. It's happening right now, today, all over the world --- genocide, torture and slavery. Megalomaniacs learn nothing from human history, but ordinary people must always suffer the consequences of the these cruel and sadistic megalomaniacs.

The megalomaniacs in Congress and in the media always gather together with the rich and famous for grandiose occasions --- events that they host for themselves, such as the White House Correspondents Dinner . They slap each ether's backs and tell each other how special they are, the lesser among them kow-towing to the more powerful, kissing their rings, lapping their boots --- hoping for something --- and partying like it's 1929 when they're not lording over the rest of us --- the masses, the common folks, those who are only trying to survive.

When bomb shelters are built to "ensure the continuity of the government" in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, the people know that it's really just to save the megalomaniac's own selfish asses...because in the eyes of these megalomaniacs, it was never "the people" that ever needed saving.

Now with the sequester cuts looming, the people's fearless megalomaniac "leaders" have dashed off to one of their many taxpayer-paid vacations. The megalomaniacs know that any cuts in government spending won't hurt them one iota, or force them to adjust their standard-of-living at all. No one in Congress will have to forgo a paycheck or lose their healthcare coverage. It's usually the poorest of the poor who always bear the blunt of any government spending cuts.

The megalomaniacs will spend billions to build ships and war jets to protect themselves and their assets, but they rarely think twice about cutting Social Security (such as chained CPI) and Medicare for the elderly --- or cutting food stamps, welfare and Medicaid for the very poorest people. The megalomaniacs would much rather that the people at the bottom (the 99%) work for minimum wage until the day they drop dead at the age 70, rather than have the ultra-wealthy cash hoarders at the very top (the 1%) pay one penny more in taxes or wages.

The megalomaniacs on both sides of the political aisle have shown their true colors; no megalomaniac can be trusted to tell the truth or watch your back. With very few exceptions, that's how it's always been for the narcissistic and sociopathic megalomaniacs in Congress.

As of March 2, 2013 there were 546 people (of which half might be megalomaniacs) who govern 315,422,374 American citizens --- of which 50% have incomes of less than $27,000 a year; and that's why over the past 40 years, most "household incomes" now require the wages of two people to pay the rent. Maybe within the next 40 years the children will also be required to work to make ends meet (just like they once did), because the ever powerful and ultra-wealthy megalomaniacs will never stop acquiring and hoarding more and more, just like they were once allowed to do during the first Gilded Age.


  1. What a fine piece of writing and of course (unfortunately) every bit of it true...

  2. The President must move right away to protect the Voter's Rights Act. The provisions of the Act should be broadened to cover all the states. This way, Scalia and his henchmen would not be able to call the Act a ''racial entitlement.'' The Supreme Court is going to strike down the Act as they think they know better than Congress what Congress thinks.