Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seattle Times Lies about Social Security Disability

* This a rebuttal to an article in the Seattle Times by a "syndicated columnist" named Froma Harrop who lied in her biased, mean-spirited and misinformed article on Social Security disability.

As to "older workers", I am one of those older workers who worked labor intensive jobs for 37 years before applying for SSDI. I can tell you first hand that your article is nothing but a lot of garbage. You are not a writer, a reporter, or even a good person with noble character. People like you hurt other people like me who need these benefits. We paid in to this system all our working lives and that's why we also expect Social Security retirement and Medicare when we get too old and/or sick to work any longer.

SSDI, for the VAST MAJORITY of recipients, is NOT "welfare".

And if I were you, I would hope that you are independently wealthy, in the event that you might also become disabled. Otherwise, I hope you reap what you sow.

And please, do us all a favor, and stop peddling your mean and despicable lies. How a miserable example of a writer such as yourself can become a "syndicated columnist" is well beyond my comprehension skills.

Froma Harrop uses the email address ---her blog is at

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